Tips for Aspiring Drivers: How to Choose the Right First Car


Getting a driver’s license as well as your first win in an online casino using your TonyBet login, are some of the most exciting moments in life. The next step is buying a car. How to make the right choice so that the first experience is positive?


Japanese, Germans, Koreans

Each of us has our own idea of ​​the ideal car. For some, it is a small, pink beetle, for others – a high-spirited racing “car”, the sound of the engine of which makes the heart beat faster, and for the third – a powerful jeep, on which any sea is knee-deep… Nevertheless, when choosing your first car, everything, however, there are more practical considerations that will help you hone your self-driving skills. And after two years, you can already start looking towards your dreams.


What Are the Major Aspects to Pay Attention to When Buying a New Car?

Firstly, it is safety, secondly, practicality, and, thirdly, quality. The opinion that all German cars are equally good is erroneous, however, as well as the fact that all Korean cars are useless. The same car model, depending on the year of manufacture and equipment, can be either a good or an absolutely bad purchase.

It doesn’t make sense to look at the price, especially when size or safety parameters are much more important to you. However, experts often advise taking cars cheaper, because they are not so a pity to hone your driving skills.


Size Matters

Even the best driving school will not make you an outstanding driver, and traffic sometimes brings surprises, for which the only experience can prepare. Most likely, your first car will not be able to avoid minor dents and scratches, so it is better to buy a car that is not afraid of minor visual defects. Therefore, we are most likely talking about a cheap used car.

The second aspect is size. The larger the “car”, the more trouble. A large car is good for long journeys, but it can be difficult to maneuver in town, let alone park. In addition, such a vehicle is usually uneconomical as it consumes a lot of fuel. The compact car will also have lower costs for repairs, oil changes, and new wheels. The transport tax paid during the technical inspection will also be lower.

Safety First

It is generally accepted that in the life of every driver there are three conditional stages when the probability of getting into an accident is the highest: on the third day because the skills are not yet good enough, and vigilance has already been lost; in the third month, when there is a deceptive feeling that you already know how to do everything; in the third year, when one of the above two bumps into your car.


In this joke, as always, there is only a grain of a joke, but the fact that the first year behind the wheel you should be as careful and focused as possible remains a fact. This must be taken into account when buying a car. In terms of costs, small subcompacts are the most profitable, but it is generally accepted that they are completely unsafe.

This is a myth refuted by various crash tests that are carried out annually by both manufacturers and independent experts.

We hope our tips have helped you. So good luck and drive safely!