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Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in Ghana

best Insurance Companies in Ghana

What are the best Insurance Companies in Ghana?


Insurance is a way to manage risks as an individual or entity. In-depth, this means you’re being provided a guarantee of compensation for a specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment. Without insurance, if a misfortune befalls you, you will be responsible for all related costs. Getting insured cushions and supports you during these unforeseen occurrences. Continue reading to find out the top 10 best companies in the world. Read also Best Banks in Ghana

However, choosing the best insurance provider can be tasking. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you. In this article, we’ve narrowed down the top ten (10) best insurance companies that are going above and beyond to meet the needs of Ghanaians. 


Top 10 Best Insurance Companies in Ghana

Enterprise Insurance Company Limited

Enterprise Insurance Company Limited (EIC) is the oldest insurance company in Ghana and has been in operation since 1924. The company is a leading insurer in Fire, Marine, General Accident and Specialized Insurance solutions. Their products are categorized into two (2): Personal Insurance Products and Corporate Insurance Products. This is what satisfied customers had to say: Read Highest Paying companies in Ghana


“Quick service, same day claim. Good to see some institutions working towards perfection”.

“My side mirror was stolen from my car and they deposited a check the same day into my account”.

GLICO Life Insurance

GLICO Life Insurance started as Gemini Life Insurance Company in the year 1987. Over the years, it has evolved and currently offers products tailored to suit the personalized needs of every Ghanaian. Among its flagship products are the Enhanced Education Plan (GEEP), Premium Funeral Plan, Life Savings Plan for individuals; Anidasuo and Edwa Nkosuo for the informal sector and Group Comprehensive Plan for institutions. Satisfied customers had this to say:

“Very legit and great customer service.”


“One of the biggest insurance companies in Ghana offering general, life, health and tier 2 & 3 insurance. Their motor policies are the best. They do delivery of policies to any client irrespective of class. To GLICO, every client is very important.”

Vanguard Assurance Company Limited

Vanguard started its operations in October 1974 and has the coveted record of being one of the first private indigenous insurance companies in Ghana. Currently, Vanguard is a one-stop composite insurance firm underwriting all the major classes of Life and Non-Life Insurance including Motor, Marine, Aviation, Fire, Bond, Engineering, General Accident, Workmen Compensation and Special Products. Happy customers had this to say:

“Excellent customer service, great ambience and committed to quality service.”

“One of the best insurance companies in Ghana. For all your insurance and other support services for the known and your precious and valuable items”.

 Allianz Insurance Company Ghana Limited

Allianz’s life assurance operations in Ghana began in 2018. They have over 100 million retail and corporate customers in more than 70 countries across the globe. They offer a wide range of products such as Motor, Home, Travel, Injury, and Disability Insurance, SME insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Asset Construction, Transport & Cyber Crime, Pure Life Insurance, Credit Life, Funeral, Education, Savings and Investment. This is what satisfied customers had to say about Allianz Insurance


“They are friendly and show professionalism in their work”. 

” …financially sound so no worry for claims. Varieties of products; they can even tow your car. Well give them a call, check their website or visit them for more information!”


Starlife Assurance

Starlife Assurance is one of the leading Life Assurance companies in Ghana offering a wide range of need-based life-assurance products for both the formal and informal sectors. They have been in business for 5 years since October 2006. Their products can be grouped into three (3) different categories, namely: Corporate Products, Individual Products and Special Products. There is also an offer of Diaspora Insurance. Starlife is among the best Insurance Companies in Ghana

According to satisfied customers, Star Life Assurance, “is the best place to get a Life Insurance policy”.

Hollard Insurance Ghana Limited

In 1993, Hollard Insurance started its business operations in Ghana by selling life insurance. Today, they’ve shifted their focus away from life insurance to other personal and commercial insurance products. These products include Personal Accident, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance, Executive Motor Insurance, Fire Insurance and Burglary Insurance. This is what some satisfied customers had to say:


“…the claims process was very straightforward and easy to complete.…Holland was exceptional in covering my loss and quickly getting my repair cost cleared.”

“Excellent customer service and very swift with their work. Was served some few minutes after my call. I didn’t have to go to the office physically.”

SIC Insurance Company

SIC Insurance Company is another one of the top 10 best Insurance Companies in Ghana. The company has been in business in Ghana for 50+ years, since 1955. The company is the nation’s largest general or non-life insurer with nationwide coverage. Its operations cover fire, motor, marine and aviation (covering risks associated with the manufacture, ownership, operation and maintenance of ships and aircrafts), travel insurance and accident insurance. Satisfied customers left these reviews:

“Good customer service. No long queues. Recommended to all car users.”

“Great response time for claims, with a variety of policies to choose from. Great customer service.”

Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd

In the year 1995, Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd began its operations in Ghana. The company, in its mission to be the insurance company of choice, focuses on providing personalized, convenient and speedy services. Their services and products include: Accident Policies, Motor Policies, Contractors Bonds, Underwriting Support, Fire Policies, Marine Cargo Policies, and Ceps Bonds. Some of their happy customers reviewed this: Read 20 best free online schools in the world

“Best insurance company in Ghana. Prompt payment and good customer service.”

“They have very good rates, good customer service and their responses are swift.” 

SUNU Assurances Ghana Limited

SUNU Assurance is among the top 10 best Insurance Companies in Ghana. Since 28th February 2008, SUNU Assurances, formerly Equity Assurance Ghana Limited, has been operating in Ghana as a Non-Life Insurance Company. The products they offer include Burglary Insurance, Consequential Loss Insurance, Fire and Special Peril Insurance, Householder Comprehensive Insurance, Motor Insurance, Marine Insurance, Workmen Compensation Insurance, and Accident Insurance (Personal & Group). This is what their customers had to say about them: 

“Great customer service. They have good reception.”

“Your one-stop shop for all your insurance needs.”

 Donewell Insurance Company Limited

Donewell Insurance commenced business in Ghana on 1st March 1993. Over the years, the insurance firm has been selling both life and non-life products such as their Individual Life Policy, Group Life Policy, Edwadifuo Ahobanbo Plan, Loan Protection Policy, Comprehensive Group Life Policy, Skuul Boafo Plan, Keyman Protection Policy, Mortgage Protection Policy, Royal Funeral Policy, Future Scholar Policy, Personal Pension Plan, Executive Pension Plan, and the Donewell Life Protection Plan. 

A couple of their 60k+ satisfied customers had this to say:

“Very dependable insurance company. I can recommend them for any person or group”.

“I have been with Donewell for over three years. I have a non-claim bonus and my insurance is cheap :)”.

Summary of the top 10 best Insurance Companies in Ghana

When deciding on the right insurance company and insurance, remember to accurately identify and quantify risk factors. Hopefully, this list will guide you when next you’re choosing an insurance provider. Thank you for reading about the top 10 best Insurance Companies in Ghana


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