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Top 5 Most Famous Twitch Streamers



Top 5 Most Famous Twitch Streamers

Ten years ago, the average person probably couldn’t name a famous gamer. At the time, Amazon had just bought out, a side project that had blossomed into a promising game-streaming platform. The move from Amazon paid off, as Twitch has since become (and remains) the uppermost echelon of game streaming.

Today, the gaming world has ballooned enough to dip into popular culture and mainstream headlines. Though not everyone can name a famous gamer, they’re more likely to pause and think about it. Many more likely recognize the name Twitch and would be able to identify the website as a game streaming platform. 

In fact, the reach of Twitch is constantly growing. As game-themed streams have waned in growth, other new content has taken center stage. A great example is poker. Online poker is hugely popular around the world, with some estimates placing the total player count at around 100 million.

Like traditional video games, poker is a hobby that requires time, effort, and skill to perfect—but it’s wildly playable for those who get the hang of it. Even poker competitions, including programs like Power Path, aren’t totally unrelated to eSports competitions and qualifiers. Just like traditional gamers, poker players can cut their teeth with the help of streams and then take their game to the next level. 

Still, no poker streamers have been able to gain the status and notoriety of Twitch’s OG gamers. Let’s take a look at five of the most famous Twitch streamers today in 2024.

#1 Ninja (US)

If you closed your eyes and imagined the world’s most famous gamer, you might see a blue-haired man with a contagious smile. That’s Tyler Blevins, AKA Ninja—the very first global gaming superstar. You probably recognize him from Adidas ads. Back in 2019, he became the first gamer to earn the honor of an Adidas shoe deal—something highly coveted by major athletes.

Ninja made his name streaming Fortnite, a battle royale game with a wide range of imaginative characters. Since then, he’s branched out exponentially. Like the other gamers on this list, Ninja isn’t an eSports competitor. Though he’s a highly skilled and entertaining gamer, he’s made his name on entertainment alone.

#2 Auronplay (Spain)

Over the last few years, Spanish streamers have taken off. Much of this is thanks to the global presence of Spanish speakers; it’s the primary language in 20 nations and is spoken by around 500 million people. Back in 2020, Raul Alvares Genes led the charge for Spanish natives under the name ‘AuronPlay’. 

Similar to Ninja, AuronPlay is all about entertaining gamers with his quirky personality. He’s mostly focused on more social games, including Grand Theft Auto V and Among Us. In fact, some credit him with helping put the latter on the map when it first came out.

Top 5 Most Famous Twitch Streamers

#3 ibai (Spain)

Surprised to see another Spaniard on this list? Ibai Llanos Garatea, AKA Ibai, first started his gaming journey back in 2014—the same year that Amazon purchased Twitch. At the time, his focus was largely on competitive League of Legends play. However, he’s also spent time as a content creator for major eSports brands like G2. Today, he runs his own eSports organization—which is co-owned by Shakira’s ex-husband, Gerard Piqué.

#4 Rubius (Spain & Norway)

When it comes to Spanish subscribers, Rubén Gundersen, AKA Rubius, leads the pack. Though he splits his time streaming in multiple languages, he has the largest number of Twitch followers in Spain. Since gaining fame in the gaming world, he’s released multiple books, including a comic series.

#5 xQc (Canadian)

Let’s head to the Great White North for our final Twitch celeb: Félix Lengyel or xQc. Unlike the other Twitch streamers listed here, xQc gained his notoriety from first-person games like Overwatch (which he once competed in professionally). However, he has since pivoted more toward general streaming content. 

xQc is known for being a highly watched streamer. Even his Just Chatting sessions, which enable Twitch streamers to engage with followers however they like, can draw in tens of thousands of viewers. In 2021 and 2022, he was Twitch’s most-watched streamer.

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