Top 10 Richest Poker Players


Read about the top 10 richest poker players 2023


Top 10 Richest Poker Players 2023: You could quite easily find yourself on the list of the top 10 richest poker players if you win one or more of the higher-paying poker tournaments that are available these days.

With millions of Dollars up for grabs in those tournaments, they do tend to attract the best players, but also players that are relatively unknown, too.


In the following guide, I am going to be listing the top 10 richest poker players by winnings and will additionally give you an insight into some of their biggest poker tournament wins.

top 10 richest locker players 2023

Bryn Kenney

As for the one poker player that is leading the way when it comes to poker winnings, well look no further than the American Bryn Kenney who is sitting on a huge $56,328,702 in poker winnings. His top listing is down to the simple fact he did manage to win some $20,563,324 from one single poker tournament. 

Top 10 Richest Poker Players

Justin Bonomo

Moving onto the second richest poker player based on winnings, well it is another U.S. based player that being Justin Bonomo.


As for just how much he has won, well that total currently stands at some $49,127,968, made up of a single tournament win of some $10,000,000, but I do suspect those winnings are going to keep on getting higher in the years ahead. 

Justin is one of the richest poker players

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Daniel Negreanu

One player that I am more than confident that many of you out there will have heard of before is Daniel Negreanu who hails from Canada, and he is my number three richest player based on the fact his winnings achieved so far at the poker tables is a huge $42,049,509. His winnings tally was boosted by one huge single win of a mind-blowing $8,288,001.

Top 10 Richest Poker Players

Erik Seidel

You will learn a lot by watching Erik Seidel play poker, so try and spend some time doing just that. He comes from the United States, and his poker playing prowess has secured him to date a whopping $37,710,846 in poker winnings. One poker tournament that he will never forget was the one in which he walked off with some $2,472,555 in winnings. 

Dan Smith

Top 10 Richest Poker Players 2022
Top 10 Richest Poker Players

It does appear America is best famed for producing the best poker players, and the next one on my list is Dan Smith, who has certainly mastered the very fine art of playing and has so far secured some $36,763,537 in winnings, thanks in no small part to him walking off with a massive $8,765,628 from one single poker tournament. 

Dan Smith is one of the top 10 richest poker players


Stephen Chidwick

Thanks to Brexit, the United Kingdom is not in the EU anymore, and as such Stephen Chidwick is one player from Great Britain that is now on this list not listed as a European player, thanks in no small part to the winnings that he has so far achieved in his poker playing career that total being an impressive $34,390,806.

Those winnings were boosted to that figure by one recent single win worth $5,368,947. Stephen is one of the wealthiest richest poker players in the world

Stephen Chidwick is among the

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Richest poker players

David Peters

With $33,730,909 in poker winnings under his belt, there is much more to come from David Peters in the months and years ahead, he hails from the United States and when it comes to his poker skills, well there is no doubting he has many.

His biggest single tournament win to date is $2,699,752. But like I say, I do have a sneaking suspicion moving forward he will increase his winnings massively. 

Peters is one of the richest poker players

Fedor Holz

Top 10 Richest Poker Players

Just one single European-based poker player has made it onto this listing, and for reference that player is of course Fedor Holz from Germany.

He has had some amazingly luck recently that has taken his poker winnings total to a massive $32,515,406, and his single biggest win to date was some $6,000,000, proving if nothing else the winnings are always there for the taking if you are prepared to take the required risks at the poker tables to try and get them.

Holz is among the richest poker players

Jason Koon

Over ten percent of the total winnings so far accumulated by Jason Koon at the poker tables came from a single tournament win, and for reference, he is yet another American poker player that knows his stuff having won in total as of the time of compiling this listing some $31,115,308, and those single tournament winnings that catapulted him onto this list saw him winning $3,579,836. He does have his own playing style and one that many players are quickly learning to replicate. 

Jason Koon is one of the top 10 richest poker players

Steve O’Dwyer

The final player that has made it onto this list of the richest poker players to date is a player worth keeping your eyes on, that player is from the U.S.A and is Steve O’Dwyer who players his own unique style that has helped him bag a total of $30,417,263 in poker winnings, with his single biggest poker win to date being a cool $1,872,580.

Steve O’Dwyer is among the top 10 richest poker players

Summary of the Top 10 Richest Poker Players

  1. Steve O’Dwyer
  2. Jason Koon
  3. Fedor Holz
  4. Bryn Kenney
  5. Justin Bonomo
  6. Daniel Negreanu
  7. Erik Seidel
  8. Dan Smith
  9. Stephen Chidwick
  10. David Peters

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