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Top 10 young players receiving the highest salary in the world today




Callum Hudson-Odoi net worth

Do you know Top 10 young players receiving the highest salary in the world today?

Besides the veteran football players receive a huge weekly salary, there are many young players but have a high salary that many people deserve. Do you know any young players who receive a huge salary?

In recent decades, football has become a giant anti-recession industry. They generate billions of dollars in profits for clubs and players. The combination of two major industries, football and betting, also opens up a super profitable revenue stream for bookmakers.

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Now, let’s join us to find out all the information about them. 

Takefusa Kubo

Coming in at number 10 is Takefusa Kubo. Takefusa Kubo was named the Japanese Messi with skilful technique and talent. 

Currently, the young man born in 2001 receives a salary of 19,000 Euro per week. Many people consider this striker strong enough to have a formal position in Real’s squad. However, Kubo had just suddenly come to Real Mallorca club on loan.

Callum Hudson-Odoi

Callum James Hudson-Odoi of Chelsea is one of the outstanding young players in the current football village. Nowadays, he is receiving a salary of 24,400 Euro per week.

Hudson-Odoi is considered to be one of the brightest talents of football in the current Mist. Speed, skill, and courage are what one can see in Hudson-Odoi. On May 11, 2018, the 18-year-old was named Chelsea’s Young Player of the Year.

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Reiss Nelson

Reiss Luke Nelson is an English professional young footballer. Reiss Nelson joined Arsenal at the age of 9 and gradually matured from the club’s training centre to the first team. Young English talent played on loan at Hoffenheim in the 2018/19 season, scoring 7 goals.

Arsenal’s talent born in 1999 is receiving a salary of 33,200 Euro. Nelson is considered one of the brightest young strikers of the Gunners.  At the age of 20, Nelson has a strong level, the speed of youth, and he also owns admirable technology.

Phil Foden

Philip Walter Foden is a young English professional player. This player born in 2000 is standing in the same position as Nelson. Phil has a salary of 33,200 Euro per week. 

He has won the U17 World Cup Golden Ball Award. And he is also a star that is highly appreciated among the current young talents. The excellence of Foden made Pep Guardiola also praised: “Phil Foden is the most talented player I’ve ever witnessed, both in his player and coach career so far.”

Moise Kean

Moise Kean is an Italian professional footballer born on February 28, 2000. Young talent Moise Kean earned a salary of 58,700 Euro per week. 

He is regarded as one of the youngest talents in Italy. Although Moise Kean is still young, he still showed maturity and dramaticness in each ball phase.

Kean has been a mature man in the Juventus training system before playing for Team A since 2016. In 21 games for Team A, the striker born in 2000 scored eight goals.

Joao Felix

Young Felix has entitled to a salary of 64,300 Euro. He has speed and good personal skills. Joao Felix plays smart, handles situations quickly, moves well without the ball, and has the ability to read great match tactics.

The 20-year-old footballer also has extremely accurate passes. In terms of finishing, Felix proved not inferior to any striker. That is why Felix not only kicks the attacking midfielder but also has many games where he is ranked as a winger, even a striker.

Ryan Sessegnon

Kouassi Ryan Sessegnon (born May 18, 2000) is an English footballer who plays professionally for the Tottenham Hotspur club and England U-21 football team. This player specializes in playing as a left-back or a left-winger.

Sessegnon is very fast, very clever, and very dangerous in attack. At the moment, this player is on the payroll of Tottenham and earns a huge salary of 77,500 Euro per week. 

Sessegnon’s ability to judge and read the situation is also very impressive. This special ability makes him easy to master the game and stands out in any match.


Rodrygo Silva de Goes, also known as Rodrygo, is a professional footballer who plays for Real Madrid and the Brazilian national football team as a striker. The Brazilian was born on January 9, 2001.

Rodrygo is showing himself a talented player. He is only 1m73 tall but he makes the defender look up to him with mischievous dribbles. Rodrygo has outstanding strength, extremely fast speed and plays well on both sides.

Rodrygo is even ready to play the virtual striker when needed. Presently, Real Madrid young talents are earning 84,200 Euro per week.

Vinícius Júnior 

Vinícius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior was born on July 12, 2000. He is a Brazilian professional footballer. Vinícius was compared by the media as “the new Neymar” because he was the outstanding young player of Flamengo who stood out with the talent from the under-13s.

In March 2017, Vinícius Júnior helped Brazil win the South American U17 tournament, scoring 7 goals and being the best player in the tournament.

Young talent Vinicius is one of the youngsters with the highest salary currently. Each week, Vinicius is paid up to 210,500 euros. 

