The Best Mobile Apps for Online Sports Betting

by Bright

In the last few years, Ghana has been experiencing a surge in sports betting, with many betting sites entering the country.


Initially, Ghanaian bettors used to bet mostly in betting shops, but as the industry developed and matured, most of the betting is now done on mobile devices.

In fact, about 80% of betting in Ghana is done on phones and tablets.


This does not come as a surprise. Mobile phone ownership in Ghana has been rising very quickly, so has internet accessibility.

Also, the arrival of mobile money in Ghana has sped up the growth of mobile betting, with punters now able to deposit and withdraw money without any hassles from betting sites.

Most of the betting sites in Ghana now have betting apps, but which of these apps are the best of the lot.


Here is our list of the top five betting apps in Ghana.

1. Betway

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With its simple design and smooth operation, the betway app sits comfortably in the top echelon of betting apps in Ghana.

The betway app loads very quickly, and does not consume too much memory space on mobile devices.


Navigation is also easy, ensuring a very satisfying betting experience.

Within the app is a very strong sportsbook, comprising up to 30 sports and numerous betting options.

The betway app also allows a host of features, including bet builder, live betting and cash out. Like all great apps, betway also gives its users push notifications about the latest matches and odds on the app.

The Best Mobile Apps for Online Sports Betting

2. 1xBet

Closely following the betway app on our list is the 1xBet app.


1xBet meets all the basic criteria of good mobile betting apps. It loads fast, is easy to use and is very functional.

In terms of functionality, the 1xBet app works just like the main site. From registration to deposits, live betting to cash out, the 1xBet app has all the betting functions you need.

The app also offers one of the an impressively huge sportsbook. Covering over 40 sports, 1xBet is arguably the biggest sportsbook in the Ghanaian market.

One little drawback is that the app must be constantly updated, which is a little annoying!

3. Melbet

The Best Mobile Apps for Online Sports Betting

In terms of appearance and functionality, the Melbet app is quite similar to the 1xBet app, but the main point of difference is the mobile specific bonuses and promotions offered by Melbet.

They are one of the very few betting apps in Ghana that actually reward customers for placing bets on their betting apps.

They have the “Bet and Win” feature that gives great monthly prizes to players that use the app. Winners are determined by the number of bets placed, size of odds and amount of money wagered throughout the month.

Apart from the Bet and Win promo, Melbet customers also benefit from many other bonuses. For example, they have three different welcome offers for new players, along with features like Free Data and Loyalty Program.

There are many other great betting apps in Ghana, but these are right up there amongst the very best of the lot.



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