Savings and Loans Companies in Ghana

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There are currently about 25 savings and loans companies in Ghana. Savings and loan companies provide a secure and flexible way to save money. If you are looking for a way to manage your income as a small business owner, a government worker seeking a loan or investing your money, your best bet could be a savings and loans company.

How many savings and loan companies are in Ghana?

There are 25 registered companies listed by bank of Ghana

Do savings and loans still exist?


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Savings and Loans Companies in Ghana

ABii National Savings and Loans Ltd

ABii National is a Savings and Loans Company founded in 2011 and licensed under the Non- Bank Financial Institutions Law, 2008, (Act 774) to provide financial services to the public.


As a financial institution supervised by Bank of Ghana, it is authorized to take deposits from the general public and institutions, give out loans and offer other financial services like any other bank. ABii National however undertakes clearing, direct foreign transfers and other forms of international trade through our partnering banks.

Adehyeman Savings and Loans Company Ltd.

Adehyeman Savings and Loans Company Ltd. (Adehyeman) was licensed by the Bank of Ghana on 11th January 2005 under the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Law (PNDCL 328) as a Non-Bank Financial Institution (NBFI). Consequently, the company has the legal and regulatory mandate to receive deposits and as well offer loan products.


Today, Adehyeman has 6 branches scattered all over Accra, Kumasi and Swedru maintaining a focus on individuals, groups, small and medium scale enterprises within our catchment zones.


Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Ltd.

As the Ghanaian economy evolves, Advans Ghana continues to update its products and services to meet customers’ new financial requirements. The dynamism of the company has over the years attracted young and motivated employees. Today, there are more than 650 welcoming staff members ready to serve you in the 18 Advans Ghana offices.

Asa Savings and Loans Company Limited

Savings and Loans Companies in Ghana

Assurance Savings and Loans Ltd

Assurance Savings and Loans Company Ltd has been consistent in building a differentiating brand through its superior services and irresistible customer support. As a customer-centered institution, Assurance Savings and Loans cherishes the service of providing broad range of accessible financial solutions to its customers in a timely manner and at optimum convenience.

Best Point Savings and Loans Ltd

Best Point Savings and Loans Ltd (BPSL) is a wholly owned Ghanaian Company incorporated under the Companies Act 1963 (Act 179) on September 4th 2012. It was originally incorporated as Lucky Savings and Loans Limited but had the name changed on January 29th, 2013. It was issued with a Certificate to Commence Business on October 8th 2013.The sole business of BPSL is the provision of savings and loans services.

Bond Savings and Loans Ltd

As a Savings and Loans Company licensed and supervised by Bank of Ghana, it is an establishment authorized to collect deposits and give loans like any other bank. Bond specializes in delivering an array financing solutions that best serves the exact needs of the client.

Bayport Savings and Loans Plc

Bayport Savings and Loans Ghana opened for business in 2003. It was the second Bayport Savings and Loans operation.

Guided by an experienced board and a talented management team, Bayport Ghana has come to understand the needs and attitudes that drive the Ghanaian people’s relationship with credit. As a result, it is one of the country’s leading credit providers with a presence in each of the regional capitals.

Direct Savings and Loans Limited

Direct Savings and Loans Ltd is an indigenous second tier banking institution, licensed by the Bank of Ghana. Until 6th June, 2017, the company operated as Express Capital Microfinance Ltd which was incorporated on 19th June 2012, and in operation since July 2012. The Company’s business is to provide banking services to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), traders and market women, salaried workers and the self-employed.


Equity Savings and Loans Ltd.

Equity Savings & Loans (ESL) is a limited liability company registered at the Registrar General’s Department. They are licensed by the Bank of Ghana to operate as a Savings and Loans Company in Ghana. Equity is one of the strongest and fastest-growing companies in the Ghanaian financial industry.

Golden Link Savings & Loans Ltd

The company has a clientele base of over ten thousand persons living in Ghana who use the platform to collect their transmitted funds from the following Money Transfer Operators: Unity Group in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and the United States, Money Express (Senegal), and Western Union International.

