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List of Currencies of the World by Country



List of Currencies of the World by country

List of the currencies of the world by Country.

Read about the List of Currencies of the World by country

List of Currencies of the World by country: Every country in the world uses at least one form of currency. Some countries trade more than others. In most cases, barter trade is not practical, so money is used in such circumstances.

List of Currencies of the World by country

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However, countries have different types of currencies or money with different units of account. Therefore, they cannot buy goods from another country using the local currencies. The most common solution to this problem is currency exchange.

List of Currencies of the World by country

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Currency is important to a country because of the exchange rate. Nations use their foreign currency reserves to fix exchange rates to become competitive in the export market, improve investor confidence, and remain liquid during a crisis.

List of Currencies of the World by country

Currency reserves are also required to offset external debts and fund diverse sectors of the economy. Read through the List of Currencies of the World by country in this article.

List of Currencies of the World by country

CountryCurrencySub Currency
Afghanistanafghani100 puls
Algeriadinar100 centimes
Andorraeuro100 cents
Argentinapeso100 centavos
Australiadollar100 cents
Austriaeuro100 cents
Bahamasdollar100 cents
Bahraindinar1,000 fils
Barbadosdollar100 cents
Belgiumeuro100 cents
Belizedollar100 cents
Beninfranc100 centimes
Boliviaboliviano100 centavos
Brazilreal100 centavos
Bruneidollar100 cents or sen
Bulgarialev100 stotinki
Cameroonfranc100 centimes
Canadadollar100 cents
Cayman Islandsdollar100 cents
Central African Rep.franc100 centimes
Chadfranc100 centimes
Chilepeso100 centavos
Chinayuan10 fen
Colombiapeso100 centavos
Congofranc100 centimes
Costa Ricacolon100 centimos
Cubapeso100 centavos
Cyprus (Greek)euro100 cents
Cyprus (Turkish)lira100 kurus
Czechoslovakiakoruna100 halers
Denmarkkrone100 ore
Djiboutifranc100 centimes
Dominican Rep.peso100 centavos
Ecuadordollar100 cents
Egyptpound100 piastres
El Salvadorcolon100 centavos
Ethiopiabirr100 cents
Fijidollar100 cents
Finlandeuro100 cents
Franceeuro100 cents
Gabonfranc100 centimes
Gambiadalasi100 bututs
Germanyeuro100 cents
Ghanacedi100 pesewas
Greeceeuro100 cents
Guatemalaquetzal100 centavos
Guineafranc100 centimes
Guyanadollar100 cents
Haitigourde100 centimes
Honduraslempira100 centavos
Hong Kongdollar100 cents
Hungaryforint100 filler
IcelandKrona100 aurar
Indiarupee100 paise
Indonesiarupiah100 sen
Iraqdinar1,000 fils
Irelandeuro100 cents
Israelshekel100 agorot
Italyeuro100 cents
Ivory Coastfranc100 centimes
Jamaicadollar100 cents
Japanyen100 cen
Jordandinar1,000 fils
Kenyashilling100 cents
Kuwaitdinar1,000 fils
Lebanonpound100 piastres
Luxembourgeuro100 cents
Malawikwacha100 tambala
Malaysiaringgit100 sen
Maldivesrufiyaa100 laari
Maltaeuro100 cents
Mauritaniaouguiya5 khoums
Mauritiusrupee100 cents
Mexicopeso100 centavos
Mongoliatugrik100 mongo
Montenegroeuro100 cents
Moroccodirham100 centimes
Nepalrupee100 paisa
Netherlandseuro100 cents
New Zealanddollar100 cents
Nicaraguacordoba100 centavos
Nigerfranc100 centimes
Norwaykrone100 ore
Omanriyal-omani1,000 baiza
Pakistanrupee100 paisa
Papua New Guineakina100 toea
Paraguayguarani100 centimos
Peruinti100 centimes
Philippinespeso100 centavos
Polandzloty100 groszy
Portugaleuro100 cents
Qatarriyal100 dirhams
Romanialeu100 bani
Russiaruble100 kopeks
Rwandafranc100 centimes
Saudi Arabiariyal100 halalas
Senegalfranc100 centimes
Serbiadinar100 paras
Seychellesrupee100 cents
Sierra Leoneleone100 cents
Singaporedollar100 cents
Sloveniaeuro100 cents
Solomon Islandsdollar100 cents
Somaliashilling100 cents
South Africarand100 cents
South Koreawon100 chon
Spaineuro100 cents
Sri Lankarupee100 cents
Surinameguilder100 cents
Swedenkrona100 ore
Switzerlandfranc100 centimes
Syriapound100 piastres
Taiwandollar100 cents
Tanzaniashilling100 cents
Thailandbaht100 satang
Togofranc100 centimes
Trinidad & Tobagodollar100 cents
Tunisiadinar1,000 millimes
Turkeylira100 kurus
Ugandashilling100 cents
Ukrainehryvnia100 kopiyka
United Arab Emir.dirham1,000 fils
United Kingdompound100 pence
United Statesdollar100 cents
Uruguaypeso100 centesimos
Venezuelabolivar100 centimos
Vietnamdong100 xu
Western Samoatala100 sene
Zambiakwacha100 ngwee
Zimbabwedollar100 cents
List of Currencies of the World by country

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