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Richest Woman in Ghana 2024



Richest Woman in Ghana 2020

Who is the richest woman in Ghana 2024 ?

We are about to show you….

In this article, we bring to you the top 5 richest women in Ghana 2024.

In Ghana  women comprises about 49.1% of the population. Most women in the country have distinguished themselves with their enormous achievements.

Richest Woman in Ghana 2024

1. Patricia Poku-Diaby – $720 million

Richest Woman in Ghana 2020  Patricia Poku-Diaby


Patricia Poku-Diaby is the richest woman in Ghana with a net worth of $ 720 million.

Patricia Poku-Diaby was involved in her family’s business (trading and transportation) before she set up the Plot Enterprise Group in Ivory Coast, which was a precursor to the Ghanaian company.

Plot Enterprise Ghana is wholly Ghanaian owned cocoa processing company.

The group has market presence in Asia and West Africa and comprises;

Plot Commodities (registered with the Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre in Dubai), Plot Enterprise in Ivory Coast and Plot Enterprise Ghana.

Plot Commodities deals in cotton and cocoa and is registered with the Cocoa Merchants Association of America. Plot Enterprise in Ivory Coast is engaged in the trading of cocoa, cashew nut and wood products.

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Plot Enterprise Ghana has a plant which has an annual initial bean input capacity of 32,000 metric tonnes.

The implementation of the project began in 2006 with trial runs starting in November 2009.The plant was fully commissioned in January 2010.

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2.  Theresa Oppong-Beeko – $420 million

Richest Woman in Ghana 2020  Theresa Oppong-Beeko


Theresa Oppong Beeko, founder and chief executive officer of Manet Incorporated has overcome the challenges of being in a notoriously tricky industry and the inevitable gender barriers of being a woman in a still male-dominated industry to blaze on entrepreneurial trail that has proved hard to follow.

Through extensive local knowledge and understanding of Ghana’s market’s needs and staying sensitive to the demands of the Ghanaian population,

this amazing woman has been at the forefront of real estate development and the hospitality industry in Ghana for well over a decade, after raising the bar with regards to the standards the industry has adhered to.

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3.  Kate Quartey Papafio – $250 million

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma Kate Quartey Papafio


Kate Quartey-Papafio is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Reroy Cables Limited one of the leading manufacturers of electrical cables in Ghana.

Reroy manufactures electrical and telecom cables and conductors predominantly for the international market but has a significant domestic presence as well.

The company which now has a work force of over 100 started operations in 2003 and exports mostly to countries in the ECOWAS sub-region.

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4. Gifty Lamptey -$135 million

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma Gifty Lamptey


Gifty Lamptey, widow of the late David Lamptey is making a name for herself as an entrepreneur and social influencer.

She is the CEO of SIDALCO Fertilizers Limited and founder and chair of Ladies of the Cross International Ministries; an organization that focuses on philanthropy.

The Ladies of the Cross International Ministries assisted in roofing a Mini Hospital at Ashan. 

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She won the Top Super Woman Award in Ghana for her tremendous impact in society in diverse ways.

Number 5 of the richest woman in Ghana

5. Grace Amey-Obeng- $100 million

Mfoni mbuayɛ ɛma Grace Amey-Obeng


Grace Amey-Obeng is the founder and Chief Executive officer of Forever Clear Group of companies.

In November 2017, she stood for and was elected executive member and held the position of National Treasurer of the Association of Ghana Industries,

a Ghanaian non-governmental organization made up of voluntary business associations of more than 1200 members drawn from small, medium and large scale enterprises.

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As an entrepreneur, Amey-Obeng stresses the need for “corporate philanthropy… as an effective, strategic and sustainable method of providing necessary assistance in key areas of need”.

In 2017, she served as board chairperson for the Universal Merchant Bank Foundation that was created as a means of giving back to the nation of Ghana.

In conclusion, there are several other women in Ghana who are making it Hugh in their filed of services. Though the economy of Ghana is a male-dominated one,