Besides the ability to pass the ball perfectly and the ability to create great balls, he is also a player with the ability to mutate on the offensive line. Vinicius is a truly classy and talented player.

Jadon Sancho

Same position No.1 with Vinicius is Jadon Sancho. Jadon Malik Sancho was born on March 25, 2000. 

He is a young English footballer who plays for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga and is a member of the England national football team.

This young talent is also paid a salary of 210,500 euros per week. Jadon Sancho is a versatile, comprehensive offensive player who knows how to score, how to coordinate and create. 

Watching Sancho play is easy to get the impression that it’s the type of player who prefers personal breakthroughs to take advantage of god-given speed. But in fact, Sancho is comprehensive and has a sharp tactical mind.

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Top 10 Richest Governors In Kenya





Top 10 Richest Governors In Kenya

It is true that Majority of the governors in the current Kenyan gubernatorial seats had amassed wealth and power before taking the seats. Read about the top 10 Richest Governors in Kenya

They obtained their wealth through businesses and side hustles they do apart from their profession.

It’s also true that some governors have other professions that earn them good money such as law services, medical practice and others.But, We all know that some governors took seats with nothing but after some years they are seen driving expensive machines among other valuable.

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We have seen and heard about some Governors who are trapped in cases of corruption and unscrupulous use of public funds that should be used in other development matters that are more important to us.

Below is a list of the top 10 richest Governors in Kenya as 2020.Let’s take a look at who tops the list as the richest governor in Kenya.This is a list of Top 10 Richest Governors In Kenya as 2020;

1.Governor Mike MbuviSonko

Mike Mbuvi Sonko is currently holding the 1st position when we talks about the the richest governor today.As many of us know he is the Current governor of Nairobi county.The source of his wealth is a riddle to many Kenyans, but we all know Sonko amassed his wealth before entering this game of politics.

Sonko is believed to have a good heart by many Kenyans as he is remembered to have dedicated his first few months’ salary to help the poor in the street.Most Kenyans still remember when he claimed that he made his first Ksh.2,000,00 when he was still in high school.

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His net worth is estimated to be Kshs.10 Billion.

Top 10 Richest Governors In Kenya number 2

2.Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

Governor Ali Hassan Joho is a well-known businessman.He is the current Governor of Mombasa.The Mombasa County governor comes second after Mike Mbuvi Sonko interms of wealth.He has invested in various sectors such as shipping logistic, travel and tourism.He is well known for his work as a governor.

The Sultan’s estimated net worth is Kshs.7.3 Billion.

3.Governor Kivuthi Kibwana.

Top 10 Richest Governors In Kenya

Kivuthi Kibwana is a well known Makueni County Governor.He is an believed to be an entrepreneur who has businesses that is worth millions of Shillings.

His estimated net worth is Kshs.4.9 Billion.

4.Governor Wycliffe Oparanya.

Wycliffe Oparanya is the current Kakamega governor, he joined politics in the year 2002.The Kakamega County governor has a vast experience in various fields such as Business, Auditing and Finance management both locally and internationally.

His estimated net worth is Kshs. 3.7 Billion.

Top 10 Richest Governors In Kenya number 5

5.Governor Sospeter Ojamong.

The current Busia county governor has ever worked hand in hand with Raila Amollo Odinga, the former Kenyan prime minister.Other than his work as a governor, Ojamong has also invested in real estates.

His estimated net worth is believed to be Kshs.3.68 Billion.

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6.Governor Alfred Mutua.

DR.Alfred Mutua is the current governor of Machakos county.He served as the government spokesperson for a long time.Other than his profession, the Machakos Governor is also a businessman.

His estimated net worth is Kshs.3 Billion

7.Governor Ann Waiguru.

Ann Waiguru is the current Kirinyaga County Governor.We all remember the corruption allegations she was involved in which saw loss of millions.Waiguru worked at the World Bank as the assistant vice president.She has a vast experience in financial matters.

Her estimated net worth is Ksh.2.87 Billion.

8.Governor Cornel Rasanga.

The Siaya county governor, Governor Cornel Rasanga Amoth once worked in the Kenyan public service.Apart from his profession he have invested heavily in procurement.

The Governor’s net worth is over Kshs.2 Billion.

9.Governor Anyang Nyong’o.

As we all know the Kisumu county governor is the father to the most prominent Lupita Nyong’o.Lupita is known to be among the richest and powerful women in Africa.The governor was a lecturer at the University of Nairobi for a good number of years.He is also a professor in the political science.Nyong’o also served as professor in University of Mexico and Addis Ababa, he has also been the head of Programs at Africa Academy of Science.

