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The Great NZ Bingo Bonanza: About The Game



The Great NZ Bingo Bonanza: About The Game

Tomahawk, a tourism marketing company based in Auckland, has launched a new platform in September 2020 that rewards New Zealand Travellers. The platform known as The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza motivates and incentivizes Kiwis for discovering towns, local communities, and regions for experiencing new activities. This is a form of motivation for all NZ travellers to spend their leisure hours in a fun and engaging ways. 

Auckland has a population of 1.7 million which may rise to 2 million within a decade. They have the highest average annual growth of the country’s sixteen regions over a span of 30 years. Thus, promoting these projects would involve millions of people and would be a great initiative to popularise local places among kiwis as well as foreigners and travellers. This platform was built during level 4 of lockdown in the country when webinars and video calls were the only way of face-to-face communication. This concept was introduced so that the kiwis could enjoy new places, lockdown together to beat the pandemic thus boosting up revenue generation as well. 

What Is Bingo Bonanza?

This platform provides solutions for multiple tourism industry challenges like engaging with the local community, showcasing smaller operated businesses, and motivating visitation and bookings. 

Bingo Bonanza’s functionality allows players to experience the 5 stages of travel: dreaming of a destination, providing a planning tool, hassle-free booking procedure, actual travel duration, and the opportunity to review and share the content regarding travel. It also collects important data which essentially provides better insights into the travel preferences, habits of the Kiwis. The GPS data also has the potential to help with COVID-19 contact tracing.

It is basically a solution that would help in boosting up tourism in New Zealand and would help in the growth of local regions. This would develop partnerships with local communities and boost up revenue generation for the country. The Kiwis can offset their trips which would help the local offset programs of New Zealand. 

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A survey in the country shows that 82% of Kiwis agree to the fact that supporting local businesses is a must. Thus, this concept fulfils the strong demand for domestic holidays which would end up supporting the economy. Providing the tools and means is what Bingo Bonanza does. 

Goals Of The Campaign

During the initial stages of the campaign, Regional Tourism Organisations or RTOs have the chance of submitting two FOC bingo cards to the platform.  Following the example of, Bingo Bonanza offers amazing opportunities to draw visitors to the regions, showcasing stakeholders and activating local spendings for the RTOs.  

The goal of this campaign is to expand and introduce new features to the game and eventually open up to international travellers post-Covid. It also aims at adding new activations into schools and offers prizes for loyalty encouragement. The aim is to make Bingo Bonanza an integral part of the Kiwi culture. 

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Community cards are available for the RTOs so that they can give them to sports clubs or interest groups in order to enhance community engagement and circle. This campaign does not have a time limit and the people can take as much time as they want. 

Bingo Bonanza is already making a change to the New Zealand tourism industry. The earlier members of GO Rentals’ IT development team were employed by Tomahawk and they have been an integral part of the technicalities for over a period of three months. 


New Zealand has a lot of scope in terms of development as the surveys tell us about the willingness of the people to take part in good causes. The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza platform is accessible via a website or mobile application. The players can explore a wide range of bingo cards according to their choices and filter according to specific criteria such as locations within 10km, pet-friendly places, food, and wine, etc. 

Having 25 squares on each bingo card, it is made up of paid as well as free activities where once five in a row are attained, a reward is released for the player which might be as a petrol voucher, a free meal, etc. These are lucrative offers among the players and they tend to try out games for both personal and overall causes.