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The Stories of the 5 Richest Casino Winners in the World



A regular day in a casino isn’t too special. Some people win money, others lose, and life goes on. But now and again we hear about a big win or a jackpot, and can’t help but think that something like that will happen while we play on real money casinos Canada has to offer. Let’s go over these inspiring tales. 

Archie Karas

Archie Karas is a legend who first turned $50 into $10,000 and at that point, he could have gone home. He could have played on same day withdrawal online casinos Canada platforms, and have his money on that day, but he decided to keep going. Bear in mind that this is not something you should do, or at least it’s not recommended. Basically, you should never do the following:

  • Obsessively chase wins
  • Play while frustrated
  • Make your decisions based on winning or losing streak
  • Be irresponsible with your money

Yet Archie was thinking that he should continue on a winning streak, and in this instance he was right. He was playing poker and he won over 40 million dollars in total. Unfortunately, he blew that money away in a matter of months, the same way he won, gambling.   

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Peter Winner from Norway 

It’s entirely possible to become a millionaire while at home and sitting in your pajamas. You can do this by getting lucky on any of the new casino sites that are available online. In this instance, a guy called Peter managed to get the progressive jackpot which was 11.7 million Norwegian krone at that point. This was around 38 million in US dollars at that point in time. 

Jon Heywood

Jon Heywood also hit a progressive jackpot while playing Mega Moolah. He won over 13.2 million pounds and he only wagered 25 pennies. The same thing could happen to anyone who was playing Mega Moolah on any 5 pound deposit casino that hosted the game, as these sites are really popular in the UK. 

Mike Ashley

Winning big in a casino doesn’t always involve a story of how someone turned his or her life around thanks to luck. Sometimes, the rich just get richer because they get lucky. Mike Ashley is the owner of Newcastle United Football Club, and he won 1.6 million pounds on a roulette spin. That being said, according to some reports from 2011 he also lost over a million pounds playing in a casino. 

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Elmer Sherwin

Elmer is living proof that lightning can strike twice. Some people go through life without winning a single big bet, but Elmer actually managed to hit the jackpot two times. The first time it was for 4.6 million dollars and the second time was 16 years later, only this time it was $21 million.     


There are other stories about jackpot winners, but these 5 feel like the most worthy of mentioning. The goal of sharing these stories isn’t to inspire you to go all-in, in fact, the goal is to show you just how random all of it really is. There is no higher force in play, it’s all RNG, millions go without hitting the jackpot, and yet some can pull it off twice.

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