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The Beginning of 2022 with the Best NFT




NFTs are digitally scarce assets with unique identifiers that cannot be counterfeited or duplicated by anyone, including the owner of the NFT. In addition, they are immune to “double-spend” and grant both limited consensus and limited authority on the assets. 

NFTs may not tangibly be tangible, but they can still hold value and have utility by functioning as a way to represent digital ownership of real-world property like houses, cars, art pieces etc. In addition, NFTs can also function as vouchers for products and services, such as movie tickets etc. NFTs can be bought and sold directly between users without a centralized exchange. The only difference is that an NFT cannot be counterfeited or duplicated once transferred since they are immutable. There are no intermediaries and, thus, no single point of failure. Trading website will offer you the best trading features that will help your trading career.

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NFTs are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with properties not previously used in existing technologies. It means users can use them in various ways to back a token, where it is neither necessary nor possible to distinguish between individual tokens within the group. NFTs also handle ownership and balances in a different way than fungible tokens. 

Rather than having an absolute balance, NFTs represent something with real-world value. They are non-divisible, too, so you cannot divide them into smaller amounts; only transfer the entire value or ownership to another user if you want to do that. Let’s explore the best NFTs to invest in in 2022.

Axie Infinity:

Axie Infinity is a video game based on blockchain technology that takes place in the world of Game-Fi. It allows you to breed, collect, fight and trade with hundreds of types of Axies. The idea is that players can buy, sell and trade Axies for real money. Each player on the Axie Infinity platform becomes a guardian of their own Axie. Players can also form alliances with other players worldwide and fight against other alliances in real-time battles. There are 4 different types of Axies:

1. Land-based Axies are rare to find but can harvest much more food than sea-based axies

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2. Sea-based Axies are rarer than Land-based but can harvest more food

3. Hybrid Axies are the most potent axies, which can fight both land-based and sea-based axies, and can harvest the most food from land and sea

4. After a battle, the victor will receive a percentage of the defeated player’s total Axie stock. An Alliance can also be formed with other players from around the world to ally in the battle

 AXI (AXI) is an Ethereum-based token that will power all aspects of this game in terms of side building (houses), unit hunting (Axies), alliance building etc. 


 A blockchain-based land ownership system makes it easy to establish verifiable claims to physical land within Decentraland virtual space. Each parcel of land is part of a continuously reconciled database mapping every change to every land parcel in real-time. This data is accessible to anyone through the Decentraland reference client software. In addition, ownership of in-world property on the Decentraland platform is tied to a cryptographic key that defines the owners’ rights. This way, Decentraland is a self-sovereign, global micro-domain: users own their decryptions.


Brooklynne (BRX) is a platform that allows users to create and manage applications for real estate. Users essentially create a standard token for the tokens that can be transferred by people per the contract specified by Brooklynne. Property owners can use BRX as an alternative to traditional property ownership.

The tokens can be purchased and sold to allow owners to use them for internal transactions. Brooklynne will generate maintenance revenue from advertising and its applications, which will allow us to repay the loan in a short time. The user’s income from the platform will depend on the number of participants and applied services. Like other platforms, Brooklynne also has an internal ERC20-compliant token called BRX with a maximum circulation of 1 billion BRX.

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 Each racehorse is a token on the blockchain. Users can buy and sell racehorses with other users who also own racehorses. Users can also breed, train, and manage their racehorses to participate in races hosted on the platform. Each racehorse is a token that people can transfer per the contract specified by the platform’s smart contract. As more races occur, more tokens will become available that you can purchase or breed from other users. For example, silks (SILK) is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token that powers Silks. With each transaction, the buyer of tokens will pay a small fee based on the Ethereum gas price (Auctioneer).