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Sydney Talker net worth 2024



Sydney Talker net worth

What is Sydney Talker net worth?

Sydney Egere also known as Sydney Talker is a fascinating Instagram comedian who has risen to the top of the Nigerian entertainment scene because of his Instagram skits. Read on to know everything there’s to know about him

Sydney Talker net worth

Sydney Talker net worth 2024 is valued at $280,000. He is one of the best comedians in Nigeria.

On January 26, 1994, Sydney Talker was born. He is a native of  Edo State native. Sydney Talker Sydney was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, by his mother after she and his father got divorced when he was young.

Sydney Talker is better known by his alias, “Towel Guy,” which he earned after he began sharing more Instagram skits in which he danced and made people laugh while wearing a towel.

Sydney Talker is an undergraduate at the University of Benin, where he is majoring in computer science. His interest in learning about videography led him to decide to study computer science. 

Sydney Talker’s interest in videography was not piqued because it is not a core subject at Nigerian universities in the field of computer technology.

Sydney Talker net worth Career

Sydney Talker first demonstrated his talent for parody while still in high school. He had the ability to triumph over his remarkable thoughts and imaginative ideas if he committed himself to do so. 

In 2015, Sydney published his first parody work, a spoof on the movie The Power of the Tongue. The production was limited in its viewpoints, but it demonstrates that he has more to offer.

His 2016 Instagram sketch, “The Poor Power Supply,” was a hit. The nickname “Mr. Bean of Nigeria” was given to him due to his many expressive facial expressions. 

Before the Nigerian performer Toyin Abraham told him the notion is amazing, Sydney Talker thought the intelligent face was only a random demonstration in his records of his interesting face. Since then, he’s been giving serious thought to how to give his face a lot more personality.

Sydney Talker net worth

Sydney Talker has over half a million followers on Instagram and thousands of subscribers on his YouTube channel, making him one of the most prominent Instagram skit creators in Nigeria. 

His trademarks are his unusual facial expressions and a white towel.

Sydney Talker, who is also an MC and comedian, has a net worth of about $280,000

Source: Glusea