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One in a million : Love STORY SERIES



One in a million : Love STORY SERIES

One in a million : Love STORY SERIES

From FEB 24 2010 17:46 – the REST OF MY LIFE There I was, lost forever, trapped and without a choice, holding my head in one hand and the ring on the other. Crying my heart out but I could not produce a sound. All hopes were lost. The tears in my face were covered by the rain drops. I was the one who always told her that I never wanted anyone to see me cry. But then now I wish she would open her eyes at least to see me cry and tell me not to cry.

FEB 24 2010 17:45 I felt empty. I dint have words to express myself for what I had done. She was the only one I had in my life and now I was alone. Alone once again. Yes I had told her that loneliness was something that I loved but now I felt that she could have been there with me to share the loneliness. Even my ego, my pride my aim, my achievements had left me alone. Now I know what being lonely meant. The fair face was because she was having leukemia, blood cancer. She was not able to come but still did just because I had asked her to. She had become thin not because of her gym but because she was not well. It was weak not thin. The thud while on the call was because she had fainted. And I failed to notice that. Despite all that she had come just to make me happy and what did I do? Hurt her, irritate her, and kill her.

FEB 24 2010 15:30 she was there, still as a rock. Alone in her home, in her bed. There was a sudden rush that fell as a heavy thud in my heart. And all the voices came rushing to me. She was gone, for good. A deadly cancer had taken her away from me. Her mom had told me it was cancer. But it was all over before it even started. Cursing myself I took out my chain which was a gift from her and placed it on her beautiful hands. Then with a hollow punch of pain I went near her ear and said “I am really sorry Sam…” and I left the place with welled up eyes and a heavy heart.

FEB 23 2010 09:44 “That’s it I cannot take any more of your ignorance. This is no longer a relationship. It’s always about you and you just seem to be interested about yourself. It’s as if you never wanted me here. And it’s me who is always pushing things and taking initiatives to keep this relationship healthy. That’s it, I quit, FOR GOOD!!” were her last words. I tried to explain how it all was just a game. But she refused to accept it. She must hate me. Well even I was not crazy about myself at that point. I ran behind her and explain all about it but it dint seem to go anywhere.” I woke up with a start it was all a dream. I had to apologize to her. Be with her again. So after all that wait I started for her house. To apologize in person. But the Ego restrained me. So I stayed.

FEB 22 2010 15:31 it had been more than a week since I had spoken to Sam. And I was starting to feel really guilty. It was not my fault but that’s not the point at all. It was a huge fight but now it’s all getting on to my head. I was stupid and I should have apologized to her but I did not. It was her mistake as well. The ego dint let me move forward with the apology. I was an achiever up till then, that dint let me put my foot down. But at the end no matter whose mistake it is the distance between US increases. I dint know what would make it better. And I was torn between my feelings and my ego. Damn the ego!!

FEB 14 2010 it was the day of roses, Valentine’s Day. I went to meet her. You know, SAM. The one and only, my beloved. I loved her so much but I felt something was wrong. I just knew it. I wanted to surprise her. I just got 100 odd candles and arranged it on the 1st floor of my house, in a small room which had lot of shelves. The candles were everywhere. And I had chosen a song called, expressions by Helen Jane so that it would be romantic. And then she came, her face was glowing more than it usually did, fair than usual she had become thin, since she was going to gym. I said “I am not going to compare you with the moon because moon has scars etc is an old line, in one line if I have to describe you I would say you are the most beautiful girl in this planet, in one WORD if I had to say it would be “PURE””. She smiled at me. She said “thanks a lot, this is the best thing anyone has ever done for me, you are the best.” saying this she held my hand and gave me a silver chain. It was so good and I hugged her and looked into her eyes. but I saw that she was not happy.

So I asked her me: You still like him dont you.

her: please its valentine’s day and after this beautiful thing why are you at it again?

Me: if you thought it was beautiful then you wouldn’t be so dull. If you don’t like me just say so.

Her: oh come on, you know I loved it please don’t be angry. That anger doesn’t go well with your face,

me: okay m sorry too. By the way I have got us tickets for tomorrow. Morning movie then afternoon rain tree then at night a really nice play.

