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The Secret To Success By Matt Morris

secret to success

In order to determine the ‘all-encompassing’ secret to success word… let’s go back in time a little bit.

I got in network marketing at the age of 18 years old…

A young waitress sponsored me (The only reason I signed up was because I thought I had a chance with her…) and handed me my first personal development book.


It was “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

At the beginning of the book, it said something like, “within’ this book lies the secret to success.”.

Side note – If you haven’t read Think & Grow Rich… Go get it! Napoleon Hill went out and interviewed basically 400 of the wealthiest people, top influencers, and top thought leaders.


I was really excited to dive into this goldmine of wisdom and discover the secret to success!


Mainly it was because it had “rich” in the title and I wanted to be rich!


I’ve been in school my whole life and not once did somebody teach me the secret to success.

So, I read the entire book front-to-back and guess what…

I must have missed where it told me the secret!


So, I read the entire book a second time…

Specifically searching for the word “Secret”… and it never showed up!

I thought to myself, “maybe he’s lying!”.


Finally, I decided to read it a third time.

This time I read it with the intention of figuring out for myself what the secret was.

I searched diligently for what the common denominator of all these successful leaders was.


Most everybody went through some type of adversity & was met with many challenges before achieving success.

What I noticed was that ONE word showed up more than any other word in the book…

I determined that, that ONE word had to be the secret!

If I can have this one thing, as all these other leaders have had, I could have success!


It wasn’t intelligence, it wasn’t a born quality, and it wasn’t anything external.

The one word is determination.

Simply having the will to continue going until you win.


This gave me extreme hope because I didn’t have any advantages growing up…

I didn’t grow up wealthy…

Never did well in school…


Didn’t feel smart…

…but when I read the book that third time I said, “If the secret to success is determination… If I’m willing to have pig-headed determination and if I’ll just keep going until I win… I’ll just win!”.

Realize – If you have more determination than anyone else, you will have massive success because in reality in life (and business) is that most people quit before the prize.


Most people lack determination and that’s why they fail

That’s why they live an average life.

It’s why they finish their life looking back, filled with regret because they just simply didn’t have enough determination.

Now, they won’t blame it on not having determination…


They’ll blame it on life not being fair…

Not having the right resources…

Or not being smart enough…


…but in reality, the only reason why you fail is that you don’t have enough determination.

I remember the first time I had success in network marketing… I built a team of ten thousand people in a startup company and that company went out of business…

There were a lot of people who were way more talented than me…


They were way better speakers than me…

Better salespeople than me…

They had way more credibility…


And much older than me.

Guess what happened when the company went out of business?

They went back to the corporate world.



They didn’t have the secret to success!


Today most of them are living about the same life that they were years ago.


I, however, had the determination that I am going to win in life.

“I’ll get rich and become a millionaire.”.

And so I just continued.


I look at over the last nine years in my company, I mean I was just looking this morning and I’m looking at my weekly income…

It’s up anywhere from four to six times what it was earlier in the year. Four to six times because I’ve just decided. I said, “you know what? This year, what I’m going to do is I’m going to take out the brake pedal. I’m going to put another accelerator and I’m going to mash both feet straight down and I’m going to go win. I don’t care what challenges come up!”.

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Even though the challenges came up – my income is up four to six times.


I’ve got determination.


Other people are going to quit.

I have determination.

I’ve got long-term vision.


I’m gonna go build a damn dynasty.

In order to build a dynasty, you gotta have determination. Pig headed determination.

So my friends if you want to lock in one character trait in yourself that’s going to cause you to win even when you don’t feel like you have any advantages – lock-in determination.


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Lock in determination

Say it to yourself over and over again.

Do whatever it takes, no matter how much you have to struggle…


You’ve got to have the determination and the will to win.

You will win if you have the attitude and belief.

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Self Improvement

Creating a Mindset That Will Help You Succeed

happy people success

Radically success ful and happy people immerse themselves in self-development. Use these tips to start your own self-development journey.



The following excerpt is from Napoleon Hill’s Success Masters culled From Entrepreneur Magazine


The most fulfilling path to success and personal fulfillment often comes through the pursuit of your own self-development. The radically successful and happy immerse themselves in self-development and a deep interest in life and relationships. Through self-exploration, they remain openly curious and passionate about their self-education and improvement.

