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Play for Cash With no Risk at Online Casinos

Exploring how players can take advantage of no deposit bonus codes to try and win real cash at online casinos with no risk at all of a loss.



Online Casinos

Online casinos have plenty of incredible features, from old-school card games to the latest slots. But one of the most attractive features is the no deposit bonus. Read on to learn more about the various types and how they work.

Why so Generous?

It’s always nice to get something for nothing but in a casino context, it’s also very counterintuitive. Why would a business predicated on the House always having the edge give away anything for free?

The answer is simply competition. In addition to trying to offer the best array of games, most seamless mobile experience and a broad selection of popular banking methods, online casinos try and attract (and retain) players by offering the most lucrative bonuses they can. And no deposit promos are especially well-liked by players because such bonuses mean they can explore a new site and see if they feel at home without needing to deposit, and therefore risk, any of their own cash (yet still enjoying the chance of winning real money).

Free Spins and Free Cash

The best types of promos are no wagering deals because they shun the wagering/playthrough requirement, as mentioned here- The good thing about no wagering no deposit bonuses is that you get to keep what you win and can withdraw as you like, without needing to wager a certain amount before withdrawals are possible. It’s also impossible to accidentally get locked into a deal with a ridiculously high wagering requirement because there is no wagering condition.

Far and away the most common no deposit bonus codes are for free spins. While everybody knows table game classics like blackjack and roulette, the leading gaming category in modern casinos is the slots suite. Free spins can be offered either as a solo promo or attached to other deals (such as a match deposit deal). In addition, this no deposit coupon is frequently made available for newcomers, and also as a recurring bonus for existing players. Typically, free spins are chained to a single slot game or (occasionally) a series of linked slots.

Free cash is less common but far more versatile than free spins. It’s usually worth about the same amount (roughly $20-30 or so) but can be used on almost every single game in an online casino. Those opting for this type of no deposit voucher should check carefully to see if progressive jackpot slots are on the permitted list as some no deposit free cash bonuses specifically exclude these high-paying slots and others exempt the top prize from the withdrawal cap (see the Terms section).

How Free Play Differs

Free play is the name of a no deposit bonus code that should not be confused with the demo mode (featuring neither stakes nor winnings) that many games offer. The free play no deposit coupon involves a larger sum than the standard free cash promo (perhaps $100) and a much tighter time limit (perhaps an hour). Within that tight time limit, players can play what they like to try and finish ahead. Once the time runs out the initial promo cash vanishes but any winnings leftover are kept by the player. It’s the ideal type of bonus for players who like to make money online for free and who are short on time.

Free Tournament Entries

This is a newer type of no deposit bonus code, but one of increasing popularity. Free tournament entry is also ideal as a recurring promotion for existing players, who can benefit on a weekly or monthly basis.

Tournaments for this variety of no deposit vouchers include classic blackjack and poker tournaments, and newer slot tournaments. Slots tournaments incorporate a leaderboard for one particular slot, with limited playing time. Whoever scores the highest at the end of the promo period wins a prize (depending on the no deposit bonus, those in the top X places might also receive lesser rewards).

For poker, sites sometimes have tiered tournaments, whereby the winner at the lower level gets free entry (as opposed to buying in) for the next tournament, making it ideal for a no deposit bonus code.

Loyalty Clubs

Loyalty clubs or programs are very well known but tend to be overlooked as a no deposit scheme. How they function is that the player receives points whenever they place a wager. Over time, when sufficient points are amassed, these can be turned in for small prizes which may include no deposit bonus codes, cash gifts, and more.

Many loyalty clubs feature multiple echelons, and as players earn points they can rise through the ranks. This has the effect of increasing the rate at which points are collected and improves the potential prizes on offer. At the top end are lottery-style draws for six or seven-figure prizes, luxury holidays, and top-flight sports tickets.

Always Check the Terms

As with any type of promotion it’s as well to check the fine print just to ensure that everything is tickety boo. Normally the terms won’t be onerous (time limits tend to be anything from a week to a month which should be more than enough time to satisfy any requirements).

Of the two major conditions that need to be known, the wagering requirement is the biggest hurdle to overcome when seeking to turn a no deposit voucher into cash in the bank. This condition is the total sum that must be wagered prior to being able to withdraw bonus money (and profits). It will be expressed as a multiple of a promotion, with 20-30x being a good rate and higher being worse. If you’re into three figures then that significantly cuts back the value of a no deposit coupon because it both adds to the required time and the chances of having no winnings at the end. For free cash, be aware that different gaming categories often contribute at different rates (slots are normally 100%, table games might be 20-50%, for example).

The withdrawal cap is a straightforward limit on what you can withdraw from a bonus. Sometimes progressive jackpots might be exempted but if so this will be stated in the terms and, if not, you should absolutely avoid such slots as winning a huge prize would see almost all of it cut off by the withdrawal cap (which is normally around the $100-200 mark).

Another thing to consider is the prohibition on dubious betting patterns, a common condition of these promotions. This includes the madness of Martingale strategies (doubling your stake whenever you lose which greatly increases the chance of a small win but makes any loss enormous). Even with your own cash, this should be avoided. In addition, players sometimes get the bright idea of paired bets to try and satisfy the wagering requirement with minimal risk of loss. The classic example is to back black and red in roulette. This will almost certainly lead to your no deposit bonus being voided. As a rule, if you would not make a bet with your own cash, do not make it with bonus cash.

And that brings us to the end of exploring the basics of how to play for free, and win real cash, using no deposit bonus codes. Don’t look only at the flashy headline, always check the fine print before opting into a deal.