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What women want in a man



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Are you one of those men asking themselves “ What women want in men ?” How one can penetrate in a woman’s mind to understand what does she need exactly? Are there any specific factors which attract women to men? Read to know the answers! Read  Ilhan Omar Net Worth

Have you ever seen the movie “What Women Want” with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt? Have you ever imagined that one day, you would also wake up with a possibility to hear the wishes of all women all around? What if everything is possible? We “heard” the most sacred desires of women and defined top ratings of their wishes. All you have to do is study them and make sure on practice!

What women want in a man

What  women want in a man

All people are different due to nature. However, there is always something we have in common – a desire to love, build relationships and a family. But first, a woman has to find a man whom she trusts, relies on, and has a desire to devote her life to. One can say that trust and reliability are the features of a good friend. Thus, building strong relationships requires not only a specific “chemistry” but also a possibility to possess down-to-earth qualities. What women like in men?

The answer is rather simple and requires no significant efforts. You can attract the attention of a woman if you get dressed in bright clothes, but the effect will last just a few minutes. Or: treat her like a lady and conquer her appreciation step-by-step.

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Here are the top 5 features women search in men:

  • a good sense of humor;
  • an ability to make you feel special; the behavior of a gentleman (open the door for her,
  • give her a hand when you step out of public transport, etc.);
  • no lies;
  • kind and caring heart.

“Being a friend” differs much from “being a beloved man”. It often occurs that no “chemistry” happens between two people and some men stay being a friend. Why does it happen? Perhaps, you have a lack of qualities she likes to have in relationships. Another common mistake made by men is showing their opinion that all women need are a perfect house, a car of premium class, and an endless bank account. However, men can also be wrong.

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Here are the top 16 qualities a woman wants to see in her man in relationships list:

  • honesty;
  • trust;
  • taking responsibility;
  • open communication;
  • kindness; patience;
  • understanding;
  • generosity and care;
  • emotional intelligence;
  • respect;
  • support and security (emotional or practical);
  • independence;
  • playfulness;
  • sexual confidence;
  • good hygiene and attractive appearance;
  • maturity (mental and physical).