His net worth is around Kshs.1.9 Billion.

Top 10 Richest Governors In Kenya number 10

10.Cyprian Awiti.

Awito who is currently in position ten is currently the governor of Homabay county.Governor Cyprian Awiti is a graduate of Manchester University.He has been a marketing manager at the Siemens company.He has invested his money in the health sector.

Awiti’s net worth is estimated to be Kshs.1.8 Billion.

Top 10 Richest Governors In Kenya video

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Richest People in Algeria





Issad Rebrab net worth

We bring to you the top 10 richest men in Algeria

While Algeria with its 40-million strong population can lay claim to only one billionaire – industrial Issad Rebrab of Cevital, a few Algerians have built multi-million and billion dollar empires in industries as diverse as agriculture, food, construction, energy and distribution and earned multi-million dollar fortunes to boot. Their names don’t ring with the African public, and you’ve probably never heard about them before, but they are very successful — and very wealthy.

Meet five ultra-wealthy Algerian entrepreneurs who founded, own and run businesses with proven annual revenues of eight figures or more. Their names don’t ring with the African public, and you’ve probably never heard about them before, but you should probably know them.

Abdelmadjid Kerrar

Source: Pharmaceuticals

Abdelmadjid Kerrar is the founder of Biopharm, a large Algerian pharmaceutical company. Biopharm, which was founded in 1992, manufactures and distributes generic drugs. In 2013, Kerrar sold of a 49% stake in the company to a consortium of investors that included Mediterrania Capital Partners. Biopharm currently employs more than 1,500 people and had revenues of more than $500 million last year. Since 2005, it has had a production unit with a capacity of 50 million sales units per year. Biopharm also has an agreement with AstraZeneca to construct a new $125 million manufacturing facility for the local production of a range of drugs for cardiovascular, neurological and oncological pathologies. Kerrer is number one on richest Men in Algeria

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Ali Hadadd

Ali Haddad, 53, is the CEO of ETRHB Haddad Group, a $400 million (annual revenues) company road, hydraulic and building works company. Haddad founded the company in 1997 at the age of 32 after winning a government contract to construct several roads in the Tizi Ouzou, 88 km east of the capital Algiers. Ever since then, ETRHB Haddad has handed important construction contracts in Algeria worth over $2 billion. Haddad is also the controlling shareholder of the Algerian club USM Alger that plays in the Algerian Premier League, and he owns two Television channels, Dzair TV and Dzair News television.

Mohamed Laid Benamor

Source: Food manufacturing

Mohamed Laid Benamor heads the Benamor Group, one of Algeria’s largest food manufacturing companies. Founded in 1984, Amor Benamor produces and distributes everything from durum wheat such as semolina, couscous and pasta to canned tomato paste, fruit jams, culinary aids and spices. The company has annual revenue of more than $80 million per annum.

Abderrahmane Benhamadi

Source: Manufacturing

Condor Group, the industrial manufacturing giant Abderrahmane Benhamadi founded and owns, is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of Air conditioners, televisions, satellite receivers, washing machines, refrigerators, smartphones, tablets, gas cookers, microwaves, desktops and laptops. The company, which has 4,000 employees, exports its products to Europe and had 2017 revenues of more than $700 million. He is one of the richest Men in Algeria

Djilali Mehri

Source: Beverages, Hotels

The 80-year-old tycoon is the founder of Mehri Groupe, a conglomerate with operations in trade, real estate, tourism, hospitality, agriculture and manufacturing. Groupe Mehri controls Atlas Bottling Corporation – the sole bottler of Pepsi products in Algeria. He also owns a collection of luxury hotels across Algeria, including the famous 5-star Royal Hotel located in the coastal city of Oran.

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Glusea bring to you the top 10 best money making apps

Sometimes you need extra cash for bills. We’ve all been there, especially if you live in an expensive city.  Maybe you are trying to save up for something special.  If you are wondering how to make money today or what apps pay you real money, you’ve come to the right place.

Before we go any further, you need to know that these money making apps are not a substitute for your day job. That said, they are a great way to supplement income in the short term.


Survey Junkie is a legitimate way to earn extra cash while you are waiting for the bus, on your lunch break, or even when vegging on the couch.

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InboxDollars is a cash rewards website that pays its members in exchange for completing online tasks, playing games, filling out surveys, and more!

First-time users can earn a $5 Sign-up bonus after verifying their email address.

This is an easy way to earn money right from your phone.


