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Marcus Rashford Cars And Houses

Read about Marcus Rashford Cars and houses list here. Marcus Rashford is an English forward who plays for Manchester United and the England national team. The MBE is known for his pace, quick feet, shot power and eye for goal on the pitch.



Marcus Rashford cars and houses

What are the list of Marcus Rashford Cars and houses?

Marcus Rashford is an English forward who plays for Manchester United and the England national team. The MBE is known for his pace, quick feet, shot power and eye for goal on the pitch. He has established himself as an integral part of Manchester United team. Read about Marcus Rashford Cars and houses list here

He has also been involved in some notable charity works since the 2020 lock down which saw him lead a campaign to fight against hunger and racism. His campaign saw the government of England rise to support him in his quest to provide food for school children which lead to fund raising of £20 million.

Apart from his charity works, Rashford also creates time for himself by cruising around town with different collection of his exotic cars. I am sure you are interested in knowing why type of cars are parked in the garage of the English forward. Why not read on to find out some of these collection, and also what kind of house he lives in.

Marcus Rashford was born to his parents on October 31,1997 in Manchester, England. He grew up in the city of Withington. He lost his father when he was tender in age, leaving his mother Malanie Maynard to cater for him and his siblings Dwaine Maynard, Dane Rashford, Chantelle and Claire. His mother, Melanie had to take up different part time jobs so that she could take of her family. 

Rashford schooled at Ashton-on-Mersey school, a school where Manchester United academy players have been enrolled in. At Ashton-on-Mersey school, Marcus Rashford studied Business and Technology education Council National Diploma in sport. 

Rashford began his football career at Manchester United, at the age of seven. He kept growing in strength, speed, and technicality which saw him promoted to the first team at the time the first team was beset with injury woes. He made his first team debut in a Europa League match against Midtjylland which he bagged a brace, thereby announcing his presence in the English Premier League. Three days later he bagged another brace in a Premier League match against Arsenal which saw Manchester United defeat them by 3 goals to 2. Since then he has risen to become one of the rising stars in Europe top flight and has been dubbed as the future Ballon d’Or winner.

Rashford has already made a total of 179 appearances for Manchester United at the age of 23, he is currently out of game due to a shoulder injury he was beset with during the 2020-21 campaign.

Marcus Rashford eye catching performances saw him receive a call to the England national team in 2016. He has so far played 45 times for the national team, scoring 12 times for his country.

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The prolific forward has become a public figure in England and across the world as a result of his campaign to provide for the less privilege children and to end racism. This saw the Government of England to name him a Member of the Order of British Empire (MBE).

Marcus Rashford Cars

Marcus Rashford, like other celebrities has great taste especially when it comes to cars. We see him chill out with friends and team mate in his expensive rides, and even when he is going for training, he cruises with one of his exotic collection. Let’s take a tour around his garage to find out the type of rides that are parked there. 

Marcus Rashford Range Rover Sport Urban-£70,000

This one of the flashy cars with a high quality off-road ability and a state of the art interior. This is the car for kings. It has become a world class SUV which is highly regarded and owned by many football stars. The V8 Twin-turbo engine SUV ride matches the status of the English footballer. 

Marcus Rashford Audi A3-£25, 930

The Audi A3 is yet another Sporty ride owned by Marcus Rashford. The five seating arrangement in the Audi makes it the more comforting and appealing, coupled with other features that makes it impossible to ignore it.


All wheel drive, 7 speed automatic transmission.


Fuel type-Gas

Child Seat anchors

4 online cylinders

Marcus Rashford Mercedes-Benz S Class Coupe-£103,000

This is the most expensive car in Marcus Rashford’s collection of cars. The Mercedes-Benz ride has amazing features that matches up with the price attached to it.

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All wheel drive, 9 automatic transmission.

V8 Cylinder, with output of 463hp.

Active Brake Assist (which automatically applies itself if there is delay in matching the brakes when the car senses an impending collision)

Marcus Rashford Houses

Marcus Rashford has a home in Manchester but recently left his 10.2 million Instagram followers drooling over his £1.8 million six bedroom mansion in Cheshire. He personally took it to the public, posing in his gallery which contains a collection of England honour caps, a PlayStation FIFA game featuring himself and a number of trophies. 

Marcus Rashford Cars and houses Video

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