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Dababy Net Worth 2024



Dababy net worth

Dababy net worth 2024: Known for  trap and hip-hop, Dababy is an American music star who was previously known as “Baby Jesus”. His rise to fame came in 2019 after the release of his studio album Kirk ranked number one on Billboard 200. He has been shaking up the American music industry since he came on board, and he has shown no signs of retarding. He is presently one of the richest and prominent supers in the American music industry as Dababy net worth shows, read on to find out more thrilling facts about the rap star.

Dababy Early Life

Born Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, Dababy is the the last of the three children born to his parents on December 22,1991 in Ohio, USA. While growing, Dababy developed the burning desire to become one of the best music star in history. His role models were Kanye West, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Eminem. He is always seen listening to the songs of the aforementioned music legends.

Dababy had a rough childhood as he was always engaging street fights and crimes as a result of the environment his family relocated to when he was 6 years old.

Dababy Net worth

Dababy net worth is $5 million. He is among the best rappers list. DaBaby came under intense pressure after passing some homophobic comments that led to his removal from from the Lollapalooza lineup, New York City’s Governors Ball Music Festival

Dababy Career

Dababy’s career began in 2014 but he started gaining some level of prominence after the release of his debut album titled ‘nonfiction’ in 2015. He later relocated to Texas where he joined the ‘South by Southwest Festival’ which he was given  the opportunity of performing live at the festival. 

Following the event of 2015 and the release of ‘Nonfiction’ was the release of Dababy’s debut mixtape titled ‘God’ s work: Resurrected’. At the start of his next mixtape, he started using the cognomen ‘DaDababy’which he is popularly known as. 

DaBaby began dropping several  tracks and albums on various online platforms such as SoundCloud,’ where he developed a significant fan base over the years. It was in 2019 that his debut album ‘nonfiction’ ranked number 7 on Billboard 200 while ‘kirk’, his second studio album ranked number 1. 

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Dababy released his third studio album in 2020, becoming his second consecutive number one album in the US. One of his hit singles in the album titled ‘Rockstar’ ranked number one on Billboard Hot 100 for one month and three weeks. The song featured popular music star Roddy Ricch. 

Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment

Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment is a record label in America, created by Dababy himself, with the sole aim of producing other superstars. It is situated at Charlotte, North Carolina. BDBE has welcomed five artists since its inception in 2017. The list of the new signings are presented below;

List of BDBE Signings 

  • Stunna 4 Vegas
  • DJ K.i.D
  • Rich Dunk
  • KayyKilo
  • Wisdom

Arrest and Detention

Dababy was apprehended and detained in January, 2020 in Miami on the grounds of robbery. He was suspected to have been involved in a robbery incident. He was later arrested after authorities found he had an arrest warrant out in Texas stemming from a battery charge 

Dababy Personal Life

Dababy currently has two children who were born to him in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

Dababy’s Quotes

  1. “There was so much music growing up. But definitely Lil Wayne was a big influence because I had more of an understanding of what I was listening to when I was getting older. ” – DaBaby
  1. “I didn’t know of any rappers in Charlotte. Not to sound like I’m bragging, but I brought the music scene alive and shed the proper light on it. I took it to a whole other level when I started rapping.” – DaBaby
  1. “My name was originally Da Baby Jesus, but I changed it like two years into my career because I didn’t want to offend anyone; although I feel like my purpose in the game is related and still is, I didn’t want my name to be a distraction from the music.”  – DaBaby
  1. “It’s just the risk that I take and the sacrifice that I make: Putting myself, my career, my family’s peace of mind on the line just to do right by my fans. It ain’t no gray area: You’re either with that and willing to go out of your way to make people who contribute to your dreams coming true happy or you aren’t. ” – DaBaby

Dababy Net Worth Summary

Dababy has taken the American music industry by surprise with his unique style of music, Trap and hip-hop which has earned him a huge fan base. He is currently one of the most influential and wealthy superstars with a net worth of $3 million. 

What is Dababy’s net worth ?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dababy net worth is $5 million in 2024. Most of his net worth comes from his successful chart-topping singles and albums. His first bout of success came in 2019, when he released his debut studio album, “Baby on Baby.”