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Top Five Things To Do To Keep Yourself Occupied During Lockdown

Things To Do To Keep Yourself Occupied During Lockdown

When the COVID lockdowns hit, it was a long and arduous journey for most of us. Being stuck at home can be incredibly isolating and have a severe impact on our mental health. Thankfully, we experienced this pandemic with the support of the internet. Though we were stuck at home, the internet has connected the whole world to each other digitally. 

Many parts of the world head into their second wave of the pandemic, lockdowns are once again becoming a major feature in our lives. However, being stuck to our laptops or mobile screens shouldn’t be the only way to pass your time. Let’s find out some things we can do both on and offline to pass the time when we’re stuck at home. 

Take Up a Solo Sport 

One of the many exceptions to lockdown rules typically pertains to exercise. While people are not allowed to go out of their homes or gather together, they are permitted short walks or runs outside. Why not take this time and opportunity to start running? Exploring the outdoors is also great for your mental health. 


There are many solo sports you can pick up during lockdown. Instead of running, try brisk walking as a way to start an exercise regime. Why not take this up a notch and do something great for the environment? Look into blogging, and see if you can create a community around it. This way, you can still meet people, albeit online, and won’t feel like you’re missing out on social life either. 

Psychic Reading 

While many may scoff at the option, we actually found it on Mysticmag, a reputable website dedicated to legitimate psychic readers. Psychics can be eerily accurate about their assessments and predictions. This is because most psychic readers are extraordinarily observant and insightful and can meet thousands of people over their careers.

If you think that psychic readers are all about gazing into a crystal ball, you’ll be surprised! There are many kinds of readers, each specializing in their own gifts and ways of practice. Some people read tarot, while others can read your palm. Even more, it can help read your energy and see if any bad influences are interfering with your plans. If nothing else, you’ll leave with some food for thought. So why not try it out?


Skill Up

One thing that the coronavirus has given us is time. Before the pandemic, we had extremely hectic lives with a bazillion things to do. This left us no time for any advancement while going about our lives. With the time you have on hand, taking classes and getting online certifications are a great way to advance your career for minimal cost. 

Online classes are a dime a dozen. When choosing a class, make sure that the certificates or diplomas you get are recognized as authentic by your industry. Don’t just sign up for the cheapest option. Do your research and make sure you’ll spend your time and money on things that can actually help you. 

Start a Garden 

If you have space in your yard, then now is the perfect time to start a garden. Urban gardening is the new cool kid on the block that everyone is talking about. Jump in on the bandwagon and head to your local nursery. Ask them about what kinds of plants you can keep in your local area and about the supplies you need to get started. 


You can even think of growing a kitchen garden to supplement your grocery shopping. This is an excellent way to save some money too. If a whole garden is too intimidating, you can grow a smaller kitchen herb garden as well. You can even place this in your kitchen if it gets enough sunlight and air.

Renovate Your Home 

You know that leaky tap that sometimes keeps you up at night, but you’re always too exhausted to fix? You have time to fix it. You know that wall in your home that has needed a coat of paint since 2007, but you haven’t got around to it? You have time to re-paint that now. Since you are likely less exhausted and pressed for time, you can fix or upgrade things in your home that you’ve had planned forever. 

Getting into the car to shop for parts can feel irresistible, but don’t do it unless your local laws allow that. The great thing about DIY home renovation is that you can buy everything you need online, get expert guidance online, and even troubleshoot online throughout the process. So what are you waiting for? Get your toolbox and get to it!