Her: m sorry ad I can’t make it. I have to go to vishal’s house remember? I told you la his cousin is getting married. I got to go to Trivandrum.

me: Go day after tomorrow Na, please stay for tomorrow I made all the arrangements. Her: sorry da cant. I skipped today cos I know I have the best guy in the world.

Me: please please tomorrow please.

Her: sorry da pleaase understand.

Me: so you like vishal more than me? Fine!!

Her: oh come on you know that’s not true

me: then stay and prove it

her: stop it, now

me: why should I? You don’t like me anymore.

AFTER A WHILE OF SIMILAR FIGHTS her: That’s it I cannot take any more of your ignorance. This is no longer a relationship. It’s always about you and you just seem to be interested about yourself. It’s as if you never wanted me here. And it’s me who is always pushing things and taking initiatives to keep this relationship healthy. That’s it, I quit, FOR GOOD!

Me: Fine I am not dying for you, one day you ll die for me and then you ll know.

FEB 9 2010 10:00 I called her up in the morning she dint pick up the call. I tried many times I could not reach her. I started getting worried. And got paranoid so kept trying she dint pick up the call. Later at three in the noon she called me, and apologized for not answering the call I yelled at her but then I heard a thud as if she fell down and got worried. I was not able to reach her for some hours and then she called me again. She said that she fell down from the swing and her mobile was not working properly and she had given it for repair.

FEB 7 2010 00:00 she called me at twelve, and said “HAPPY 5 YEAR anniversary honey” I said thanks a lot and we spoke about our relationship till two or three o clock. But I sensed her coughing a lot and also sounding really weak. I dint want to upset her so I dint ask her about it. We kept talking and I said ok I am going to sleep I have got a match in morning. I am sorry SAM. Gunnite! She sounded sad when she said bye, but I dint say anything. And we met in the evening I was only boasting to her about my match entirely and I dint even ask her how she was and all that.

FEB 7 2005 16:00 it was after tuition that she came near me. We used to go home together pushing the cycle. In the 4 years we had become really best friends and I felt that we had gone a tad more than that. But I dint say anything. While walking she said, “sri I need to tell you something, rather talk to you about it” saying this she pulled my hand. Sure she thought it was romantic but my cycle fell down. She said, “There is something I have been feeling lately. And I don’t know what it is. I mean I think I have crossed the limits by my heart and become too close to you” I started smiling and saying something but she interrupted “no let me finish please. I think about you all the time and always for everything, you are the one guy I speak to this much apart from my dad. And I don’t know what to name this relationship but it’s not restricted to friendship. Love seems too awkward considering we are too young. I am sorry I don’t know how to express myself. I just feel,” I kept my finger on her lips and said, “yes, I love you too Sam”. Tears were filled in her eyes she was so happy and jumping with joy. This got me since I was not so attractive. She looked like an angel just even more beautiful.

JAN 12 2004 11:45 I had a bad fever and also I had my exams. I don’t pray to god. Not that I don’t believe in him, it’s just that, he is there, let him be there. But she called me up and said “how are you feeling.” I said I was fine but was worried about fever and the exam. She said “don’t worry I have prayed to 4 gods, I pray only to 3 gods daily but since yesterday I dint pray for myself, that is for me to get a good guy, you know with all the looks I asked for, I have that one pending so I used it for you today… You will clear the exam easily” I dint know I would say this but I did “Sam, I don’t believe in god, But I believe in you when you pray for me, Thanks a lot. You will get the best guy in this world. i promise!!”

One in a million : Love STORY SERIES



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How to Renew NHIS on Mobile Phone




renew your NHIS

Learn how to check or renew your NHIS card on any phone using these simple steps;

The National Health Insurance Scheme membership has introduced the mobile renewal service that allows members to renew their membership without any much hassle. This is because the government has successfully deployed the NHIS Mobile Renewal Service in all districts across the country. You can access it and renew your NHIS membership just by dialing *929# from any phone network. The Mobile Renewal Service takes away the time-wasting periods and other inconveniences at NHIS District Offices when going for renewals.

