Highest Salary-Paying Companies in Ghana


What are the Highest Salary-Paying Companies in Ghana in 2023?


It’s every jobseeker’s dream and ambition to secure good-paying jobs that pay the bills and afford them and their loved ones a comfortable lifestyle. Knowing which companies pay higher than others can help you bid better in your job search and with the right qualifications, you can land them too!

In this write-up, we’ve identified and listed the top seven(7) companies across diverse industries in Ghana that pay the highest salaries in 2022. Let’s dive in.


Top 7 Highest Salary-Paying Companies in Ghana

Here is the list of the Highest Salary-Paying Companies in Ghana in 2023

Highest Salary-Paying Companies in Ghana

GCB Bank Limited 

Previously known as Ghana Commercial Bank, GCB Bank Ltd was founded in 1953 and currently has over 150 branches across the country. According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor, the highest salary a GCB Bank employee earns is estimated to be GHS480,000 per year. Read Best Banks in Ghana

Job Titles
Estimated Ave. Salaries Per Year(GHS)
Universal Banker480,000
Assistant Manager60,000
Relationship Banker60,000
Personal Banker42,000
Sales and Marketing Executive34,800
Payment Systems Analyst34,000
Customer Service Representative30,450
Funds Operations Analyst17,280
Real Estate Analyst14,400
Bank Teller12,000
National Service Personnel8,040 – 8,514
Administrative/Clerical Officer7,800
Paralegal Officer7,800

Nestle Ghana

Highest Salary-Paying Companies in Ghana

Nestle began operations in Ghana and West Africa in 1957. Nestle Ghana produces a variety of food and beverage categories including dairy, culinary, coffee, beverages, and infant nutrition. Nestle is another one of the highest salary-paying companies in Ghana


It is estimated that the highest a Nestle Ghana employee earns is GHS 317,000 per annum. See the table below.

Job Titles
Estimated Ave. Salaries Per Year(GHS)
Marketing Manager317,000
Customer Care & Compliance Manager135,000
Trade Marketing Manager120,000
Commercial Loan Review Analyst115,800
Financial Specialist 117,000
IT Specialist 114,320
Impex Officer76,000
Business Planning Analyst71,000
Cycle Planning Specialist63,600
Human Resources Manager60,000
General Services Coordinator59,040
Financial Analyst45,500 – 48,000
Chemical Engineer48,000
Quality Audit Analyst42,000
Registered Dietitian42,000
Senior Laboratory Analyst38,800
Financial Assistant36,000
Management Trainee31,200
Mechanical Technician31,000
IT Help Desk Support24,000
Field Sales Supervisor24,000
Account Assistant21,600
National Service Personnel12,000 – 16,800
Sales Personnel15,000
Social Worker12,000
Regional Compliance Coordinator10,500
Product Machine Operator10,900
Financial Services Assistant7,200

Tullow Oil

Tullow Oil is Africa’s leading independent oil and gas, exploration and production group. It operations in Ghana began in 2006. The highest salary of a Tullow Oil Ghana employee is estimated to be GHS176,788 per annum. Tullow is among the highest salary-paying companies in Ghana

The table below breaks it down. 


Job Titles
Estimated Ave. Salaries Per Year(GHS)
Productions Applications Support Specialist176,788
Service Delivery Supervisor144,000
Senior External Communications Manager120,000
Claims Handler120,000
Contracts Advisor106,000
Supply Chain Analyst100,000
IT Consultant72,000
Executive Assistant55,000
Human Resources Administrator48,000
Quantity Surveyor42,000
Process Engineer36,000
Project Coordinator36,000
Human Resource Associate36,000
Procurement Agent33,000
Executive Administrative Assistant21,600
Junior Accountant13,908
IT Support Specialist12,708
Support Engineer7,200