If you purchased something online within the past year, and that item decreased in cost, the store might owe you a refund. With the money-saving Paribus App, you can take back your money and get refunded for things that you’ve already bought!

Yes, you read that correctly. It is possible that stores owe you money! Paribus just secured 2 free months of Amazon prime for my mom (compensation methods can vary).

If you are someone who shops online frequently (I certainly am), then you might be looking at a quick refund! This is a great way to make an extra, $20, $30, or even to make $300 fast!

Public’s iOS and Android apps let you connect with other investors much like you connect with friends on social media. Interacting with more experienced traders can help you if you’re just starting out and not sure where to invest.

The platform has about 50 investing themes that bundle similar companies together. Maybe you want to invest in women-led businesses or environmentally conscious companies? Public has a theme for that, helping you invest with your heart along with your head.

One of its coolest features is the ability to invest in slices. Say you want to own a part of Apple or Amazon, but don’t have thousands of dollars. With slices, you can buy “fractional shares” to make things a little more affordable when you’re just starting out.

Public has a super-sleek interface and is very user-friendly. There’s no minimum to get started and no trade fees.


Swagbucks is known as a premier destination to take surveys to earn money for giving your opinion online. They give access to tens of thousands of paid survey opportunities each day. They even offer plenty of ways to earn money while shopping online.

It’s really simple. Just press a few buttons in your free time and boom! Money!

Swagbucks is one of the best paying survey sites that will earn you money from your phone and pay via PayPal or gift cards.

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With every online survey, you are influencing decision-makers from premier companies and organizations.

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping (formerly Wikibuy) is a savings/coupon shopping app and browser extension that lets you compare prices among various online retailers, find better coupon codes and even find better deals among the multiple sellers within Amazon.

If you shop online through Capital One Shopping you can earn credits on your purchases that can be redeemed for gift cards. For example, you can get 1% back on purchases made at, 2% from, 9% on purchases at JCPenney, or 4% from Groupon.

Saving money is making money.

Just start your purchase journey through the Capital One Shopping app and earn rewards. Average credits at many stores are 2.0% – 10% with some stores offering limited-time double rewards!


MyPoints is a platform that allows you to earn gift cards for answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, and many other online activities!

MyPoints will also pay you to shop online! Earn free gift cards when you shop online at over 2,000 top retailers like Walmart, eBay, and Amazon.

You’re going to buy things anyway, you may as well buy it through MyPoints to save money and earn that free gift card!

$5 Sign-up Bonus: Complete five surveys.
$10 Task Bonus: Make your first purchase of $20 or more and receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card.


Fundrise is the crowdsourcing real estate investment platform that allows you to invest in real estate for only $500.

They expect an 8-11% annual return. In 2017, my annual return was 9%. This can be a solid return on investment and a great way to diversify your traditional stock and bond investment allocation.

Additionally, Fundrise is a great way to invest in the real estate market while you are saving up for a downpayment for your future home!

I have been investing with Fundrise for 4 years now. I believe in this product and only recommend things that I’ve personally tried.


If you live in a city, you will agree that people are spending less time in stores. The COVID-9 coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated this. The delivery industry is on the rise, so take advantage and get paid!

Use your spare time (or even your lunch break) to side hustle for extra cash.

Can you really earn that much?

YES. By delivering for Postmates, I saved up enough money to buy an engagement ring! Seriously – you can easily make $500 this week by completing 50 deliveries.

Another service similar to PostMates, but centered around food delivery, is DoorDash. This service is really starting to take off, so lots of earning opportunities depending on where you live.


Have you ever signed up for a service — an online magazine or an obscure video streaming service, maybe — and then forgot you subscribed?

Well, that service’s billing department won’t be so forgetful. It’ll keep charging you, month after month. If it’s a small enough fee, you may not notice it for a few months.

Truebill would like to notice for you. Download the free Truebill app, connect your main checking account or accounts, and let the app get to work.

The app will analyze your spending habits and identify recurring charges which you may want to eliminate. If you want to keep paying a bill, that’s fine. If you don’t, Truebill can cancel the subscription for you.

And there’s more to this app. Truebill can negotiate with service providers on your behalf to lower your monthly fees. The service can also monitor your utilities such as cable to report outages and seek refunds.

Truebill has a free version, but here’s the catch: Truebill will keep 40 percent of what it saves you. If the service saves you $500 a year, it’ll claim $200 of those savings.

Still, in this scenario, you’d be saving $300 a year without doing the work.

To get the most out of Truebill you’d have to subscribe. (Ironic, right?) It’s about $5 a month (or $36 paid upfront for a year).

Post by Millennialmoney

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