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Gambling As A Way Of Making Money: Myth Or True?

Gambling As A Way Of Making Money: Myth Or True?

Gambling is a billion-dollar industry and offers huge amounts up for grabs, placed by punters. The industry is made of betting operators, casinos, and bookmakers who make money due to the house edge. Winning big amounts is always a possibility but one has to lose bit amounts in order to win big too. It is not one way. 


Live Betting and Sportsbooks might look easy and lucrative, but the pitfalls associated with these categories of games are huge too.

Gambling Could Lead To Debts

There is a small number of people who make a living by gambling. However, it only comes with statistical analyzing expertise which is very difficult among the majority of the people. 


Being an expert makes a person aware of the odds that are stacked against him. So, gambling has an extremely high chance of leading to debts. Credit counselors can help these punters to maintain a budget as gambling debts are similar to any other debts. People owe multiple creditors and people money which piles up to extreme amounts at times. 


Ways to reduce debts and pay off: 

  • Listing the people who you owe: Maintain records of all debts is very important. One has to list down the names and the amount owed and it includes casinos, bookies, personal loans, credit cards, overdrawn bank accounts. Calculating every debt is essential.
  • Paying off as much as possible: One has to consider losing some personal valuables in order to be able to pay off the people. The more delaying, the more the amount of debts tends to pile up with interest rates.
  • Consolidation of debts: Consolidation of debts helps in proper planning and execution. Consolidation of credit cards and loans are good options. This means that you should not use casino sites that accept credit cards as a payment method. Paying the debt management company to pay the creditors is a good option too. A nonprofit credit counsellor can also help a great deal. 
  • Creation of a budget: How much money one has to clear off debts and the amount required must be tallied at all times in order to add up the summation. In cases where they don’t add up, one has to find more income in order to pay off debts. 
  • Considering another job: Having another source of steady predictable income reduces the debts. Opting for a second job is always beneficial for more money.

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme that helps problem gamblers overcome their addiction. One has to self exclude themselves and sign up with Gamstop for a minimum time period during which access to all Gamstop registered UK casinos will be banned. Gamstop is a great method of helping people with gambling disorders. Gamstop helps in avoiding gambling harms and automatically reduces debts. This scheme has been successful in the UK and problem gamblers are getting benefits after applying to this scheme. 

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Other schemes such as Gamcare and Gamban could also be considered. Problem gamblers can seek guidance from the National Gambling Helpline operated by the Gamcare foundation.


If It Is Possible To Make Money – It Is Extremely Hard

Thinking about generating some money via gambling is definitely not a good alternative due to many factors. Casinos can only be a good entertainment factor but cannot be a way to generate income due to major issues: 

  • Each game has a statistical probability of winning. The RTP associated with every game is an indicator of how lucrative the game might be.
  • Slot machine odds offer a million chances of winning which is worst. The winning combinations and Pay lines are important things to note. The wagering needs define your chances of leveraging the Free Deposit bonuses that most casinos offer.
  • Gambling should only be treated as a leisure activity and nothing more than that. 

Treat Gambling As Entertainment

Gambling should always be treated as a form of entertainment and nothing more than that. During different situations in life, people rely on the sense of excitement that gambling provides. It is very difficult to understand that at which point gambling becomes a way for stress relief and becomes an integral part of our lives. Deciding upon how to spend a leisure budget has many options at hand. Casinos offer possibilities of winning money but it is all a gimmick. One definitely wins money by gambling but neglecting the fact that one tends to lose out on money is also a key factor. Keeping lucrative bets aside, one must always consider casinos as a time pass in order to avoid getting addicted in the long run. 

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Wagering needs, multipliers, RTP, and payment methods play a decisive role while choosing a casino. Many casinos have cryptic withdrawal schemes which make it tough to transfer your winnings to the Bank account of your choice.


Gambling tends to attract a lot of punters from all over the world and it has the potential to get people addicted in a short span of time. Gambling does offer chances of winning bets but one can fall into debts and go bankrupt if there is a lack of control. Gamstop in the Uk is a great scheme that allows punters to self exclude themselves from Uk based sites in order to control their gambling behaviour. 


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