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The best casino skills that can be used in everyday life



Everyone loves transferable skills; most gamers will have heard about the boy who saved his sister from a moose attack by using skills he had learned by playing World of Warcraft. 

But it’s not just things like feigning death that can see you have real-world success. 

There are many skills that you can learn by playing casino games at an online casino, like those on Virgin Games

So, what skills can you gain and then use in everyday life that can be learned and improved by playing casino games? 

Time Management 

Almost everyone will have time management written somewhere on their CV, but the truth is that most of us don’t really know what time management truly is. It’s more than just being on time for appointments. 

It is about judging how long something will take and planning around it. Ensuring that you are not running over, not missing other commitments, and always completing what you need to on time. 

Casino games and gaming, in general, actually teach you to manage your time better. Each game that you play, like poker or blackjack, will have some time dedicated to completing it. Not only that, but you will learn to make sure all of your other tasks are done before you head online to play your favorite games. 

Cutting down on things that take up time that isn’t productive or all that enjoyable – like doom scrolling on social media, for example. True time management makes time work for you, rather than you being run by the time. 

Emotional Regulation 

If you are tempted to throw your controller at the screen when you lose or smash your keyboard when you miss something in-game – that is not good emotional control. Casino games have a high level of emotion attached – but to play them well, with a level head, you need to be able to control those emotions. 

You’ll learn how to be patient while other people make their moves, and that will reduce the frustration you feel. You’ll learn to graciously lose, reducing how often you lash out when something doesn’t go your way. Furthermore, you’ll understand and be able to process and manage desperation and stress too. Rather than chase losses in real life or in a game, you’ll feel that for a moment, process it, and move on. 

Learning to deal with emotions is something that can take people years to do effectively. But playing intense games can help. 


Do you often say too much or too little? Or perhaps you find that what you meant to say and what you said didn’t match up. More often than not, there is a lack of clear communication too. When you play casino games, often you’ll learn the value of saying the right thing with the correct information. 

Most often, casino games and other games have a healthy helping of strategy. So if you play in teams and groups, being able to effectively communicate a strategy to people is essential. 

It’s not just how you communicate that matters, though; you’ll need to be able to learn how other people communicate and learn more about body language too. 

What people say, how they say it, and how their body moves as they talk are all parts of communication. 

There is typically a significant gap between how people behave online and how they would play in a real-life casino. It is always worth keeping in mind it is better to be balanced in both and adhere to the etiquette that would be expected in your average casino. 


In the real world, money can be a tricky topic and one that, when translated online, can feel a little unreal. After all, when the money goes directly from your bank account to your casino or another gaming account, it can feel a little unreal. 

They’re just numbers on the screen. 

However, if you want to be great at the casino games you play, money skills will come into it. You’ll always need to know if it is worth making an investment, increasing your wager, and the odds of you losing it all. 

Controlling money, aka watching your gaming budget, will become something that translates to the outside world too. 

You’ll find yourself looking at the best ways to increase what you get for the money you spend – just like you do when it comes to your casino gaming time. 

Maths and logic

You might not have a head for numbers when you start playing, but it won’t be long before you do. It is essential that you begin to do some fast calculations before you stack your chips before you take a card or place one down. 

Almost all casino games run on chance and logic – once you master the logic, you can work out the probabilities of each hand, each spin, and how likely it is that you are going to see a return on your investment. 

Counting skills are the bare minimum; you’ll be working with percentages in no time – and quickly working out just how much the return is on a smaller wager. 

Casino games can help us to improve many of the most important aspects of our lives. The skills we learn and sharpen as we play can lead to better real-life communication, better job prospects based on finely-tuned skills, and so much more.

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