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Top 6 Richest Real Money Gamblers in the World 2024



People always have many opinions when it comes to online gambling. Most say it’s a fun activity of luck.

However, many pros have made real money gambling their primary income source and are doing great. Although luck plays a considerable role, having a sharp mind and experience can also enhance your win percentage.

If you’re wondering what it takes to be a professional gambler, we’ve curated a list of the wealthiest and most successful gamblers in 2022. They’ve made their riches on casino games, horse racing, Blackjack, baccarat, craps, and more. Not all wealthy individuals are great winners – some have lost more than they’ve won. 

Canadians love real money gambling, and that’s why internet gaming sites are top-rated in that country. You’ll find thousands of options available. When you visit Canadian best real money casinos reviews and read about sites such as Casigo, Jackpot City, and more, you can claim special welcome offers to help you familiarize yourself with the websites. These sites are secure, mobile-compatible, and provide 24/7 customer support.

Where do the Richest Gamblers earn?

There are many ways that a gambler can earn cash. Some places rich gamblers make cash include:

  1. World poker tour championships
  2. Professional sports betting
  3. Lottery
  4. Online casinos
  5. Video poker
  6. Winning a tournament
  7. Hitting progressive slot machine jackpots

Below is a list of the richest professional gamblers in the world:

Bill Benter

Benter was born in1957 in the state of Pennsylvania. He was a good mathematician at a young age. He was able to complete a physics university degree within a short period. The card pro decided to use his physics and math strategies to earn quick cash by enjoying the popular Vegas classic – blackjack. Within seven years, he had obtained huge earnings counting cards in Las Vegas casinos that almost all significant companies outlawed him. 

He later met Allan Wood, who had specialized in betting on horseracing, and they moved to Hong Kong together. They created an analytical tool that could predict the results of horse races. The product that came out was ahead of its time and made the two a vast fortune. 

Reports suggest that Bill is said to have earned at least $1 billion and makes an extra $100 million each year. He’s a generous man who donates to several charities.  Read richest epl owners

The key factor in his career is that he always played for real money, and not for fun. Although titles in fun mode can be entertaining, wagering for cash is more exciting and engaging. The reviews from experts offer a list of casinos that pay real money in NZ that allow different users to choose the most trustworthy sites in order to enjoy the gameplay and get a chance to win.

Edward O. Thorp

Thorp is a professional gambler, mathematics professor, and author. He became famous after inventing the first wearable computer in 1961.

Claude Shannon was his partner. After many victorious years of wagering on poker and sports, he became one of the richest gamblers in the world.

He is also popular on Wall Street, where he used his math skills to predict market anomalies. In his book Beat the Market, which came out in 1967, he explains his techniques of earning in trading stocks.

Tony Bloom

Tony Bloom is a legend in the industry and a professional Poker player. He owns one of the biggest gambling consultancy firms in the UK.

The richest gambler started his career as a kid. He claims he used his allowance to bet with fruit machines. He has also used a fake ID to bet. Before taking this path, he was an accountant and a trader. 

Today, there is a vast range of gaming platforms available. Although this is a good thing, it can also be a disadvantage because it makes it hard to differentiate between reputable and rogue platforms.

However, you can find the best online casino at reviews that you can trust. All real money gambling websites listed here are licensed and secure.

They only accept the most popular banking methods and provide fair titles and user-friendly bonus requirements. 

Andrew Black 

Andrew is one of the world’s richest gamblers, famous for horse racing. He’s the brain behind Betfair, one of the top sportsbooks in the world.

He quit working for others and took gambling as a solo career. He created software that has earned him an estimated net worth of approximately $670M.

Zeljko Ranogajec

Keno might not be a popular game, but it earned this bettor $7.5 million (AUD) when he won the jackpot in 2010. He had spent more than that on the title before he eventually won this prize. However, rebates ensured he grossed a profit.

Born in Australia, Ranogajec focused mainly on cards and was regarded as one of the leading advantage players globally.

He is on the list of Blackjack’s Hall of fame. Most Australian companies banned him when he entered betting on horse racing.

Gamblers who want to gamble for cash can do so at hundreds of real money gambling platforms.

There are many reasons why playing for real money is better than for free. You can take advantage of massive bonuses and promotions, reliability, a vast range of titles, and an incredible atmosphere. 

Alan Woods

Woods studied math but dropped out of university a few months before graduating. He was a social bridge player and began playing poker in Armidale. He would later claim that he was a losing poker bettor during the period he played poker.

He got employed at an insurance company for a time, married, and lived a middle-class life in the 70s.

He went back to gaming after his separation. Within a short period, he received $16,000 (AUD) and then moved to Nevada and got over $100,000. 

He is also known to place wagers on horse racing. His system with Benter earned them hundreds of millions. 

Woods died in 2008, aged 62. His net worth is believed to be AUD 670 million.


Gambling is becoming a prevalent fun activity across the globe. As humans shifted from placing bets in land-based casinos to internet gambling, more are becoming attracted to it. If you’re ready to learn and understand, you can become a pro gambler and play in world poker tours. 

Remember, the activity involves many risks. You can lose a million in a single spin or land a life-changing amount in a world series of poker tournaments.

Some individuals are lucky to be prosperous, while others have lost a lot. Pros such as Billy Walters have had a winning streak that lasted 30 years.

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