The GOLDEN LINK currently operates from three locations in Ghana:

  • Tesano, Accra, (Head Office)
  • Circle, Accra, (Near the Overhead Bridge)
  • Adum, Kumasi (Next to GRA)

Golden Pride Savings and Loans Ltd

Golden Pride is a Savings and Loans institution licensed under the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Act 2008, Act 774 and Golden Pride Savings and Loans Limited (GPSL) is 100% owned by Ghana Mineworkers’ Union (GMWU) of Trade Union Congress (TUC).

Izwe Savings and Loans Ltd.

Izwe is a financial solutions company primarily offering personal loans to the government and selected parastatal employees, secured lending products to individuals and SMEs, as well as fixed-term investments, savings and transactional accounts for both businesses and individuals.

Jins Savings and Loans Ltd.

Letshego Savings and Loans Plc

Multi Credit Savings & Loans Co.


Multi Credit Savings and Loans Ltd is a savings and loan banking entity fully licensed by the Bank of Ghana to accept deposits and grant loans and offer other credit facilities to customers.
The bank has been in operation since 1999, formerly trading as Garden City Savings and Loans Ltd.
They have 52 branches across the country still growing!

Opportunity International Savings and Loans Co. Ltd

Opportunity International Savings and Loans Limited, (Opportunity International) is a leading savings and loans institution in Ghana. Opportunity International is at the forefront of delivering transformational financial services to help transform the lives of clients. It was licensed by the Bank of Ghana in June 2004. Opportunity International Savings and Loans Limited is a subsidiary of Opportunity International – A global institution dedicated to helping clients transform out of poverty.

Pacific Savings & Loans Co. Ltd

PSL Company was established to provide an alternative low cost access of choice to the unbanked public that had hitherto lacked access and attention from the traditional banks. It is thus expected to mobilize idle or surplus funds and channel these funds to deficit holders to promote economic activities. PSL is thus to engage in the ordinary business of banking through the mobilization of deposits and investing these funds through its customers to support viable and profitable economic ventures and activities.

Pan – African Savings and Loans Company Limited

Pan-African is recognized for excellence as a leading Savings and Loans institution in Ghana.
Within the 11 years of operation, the Pan-African Savings and Loans Company Ltd has successfully delivered innovative products and services to the market and has won several awards, including: Best Microfinance Project/Institution of the year – 2011 (African Bankers’ Award), Innovative use of Technology – 2011 (Hanson Wade Awards), Member of Ghana Club 100 (GC100) 2015 edition and Financial Inclusion in Africa 2016 for the Ecobank Microfinance Team.

Progress Savings and Loans Limited

The company has its head office at the Zion House, Shiashie Road, East Legon. Its first branch is located at the ground floor of the Zion house.

 services provided to clients include:

· Business Advisory Services 
· Business Planning
· Financial Planning
· Stock Management and
· Cash Flow Forecasts 

Savings and Loans Companies in Ghana

Services Integrity Savings and Loans Ltd.

Services Integrity Savings & Loans Ltd serves the public and business community with special focus on the Officers, Men and Civilian Employees of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) and their immediate families.

SIC Life Savings and Loans Ltd.

SIC Life S & L is a wholly owned subsidiary of SIC Life Company Limited, one of Ghana’s leading Life Insurance Company. In the short to medium term, the strategic priority of the company is to become a highly profitable non-bank financial institution that is able to deliver sustainable returns to our shareholders by offering high quality and innovative products and services with competitive interest.

Savings and Loans Companies in Ghana

Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans Company Ltd

Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans is a new company born out of Sinapi Aba Trust. It is a Non-Banking Financial Institution licensed under the Non-Bank Financial institutions Act 2008(Act 774), authorized to carry on the business of Savings and Loans on the 28th of March, 2013 in Ghana. All loan and savings activities that were previously managed by the Trust are new under the care of the savings and loans company. Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans offer a variety of loan and savings products.

The Seed Funds Savings and Loans Ltd

Utrak Savings and Loans Ltd

After establishing a strong presence in the hire purchase industry, UTRAK financial services now UTRAK Savings and Loans Limited applied for a license from Bank of Ghana to operate a Financial company under financial institution (Non-Banking) Law (PNDC 328) of 1993. 


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