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The Prevalence of Pedophilia in Today’s internet Age and the Role of Parents in Child Protection



In today’s internet age, the introduction of social media websites, smartphone, iPad and other digital devices has a lot of positive impacts in the social, academic, financial and spiritual life of the users. Social media is a powerful medium for communication and the introduction of the internet is a great comfort to many lives.

Despite the great benefits of the introduction of the internet, we must be informed about the danger of abnormal usage of the internet and the threat it poses to the society, particularly the young children. One of the dangerous effects of abnormal usage of the internet in today’s technology age is the prevalence of paedophilia.

What is Pedophilia?

Paedophilia is the condition in which an adult is being sexually attracted to young children.

Who is a Pedophile?

A paedophile is someone who is sexually interested in children.


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Paedophiles have done incalculable damage to the lives of many innocent children around the world. Many children have  been killed by the perpetrators while others are now living with the trauma. It is very unfortunate that most parents don’t take the menace of paedophilia seriously until their children have become victims. 

Paedophilia is becoming more prevalent and the perpetrators are getting smarter, particularly with the use of technology to get their victims. According to a report by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), more than 10,000 offences of online child sex abuse were recorded between April 2019 and March 2020, a 16% increase on the previous year.

In order to protect the children from this prevailing evil, parents must educate themselves and their children about  how to spot a pedophile and prevent him from carrying out his evil mission.

How to spot a pedophile:

1. In most cases, a pedophile interacts better with children than  adults.
2. He/she pretends to be someone who cares a lot about the welfare of children.
3. Most pedophiles want to work as volunteers in many children organizations.
4. A pedophile always uses gifts to entice his targeted victim.
5. The victim has special interest in him and wants to be around him at all times.
6. The victim feels restless or uncomfortable when the pedophile is not around him.
7. Most pedophiles have characteristics of pornography addicts.
8. Most pedophiles are always active in children’s online platforms in order to search for victims.
9. A pedophile collects sexually explicit pictures and videos of young children and share them with other pedophiles through his mobile phone.
10. When a male pedophile is interested in a young girl, he calls her his lover or wife. A female pedophile also calls a young boy her lover or husband when she is interested in him.
How to protect your children from pedophiles:
1. Teach them moral education and inculcate the fear of God in them.
2. Educate your children about internet safety.
3. Set up hidden camera to monitor them.
4. Learn to understand their mood at all times.
5. Monitor their social media activities.
6. Discourage them from sitting on anyone’s lap particularly the opposite sex.
7. Be very close to them so that they can always share their personal issues with you.
8. Let them know that no one has the right to see any private part of their body.
9. If you notice any strange behavior in them, take appropriate action immediately.
10. Prevent them from watching pornographic films or keeping pornographic materials around them.
11. Tell them to report to you about anyone that touches any private part of their body or talks to them about sex.
12. Let them know they should not trust anyone and they should be alert at all times.

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