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King Jide Net Worth 2024



King Jide net worth

We bring to you King Jide net worth 2024: King jide is undoubtedly one of the richest Yahoo boys in Nigeria. He is known throughout the country owing to his rich and lavish lifestyle.

King Jide Net Worth

Just like other Yahoo boys, no one truly knows the source of income of King Jide. They make their money in secret and spend it in public.

They have acquired a large following on social media and are often the subject of discussion among users. While some people like them, others feel these guys are arrogant for showing their wealth publicly.

If you are one of the enthusiast of him or simply want to find out King Jide net worth, then keep reading.

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King Jide Profile

King Jide net worth

King Jide is also known as “Mayor of Cape Twon”. He is a Nigerian but lives in South Africa.

His wealth and charisma have helped him gain a huge number of fans. One of the most unforgettable stunts he has pulled was spending N5m on 30 Ace of Spades and 1 Dom Perignon.

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Nobody knows exactly how he makes his money, but they certainly know what he spends it on from the photos he shares.

King Jide Net Worth

King Jide

According to various online reports, King Jide is one of the richest Yahoo boys in Nigeria.

It is estimated that King Jide’s assets and properties are currently worth about $1,100,000

Just like other Yahoo boys, King Jide lives extravagantly spending most of his money on fancy things.

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