Through life’s experiences, good and bad, you become able and ready to be proactive in all your efforts, challenges, and successes. You choose to no longer wait for success or happiness; you go out and make it happen. Making a commitment to your own personal development is the first step on the path to living your personal legend. Here are some important elements of a self-development mindset.

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Sense of self

Self-improvement begins with a keen awareness of who you are, your values, your beliefs, and the larger purpose you wish to pursue. True satisfaction can only manifest from chasing your own dreams. Life, people, and business can be hard and insensitive, so remind yourself that you’re more than the sum total of other people’s opinions and continue pursuing what’s meaningful to you.

The experiences you have in life can only have true meaning when you seek to understand them. To become a pristine student of life is to always remain teachable-ready. Examine how each experience life brings can be used for greater self-knowledge and better decisions going forward. As you gain a more solid sense of who you are, you become ready to start planning, designing, and pursuing your goals and objectives.

Sense of curiosity

To live successfully, be endlessly curious about all the possibilities your future holds. It’s important to have an unquenchable thirst for your advancement and for adventure. Curiosity inspires you to push through the unusually painful trials and errors in your life and business. This type of resiliency is an acquired self-discipline that teaches you to cast your fears aside, bringing you the fullest experience of the adventures that success can bring.

Curiosity inspires the energy that makes it possible to see all situations as opportunities for your advancement. When you approach life and business with a sense of adventure, there’s no situation, however limiting, physically or economically, which can’t be filled to the brim with the interest and curiosity of how it will all work out.

Without a sense of curiosity, it’s impossible to grow.



Sense of direction

The more you develop yourself, the more effective you become in achieving what you want. This clarity makes decision making easier because having a direction improves your ability to prioritize. You know which objectives are important in the short term and which are necessary for your long term. With a sense of direction, you become focused and effective.

There’s nothing more organizing to an effort than being focused. Direction provides commitment. It’s difficult to commit to something that has no foreseeable future or path. If you’re filled with doubt and a lack of clarity, there’s no way to launch your ideas. Self-development gives you direction, and thereby, the commitment to achieve your ends.

Sense of follow-through

Knowing what you want to achieve makes it easier for you to see the benefits of taking action. Even when the tasks at hand aren’t enjoyable, seeing the benefit of following through on them will make it easier to motivate yourself into taking the necessary actions to achieve your goals. There’s a lot of truth in the saying Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”


When you’re committed to personal development, you always find a way to develop the necessary will. Your idea of success and the vision of what that will look like is where you grab your incentive to always follow through.

Sense of urgency

A sense of urgency drives inspiration. Urgency creates the mindset to work as if your life depends on it, especially if you have fewer resources than others. When you’re the underdog, you’ll dig deep inside yourself for the advances you need to thrive.

Urgency causes you to activate quickly when making decisions — you get out of your routine and do something different. It motivates you to get results quickly and efficiently, but it doesn’t eliminate assessment. If you want to produce results faster, you must assess what is and what isn’t working, then eliminate the efforts you’ve identified as wasteful. Keep in mind, it’s easier to steer a moving object, so if you realize you’ve made a poor decision, a sense of urgency allows you to adjust. If you wait too long, you miss opportunities and chances.


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Sense of resiliency

There will be tough times in life and business. When tough times occur, you need the skills and attributes to deal effectively with them. Personal development can’t prevent all bad things from occurring, but it helps you deal with obstacles as they surface.

Resiliency teaches you never to view any challenge as the end of the world. Resiliency allows you the patience, awareness, and fortitude to continue moving forward, even if that means completely changing course.


Self-development deepens your maturity to trust that everything happens for reasons that can only be in line with your best interest. With this type of mindset, there’s no obstacle that will hold you back. You’ll have greater confidence, pliability, and the personal and interpersonal skills to cope with any obstacle you face.

Sense of connectedness

Relationships can be double-edged swords — they either lift you up or drag you down. They either bring you closer to your goals or push you further away. When you improve your personal development, you’re better able to see which relationships and partnerships are worth investing in and which you need to cut loose. This type of self-awareness gives you the skills to make the best of the relationships that have a positive impact on your life, your business, and your overall success.

If you aren’t learning, then you aren’t living. Make the commitment to invest in your greatest resource — you.

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