Steps to renew your NHIS Membership

  1. Dial *929#
  2. Select Option 2
  3. Select NHIS Card
  4. Enter the 8 Digit Membership Number
  5. Press Send
  6. Follow the instruction for payment

Steps to check your NHIS Membership Validity

  • Dial *929# – All Networks
  • Choose Option 1
  • Select NHIS Card
  • Enter Your Membership Number

If you are uncertain of anything, kindly call the NHIS Call Centre on 054-444-6447 or 030-274-6447. You can also contact the office via the shortcode 6447 on the MTN and Vodafone networks.

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Five Essential Elements Of A Marketing Plan For A Small Business




The Easiest Way To Start A Company

If you are planning to open your own small business, the first step is to develop a business plan. The next step is to develop a marketing plan, as all business plans should be paired with a strategy for marketing your products or services. Marketing strategies vary in format, but they all have the common goal of attracting and building relationships with customers. The style is up to you, but it should include the following elements.

1. Marketing Goals and Objectives

You will need to develop realistic and measurable marketing goals that cover a full calendar year and are aligned with your business plan. Common goals in a marketing strategy include a targeted increase in products sold and a growth in customers. Your strategy will help you achieve your goals. As you develop it, you should factor in the type of products or services you are selling, how and where you sell them, and the level of consumer awareness surrounding your business. 

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2. Define Your Target Audience

Fully describe the characteristics of your potential customers, as well as their media viewing habits. For example, some restaurants target gourmets with an average income of over $100,000, while others focus on providing affordable meals to individuals on a fixed income. Take the time to define your audience and customers for your products or services, along with their unique demographic characteristics, such as age range, marital status, gender, race, income level, or education. This will also help you lay out your plan for distinguishing yourself from your competition.

3. Research Marketing Tactics

There are more marketing tactics available today than ever before and trying to determine which one is best for your business can be overwhelming. Take the time to research all marketing vehicles, which range from traditional (billboard, television, radio, newspaper, and magazine) to digital (pay-per-click ads with Google, social media efforts with Facebook and Twitter, etc.). A full understanding of these tactics will make you more comfortable in selecting which ones are best for your business. 

4. Plan Your Marketing Tactics

Once you have completed the research, select the tactics and channels you will use to accomplish your goals and reach your target audience. This could be determined by customer habits and should align with your sales strategy. Be sure to also monitor your competition and stay current with new tactics and channels that your target audience is using.

5. Develop Your Timeline and Budget

Establish a timeline and budget for your marketing strategy that reaches your audience throughout the year. It should include all scheduled promotions for the entire year and a complete breakdown of their cost. Examples of items in a marketing timeline include increased advertising during the holiday season and a month-long promotion to boost sales.

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It is also important to remember that a marketing strategy is not set in stone. As your business grows and evolves, so will your marketing strategy. Be on the lookout for courses, webinars, and articles to help stay up-to-date with current trends.

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Female Mps in the 8th Parliament of Ghana 2021




female MP’s of the 8th Parliament

The number of female parliamentarian keeps rising as gender activist push for affirmative action. There are a number of new female Mp’s in parliament. Some of the most renowned female parliamentarians and Ministers of state such as Elizabeth Afoley Quaye,Hajia Alima Mahama,Barbara Asher Ayisi and Barbara Oteng Gyasi.There are a total of 13 new female MP’s in parliament.Seven of them are NDC members.Below are the list of the new female Mp’s in the 8 th parliament.

Dzifa Gomashie – Ketu South Constituency

Dzifa Gomashie

Dzifa Gomashie is a Ghanaian veteran actress,producer, screen sriptwriter and a politician.She was the deputy Minister of Tourism in 2013 to 2017 when Mahama was president.She represent Ketu South Constituency in parliament.

Theresa Lardi Awuni – Okaikei North Constituency

females mps in parliament

Theresa Lardi Awuni is a Ghanaian politician who is a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). She is the member of parliament for the Okaikwei North Constituency in the Greater Accra region of Ghana.

Awuni is a former Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) TEIN Women Commissioner, the tertiary wing of the NDC.

