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What Are the Most Predictable Bets to Play Online



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The outcome of a sporting event is unpredictable to a certain extent. While there’s always a chance you can correctly predict what will happen in the playfield, there are still variables in play that can alter the outcome completely. Then again, there are things that are pretty predictable – and this is what you want to bet on.

You don’t want to take too many risks regarding sports betting online. Here are the options that are the most predictable and that you can bet on reasonably safe.

Winner bets

When there are two parties involved in an event – like in most team sports, like soccer and rugby, and individual athletes competing against each other, like tennis or martial arts – it can be pretty easy to predict which one of them will be a winner. In most cases, there is a clear favourite and a clear underdog. Which one is which, you might ask? With some effort and time, you can check out each party’s records and statistics, and make an informed prediction on which one of them is more likely to win.

Of course, the outcome is not always the predicted one. But in the majority of the cases, there is one athlete or team with a much bigger likelihood of winning.

Betting on the match winner is considered one of the safest bets today, and many bettors stick to them.

Over/Under bets

In most team sports, the winner is decided by the score. Now, predicting the exact score at the end of an event can be almost impossible due to the many variables involved. But if you take a look at the records of both parties involved, you can predict whether the score at the end of the event will be over or under a certain number. For example, if you have two soccer teams that both have a record of scoring, on average, two goals per match, you can safely assume that there will be at least three goals scored in their upcoming meeting. As in, over 2.5, as bookmakers like to mark these outcomes. At the same time, if the two teams’ history shows that they rarely score against each other, you can also go with less than three goals, or under 2.5. This way, you will win if there are 3 or more, and up to 2 goals, respectively, scored in a match.

In-play bets

Sportsbooks have started offering their players the chance to bet while a match was in progress years ago. An in-play or live bet requires a more hands-on approach: you watch a game, you see it unfold, and based on what’s happening, you can wager on various outcomes.

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Placing an in-play bet allows you to make more informed predictions based on how the teams perform during the game. This way, you can account for variables you may have not thought of before, and bet more successfully. Sticking to safe and predictable bets, and adjusting your wagers as the event unfolds, can help you stay successful while betting. But don’t forget that not even these bets, considered to be safe, are entirely predictable. Always be aware of the risks involved before you place them.