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Priven Reddy cryptocurrency King



Priven Reddy Crypto

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Priven Reddy is obviously the king of cryptocurrency and a hugh inspiration to many young people. With hard working and determination, Priven Reddy is living his South African dream.

Aside being the king of cryptocurrency, Priven Reddy  has also attained remarkable feet in the mobile application software niche. 

Some report false news of he being sued

Why is Priven Reddy Crypto king?

It all started when he founded the world’s first A.I enabled investment cryptocurrency known as Krypteum.

Krypteum was started when Priven realised that if he build a product that uses AI (artificial intelligence), the user doesn’t have to sit online 24 hours a day, 

The coin uses A.I, deep learning and other machine learning models to go on it’s own to invest in multiple other currencies The coin  trades a portfolio of over 80 tokenized blockchain assets based on its own analysis without the need for human interaction, input or approval.. When the coins are performing well, it will invest and make money.

When the price is volatile or there is a dip in the markets, it will disinvest.Analysts have said like having 100000 actuaries working for you per day and it’s what cryptocurrencies should have been from the start.

Depending on the kind of plan that a client signs with the platform, one can generate returns of up to 35%, with the platform taking a further 15% to 25% of returns on top of this. The platform also charges a one percent withdrawal fee.

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The A.I technology is getting “smarter and smarter every day”. “When it misses something, it learns from it, almost like a life form” of its own. It analyses conventional indicators such as Fundamental, Historical and Technical analysis but extends to social media activity, activity of other traders, geo-political events and actual news sources such as CNN and Bloomberg.

The fund is structured to minimize risk; all funds are kept in ZAR, USD, EUR or GBP when not involved in a trade, a prudent reserve is kept at all times, company assets will be externally audited and published to the blockchain in the near future.