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Funny Numbers to call When Bored



Glusea brings to you the top 10 Funny Numbers to call when bored 2024

Funny Numbers to call When Bored 2024: Getting bored or having a long day and thinking about something that can really bring some smiles onto your face? You might want to try out some weird, wacky yet real phone numbers to call that can spice up your day.

No matter the circumstance you find yourself in life right now, trust me the are funny phone numbers you can call to get some humour. Keep reading as we bring to you the top 10 funny numbers to call when bored 2024.

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These funny numbers are able to make you overcome boredom or give someone a prank. You can as well use them to make other people around you realized their foul behavior without you telling them directly

Top 10 Funny Numbers to call When Bored 2024

Calling Santa – 951-262-3062

Think about giving a prank to a kid or an adult, you can give them the santa number 951-262-3062. The responses are automated and will make them,, think they are speaking to a real person.

Most people think Santa is a real person who give gifts during Christmas. This is the right way to prank someone into believing they will receive their Christmas gifts by just calling santa.

funny 1800 numbers to prank call

Call Jenny for a throwback music reference. 

Up until 2017, 867-5309 was the most-called phone number after being made famous by Tommy Tutone’s 80’s hit of the same name. If you call the number now, it’s probably no coincidence that you’ll reach an automated message for Retro Fitness, an 80’s themed gym chain. Jenny may not pick up the phone, but it’s likely that “867-5309” is a staple on the gym’s playlist!

Listen to the fastest dial tone recording. There’s something about hearing normal conversations sped up that can get almost anyone laughing. Calling the wrong number and getting the dial tone is common, but this sped-up version is much funnier than the one you’re used to hearing

Dial this hotline to play Hall & Oates tunes. After calling this number, you’ll be greeted by a British woman who offers to play a selection of songs by the 70’s pop-duo Hall & Oates. There are no jokes involved, but the simplicity of this fun hotline can easily cause a chuckle.[3]

  • Give this number to a friend or family member who’s a Hall & Oates fan to make their day — and hopefully bring them a laugh.

Entertain an Idiot -401-285-0696

If you have an irritating person around you. It can be stressing at times. To deal with these can of people, you can give them the hotline 401-285-0696 to call. The responses from the hotline will make the person realize their behavior without you telling them directly.

Dealing with an irritating friend can make you have bad days if you dont know how to handle them. Likely with this tip, you know what to do in these instances.

Funny Numbers to call When Bored 2024

Stop Complaining: 605–475–6973

With the stop complaining hotline, 605-475-6973, you can indirectly tell someone who complains a lot to shut up.

All you need do is to them the stop complaining funny number to call and the automated responses from the hotline will do the talking for you.

Divorce Hotline: 605-675-6960

With the divorce hotline, you can give to a person who is have issues with their marriage and is unwilling to stay. The call will make them discover the humour in the situation.

bad breath hotline 6054756959

Trust me telling a person they have bad breath is the most difficult news to tell a person. Be it a co-worker, a partner of a friend. Telling them about their bad breath can be a difficult thing to say. With this hotline, you can keep your cool while the call do the talking for you.

Funny Numbers to call When Bored 2022

funny rejection hotline number: (605)–475–6968

Once a while you could meet someone for the first time but based on their personality, you would not want to continue your association with them. You can give them the rejection prank number. Once they call this number, they will told they have been rejected.

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Or perhaps you met someone for the first time and was given a number, after you called your got the rejection notification, then it was an indirect way of the person telling you they were not willing to continue their association with you.

Funny Numbers to call When Bored 2024

1-888-447-5594: Epic speech

This last entry on the prank call numbers list is one that is slightly out of the box. These digits are an Easter Egg line for the ending of the video game God of War. It contains an epic speech with cameos from the game’s creator.

It Could Always Suck More: 605-475-6964

This is arguably among the best hotlines to call when bored. This line is a sure way to uplift your spirits or make them worse on a bad day. You can also use it on that complainer friend or relative. They probably will not rush to groan after listening to the messages on the line.

funny numbers to call when your bored

Better Call Saul: 505–503–4455

Most people have been trying the number, seeking legal representation. Like them, you can dial the number for fun. Be assured that Saul Goodman and Associates won’t rest till your case is closed.

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Sobriety test hotline: 605–475–6958

The sobriety test hotline is among the best random numbers to call for humour. You can dial the number to know whether you are sober or drunk. The person on the other end will ask you a few questions before generating your sobriety results. You will not regret trying the number because you will have fun like you have not before.

What is the most called phone number?

The most called phone number is 214) 748-3647

Is prank calling harassment?

Is prank calling illegal in Florida?

Thanks for reading about the top 10 Funny numbers to call when bored 2024. Please your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

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