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Tips for Students on How to Start Writing Excellent Essays for Every Topic



Greetings to everyone who wants to make their college life more manageable! In our article, we speak about the importance of writing skills in the studying process. How many students had stuck in class just because they don’t know how properly cope with writing? Almost everyone! That makes them look for writing helpers and type in Google, “who can write my essay for cheap online?” That’s great to have samples on any subject; still, it is essential to find the way out independently. Therefore, consider our ten tips that will help you to manage every topic at the highest level!

Tip #1: Understand what the topic is about.

If you know the name of your topic already, it is a great opportunity to start your writing process efficiently. Believe it or not, but the beginning is halfway to an excellent essay. Try to brainstorm your topic’s central idea and how you can implement your thought into a strict and concise piece. Grab a pen with a notebook to write down all essentials about how you see your content concerning thesis statement, explanation, and concluded facts.

Tip# 2: Provide detailed research.

With research, you get more profound knowledge on your course and let your imagination settle down with existing doctrine. Look everywhere you need to enrich your understanding of what you need to write. It may be a book, podcast, interview, document, archive, article, or movie from where you can extract important data to work for your essay.

Tip #3: Ask your friends for advice.

Depending on the methodology you’ve chosen for your research, the way you process collected information may vary. For instance, if you need to compare and contrast someone’s articles, you will rely on your own analytical skills. Otherwise, when you write a research paper, you might need to provide an interview. In the case of preparing a lab report, you need to conduct an experiment with special tools, calculations, and other conditions. Let your friend or more experienced students from your faculty value your work and give recommendations about the essay’s content.

Tip #4: Don’t being shy to communicate with your tutor.

It is good to ask for advice from your classmates, but discussing it with your teacher is an entirely different matter. Clarify every uncertain moment to avoid inconsistencies in your text. Complete the list of questions you want to get answers to and note everything in your special place. Some students like to use such digital tools as Evernote or ColorNote to keep answers and use them in further writing stages. Meanwhile, if you prefer handwriting, you can make notes in your favorite textbook.

Tip #5: Organize collected information.

When you have everything ready to add to your essay, arrange all citations and your personal thoughts into a logical order. The whole content should look like a consistent composition with an introduction, body, and summary. An introduction is a place where you get the audience an understanding of what your essay is about, provide a thesis statement, and reveal research methods. In body paragraphs, you prove your central thought with arguments from different sources and comment on it. And in the last summary section, you reveal the result of your project, its value for general study and end up with final thought.

Tip #6: Write in a different order.

As paradoxical it sounds, but writing vice versa helps you to keep your essay built logically. Start writing from the middle part of an essay which is called body paragraphs. Then move to the introduction, where you can briefly describe what you are going to reveal in an essay. The last paragraph is a conclusion where you answer your readers and yourself as an author whether you successfully prove your centering thought represented at the beginning of your project.

Tip #7: Don’t hesitate to explain your point.

Every beginner in essay writing thinks that it is enough to provide citations and a references list for the audience to see that their work is meaningful in the scholarly community. Unfortunately, it is not valid. Making your essay’s content unique – that’s what works great! Believe in what you want to tell your readers and explain why you’ve chosen exact citation to prove your argument and show the similarity and difference in your and other authors’ opinions.

Tip# 8: Never get disappointed with the first draft.

As you can see, the content that you’ve written first, maybe with grammatical, formatting, punctuation, and spelling flaws. Don’t give up if your tutor or more experienced writing student will show you parts that need corrections. Students like to use many tools that help them with citation style, plagiarism, and grammar checking online.


Tip #9: Clean up the mess.

See the difference between edited and raw text! It is a totally opposite look with the same content. Find a way to improve your text by rearranging or cutting some parts. When you see the lack of information, don’t delay additional research. Dedicate more time to enrich your essay with really valuable content, even if it takes one or two more hours. Otherwise, if you are afraid not to finish your piece until the deadline, always think about time management. Actually, it should be the last, but not the least advice! Use such apps as Study Bunny or School Planner that help students worldwide to increase productivity and don’t miss anything!

Tip #10: Always be confident in what you deliver to your audience.

If an author doesn’t like their topic, the reader feels it. It doesn’t matter what mark you will get from your tutor for your project if you don’t like your study material. First of all be honest with yourself, whether the subject is interesting for you. If not, try to change the aspect of revealing the central idea. In another case, if you like it, don’t be afraid of adding creativity to your writing.

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Each topic deserves to be uncovered. If you hesitate in your writing skills, just be yourself and avoid pretending great writer. It will simplify the work a lot! Actually, writing an excellent essay is not so difficult as it seems at first sight. To make the process easygoing, all you need is to start doing it because nothing can be done perfectly for the first time. Practice more to unleash your beautiful studying journey and get inspired with your own