Ecobank Ghana Limited

Ecobank Ghana Limited was founded in 1990 and currently has over 1,300 branches in 38 countries, with 67 of them being in Ghana. It is estimated that the highest salary paid to an Ecobank employee is GHS240,000. Ecobank is another one of the highest salary-paying companies in Ghana

Job Titles
Estimated Ave. Salaries Per Year(GHS)
Country Director240,000
Investment Banking120,000
Senior Internal Controller110,000
Marketing Manager77,000
Credit Analyst/Relationship Management60,000 – 99,000
Customer Experience Representative60,000
Cloud Engineer55,000
Data Analyst36,000
Personal Banker32,651
Field Officer26,400
Senior Manager24,000
E-commerce Manager18,000
Bank Teller18,000
National Service Personnel12,000 – 18,000
Administrative Assistant12,984
Executive Assistant12,000

KPMG Ghana

KPMG Ghana is one of the oldest professional service firms providing audit, tax and advisory services in a wide variety of industries. It is also a member of KPMG International Cooperative, a Swiss entity. It operates in 145 countries including Ghana, with over 236,000 employees globally. KPMG Ghana is another one of the highest salary-paying companies in Ghana

Highest Salary-Paying Companies in Ghana

The highest salary a KPMG Ghana employee can earn is estimated to be GHS 230,500 annually. The breakdown is in the table below.

Job Titles
Estimated Ave. Salaries Per Year(GHS)
Senior Manager230,500
Deputy Manager134,000
Deal Advisory126,360
Internal Audit129,999
Audit Manager120,000
Senior Audit Associate66,000 – 102,000
Analytic & Forensic Technology Associate78,000
Management Consultant75,600
Senior Associate72,000 – 77,200
Senior Consultant72,000
Senior Human Resource Advisor69,336
Internal Auditor60,000
Audit Associate51,600
Associate IT Consultant44,688
HR Consultant36,000
Associate Consultant36,000
Entry Level Junior Assurance Staff12,000
National Service Personnel9,600

Standard Chartered Bank Limited

Founded in 1896, Standard Chartered Bank Limited is the oldest commercial bank in Ghana with more than 1,000 branches worldwide, 27 of them being in Ghana. It is headquartered in London, UK. The estimated highest salary earned by a Standard Chartered Bank employee is GHS126,000. This makes Standard Chartered one of the highest salary-paying companies in Ghana. Read Richest Men in Ghana


Job Titles
Average Salaries Per Year(GHS)
Relationship Manager126,000
Client Service Representative75,000
Financial Crime Analyst82,000
Marketing Manager70,476
Banking and Finance Professional58,000
Team Leader Sales Transaction Banking48,000
Credit Risk Analyst47,000
Universal Banker36,000
Business Development Executive18,005
CDD Analyst11,521
National Service Personnel7,200

Deloitte Ghana

Deloitte Ghana provides auditing, taxation, consulting, risk, and financial advisory services to nearly 90% of the Fortune Global 500 and thousands of private organizations globally. It was first established by Mr. James Donald Barnes on 1st January 1947, under the name of J.D. Barnes & Co. Chartered Accountants. The highest salary a Deloitte Ghana employee takes home is GHS 142,000. Partners earn up to GHS 2,200,000 on average making it one of the highest salary-paying companies in Ghana Review the data below. Read Richest Women in Ghana

Job Titles
Estimated Ave. Salaries Per Year(GHS)
Tax Manager142,000
Assistant Manager127,000
Senior Audit120,000
Tax Senior Associate 70,000 – 95,000
Auditor75,998 – 78,000
Human Resources Supervisor71,600
IT Risk Manager60,000
Senior Consultant60,000
Audit Associate18,000 – 54,000
Semi-senior Auditor 50,000 – 53,600
Associate 36,000 – 43,200
Customer Service Representative37,000
Audit Manager20,400
Web Developer30,000
Account Intern12,000
Intern 9,960 – 10,800

This list depends on a number of factors such as years of experience and expertise. Hopefully, this list will guide you on your next job hunt.