Gizella Tetteh Agbotui – Awutu Senya West Constituency

Gizella Tetteh Agbotui

Gizella Tetteh Agbotui is a Ghanaian architect and politician. She contested in the 2020 Ghanaian General Election and won the parliamentary seat for the Awutu Senya West Constituency. She is the sister of Hannah Tetteh who served as member of parliament for Awutu Senya West Constituency and Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Elizabeth Ofusu Adjare – Techiman North Constituency

Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare  is a Ghanaian lawyer and politician who served as Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts. She was appointed to this position by President John Mahama in 2013 when he formed his first substantive government. She is a member of the National Democratic Congress

Dorcas Affo Toffey – Jomoro constituency

Dorcas Affo Toffey

She is a Ghanaian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and politician and a Member of Parliament for Jomoro constituency on the ticket of the NDC.

Affo-Toffey won the 2020 parliamentary elections for Jomoro constituency after polling 24,356 votes representing 55.5% against an incumbent member of parliament Paul Essien of the New Patriotic who had 19,889 votes representing 44.95%.

Lydia Akanvariva Lamisi –Tempane (NDC)

Lydia Akanvariva Lamisi is a Ghanaian nurse and a politician who contested for the parliamentary seat for the Tempane constituency on the ticket of the NDC and won after the demise of her husband, David Adakudugu.

The late Adakudugu was the NDC candidate for Tempane in the Upper East Region.

The 47-year-old nurse polled 20,939 votes which represent 56.0% of the total votes cast as against Joseph Dindiok Kpemka of the NPP who polled 16,462 votes which translates to 44.0%.

Sheila Bartels –Ablekuma North (NPP)

Sheila Bartels, daughter of Ghanaian politician, Kwamena Bartels is a Ghanaian entrepreneur and politician.

She contested in 2020 and won the parliamentary seat for Ablekuma North Constituency with votes of 54,821 which represents 64.26% over Ashley Mensah Winifred of NDC 29,772 representing 34.0%.

Rita Naa Odoley Sowah – La Dade Kotopon (NDC)

Rita Naa Odoley Sowah is a Ghanaian politician and a member of the National Democratic Congres (NDC).

She made history as the first female to win the La Dade-Kotopon seat in 2020 by obtaining 47,606 representing 53.67% whilst her closest challenger, Joseph Gerald Tetteh Nyanyofio of the NPP polled 41,101 votes representing 46.33%. She was a former MCE for La Dade Kotopon

Agnes Naa Momo Lartey-Krowor (NDC)

Agnes Naa Momo Lartey is a Ghanaian politician who contested in 2020 and won the parliamentary seat for Krowor constituency with 41,850 votes representing 55.80% as against the incumbent MP and Fisheries Minister, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye of the NPP who polled 32,604 votes representing 43.47%.

Ms Lartey began her political career in 2000 since then, she has served as an assemblywoman and a presiding member of the Krowor Municipal Assembly.

Ophelia Hayford – Mfanteman (NPP)

Ophelia Hayford, a cop turned politician is a member of the New Patriotic Party who contested for the parliamentary seat for the Mfantsiman Constituency and won with votes of 36,091 which represents 51.83% against James Essuon of the NDC who polled votes of 32,379 representing 46.76%.

She is the wife of the late Mfantiman MP, Ekow Quansah Hayford.

Hajia Lariba Zuwera Abudu- Walewale (NPP)

Hajia Lariba Zuwera Abudu is said to be the sister of Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who polled 32,294 votes to beat her closest contender Abdallah Abubakar of the NDC who polled 30,615 votes.

Dakoa Newman – Okaikwei South (NPP)

Dakoa Newman is a Ghanaian politician who is a member of the New Patriotic Party. She won Okaikwei South Constituency seat by getting 40,393 votes representing 60.82% against her closest contender Abraham Kotei of the NDC who obtained 26,019 votes representing 39.18%.

Zuwera Mohammed Ibrahim

Zuwera Mohammed Ibrahim is a member of parliament for the National Democratic Congress and represented the people of Salaga south constituency in the Savannah Region.

She won after polling votes of 20,525 representing 49.5% against the incumbent Member of Parliament and Savannah regional minister, Salifu Adam Braimah of the NPP who had 19,086 representing 45.90%.

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