Priven Reddy Crypto, Companies, family, and Career

Priven Reddy Crypto

Priven Reddy Crypto

Priven Reddy crypto :Priven Reddy is a South African self-made billionaire entrepreneur and businessman. He is the founder and Chief Executive officer of many well-known companies including; Kagiso Interactive, a highly advanced, mobile applications development agency, Dryvar, Shypar, Krypteum, Betstar Gaming among others.


Priven Reddy Crypto

Priven has established himself in the entrepreneurial sphere by working against all odds in life. A one-time seeker of jobs now a provider of jobs for hundreds of youth


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Keep reading as we bring to you the inspiring yet uplifting and captivating entrepreneurial story of Africa’s crème de la crème in technology and artificial intelligence, Priven Reddy.

Priven Reddy Profile

Priven Reddy was born in Chatsworth in Durban South Africa, a region that is known prominently for poverty, drug abuse and other social vices. Priven did not have the luxury of growing with everything at his disposal. He lost his parents at an early age which made life even more difficult for him and his family however, the success hungry young man refused to give in to the ill fate meted out to him and his family, rather he worked his way out with willingness to go any length to attain success.


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Reddy started looking for jobs after completing his high school education since he could not afford the cost of higher education; he worked as a waiter in a local restaurant, guarding cars just to make a living.

Priven Reddy companies
Priven Reddy Crypto, Companies, family, and Career

Priven Reddy Journey to Success

The entrepreneurial success of Priven Reddy began in 2006 when he co-founded Kagiso interactive, a mobile application development company which he serves as the CEO. With determination and a success mindset from Priven, Kagiso interactive has grown to become one of the biggest mobile app software in the world. It is headquartered in Durban, South Africa with presence in; UK, U.S.A, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, and New Zealand. The company has consistently won several awards since its incorporation.


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Through the success of Kagiso interactive, Priven has gone on to establish several other companies including the following;

In 2017, He founded Shypar, the first and only application based Courier Company in South Africa. It works based on Uber operating model, whereby the drivers transport the goods using the Shypar app to locate the pick-up and drop of points.

He founded Krypteum Pty Ltd, KRYPTEUM is a new high yield dividend crypto coin that will trade blockchain assets using an A.I BASED proprietary method of financial trading called Smart.


The company has over three years’ experience in predicting successfully stocks and crypto assets outcome using their AI technology.

In 2018, Priven founded Dryvar, a local ride-sharing app. The company provides on demand food delivery in South Africa.

To capitalize on the rapid growth of prepared-food delivery sector, in May 2020, Reddy’s Dryvar Foods, announced the roll out of their “cloud kitchens” start-up business model with over 100 locations throughout the South Africa’s major metropolitan areas.

Cloud kitchens, also known as ghost kitchens, are purpose built facilities that are leased to restaurants to prepare food for delivery, off-site from their full-service/walk-in location.

Cloud kitchens also allow “virtual restaurants” (those with no full-service location) to launch brands and offer delivery-only service. Dryvar Foods cloud kitchens, business operates under the name CloudKitchens PTY LTD.

The latest to add to the number of companies owned by Priven Reddy is the BENCHMARK VENTURE CAPITAL – SOUTH AFRICA.

The genius innovator, Priven is coming up with an online sports betting company known as Betstar Gaming. The company will provide services including; sports betting, casino among others

Priven Reddy Motivational  Factor.

Priven Reddy believes success is attained through laid down principles one has to follow. Below are eight success codes by Priven Reddy.

Code 1: Find your inner drive and keep feeding it,

Code 2: The biggest opportunities are found where things are the most difficult,

Code 3: There’s no substitute for hard work,

Code 4: Perseverance always pays off,

Code 5: Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone,

Code 6: Believe in your product, always,

Code 7: Mind power is real,

Code 8: Never stop learning.

Priven Reddy Crypto

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