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Who is Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey), and How Much does he Worth?



Physics Wallah

Alakh Pandey Physics Wallah Live Videos, and you can learn more about him on his YouTube Channel, Physics Wallah. His YouTube channel has been viewed by more than 1 million people and has received more than 7,000 subscribers. Physics Wallah has about 200 videos on his YouTube channel, and these videos have been watched more than 7 million times. The following facts will also help you better know Physics Wallah or Alakh Pandey.

Net Worth$7.23 million (around Rs 56.6 Cr)
Date of Birth2 October 1991
Country of OriginIndian
OccupationYouTuber, Teacher

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey)

Physics Wallah is the nickname of Alakh Pandey, a popular Indian YouTuber who creates videos on physics. Alakh Pandey has amassed a large following online, with over 8.1 million subscribers on his Physics Wallah YouTube channel

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He is renowned for his various ways of teaching. He shares videos about exams for competitive examinations, JEE, NCERT, Physics, Defence, and other subjects. He provides the laws and formulas of physics using simple, easily understood language.

Alakh Panday runs a total of 10 YouTube channels that have greater than 11.3 million subscribers. In addition, there are more than 1M followers on Instagram.

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Alakh Pandey’s Marital status is that he is married. His wife is Shivani Dubey. He was married to Shivani Dubey in Uttar Pradesh, India, but his wedding date isn’t publicly known.

Physics Wallah (Alakh Pandey) Early Life

Alakh Pandey (born on 2 October 1991 in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India ), AKA Physics Wallah, was born into a middle-class family. He left the university at the end of his 3rd year in engineering. He was extremely interested in teaching, which is why he began teaching the class of 8th graders.

Following Covid 19, all offline institutions were closed, and later Alakh Panday started teaching online after his student urged him to take online classes.

His YouTube channel grew exponentially based on his teaching style, and his online school was ranked among the top institutes in India.

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Alakh Pandey Story

Alakh Pandey’s involvement in teaching began when he was forced to move into a slum to live in a house he rented. Pandey began giving tuition to students in 4th grade as a 6th standard student. Pandey made enough cash to purchase the bike he would use for transportation to other places to pay tuition at home.

In his 11th grade year, He attended a demo in a coaching institute. The result of the demonstration class was not what anyone expected. Students at the end of the lesson were clapping in praise of Alakh and his distinctive way of teaching.

After these incidents, Pandey believed that he was on the right track and decided to make teaching his occupation. Pandey was a teacher for four years at the brick-and-mortar coaching.

The person was the coach’s owner, who was watching his progress, congratulated him, and informed him that he’d teach 5000-6000 students within ten years. But, Pandey wanted to expand his reach and slowly became a member of YouTube to connect with more students in 2016. Pandey uploaded full educational content for a year from 2016 and racked up an impressive 10,000 subscribers.

A popular tea stall called ChaiWallahs has outlets in Kanpur, Lucknow, and Varanasi. Pandey was traveling with his sister to Kanpur when he came across the name. Upon dropping out of college, he confidently replied, “I’ll start PhysicsWallah.” Pandey even started a Facebook page bearing the same name.

During that time, Alakh Pandey concentrated on You­Tube completely. The Jio revolution, in his opinion, was perfect timing. Cheap data rates allowed him to reach more students, according to him.

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Physics Wallah Net Worth

Physics Wallah is a popular physics teacher from India who has amassed a net worth of $7.23 million (around Rs 56.6 Cr). He teaches classes in person and online, and his website offers a free physics wallah login for students to access his lessons. 

Physics Wallah’s popularity has grown in recent years due in part to the high demand for physics classes in India. Physics wallah live classes are especially popular, as they offer an interactive experience for students. Physics wallah website is

Family, Relationships, And Children, and YouTube

His father’s name is Satish Pandey, and his mother’s name is Rajat Pandey. He also has a sister whose title is Aditi Pandey. His YouTube Channels: