New THC Drink from Tamra Judge’s Vena Creates a Buzz

New THC Drink from Tamra Judge’s Vena

A new THC drink being debuted by Tamra Judge’s Vena is creating a buzz in more ways than one! The Happy Place THC drinks have recently been unveiled by the Real Housewives of Orange County star and her company, Vena. They have been featured on Bravo’s RHOC as well as on The Jeff Lewis Podcast, and they are set to create quite a stir.


Tamra has proudly showcased the range of drinks, which provide a host of benefits and a great alternative to alcohol. Not only are they creating a buzz among those looking for delicious alternatives, but they are also creating an exciting buzz and feeling of relaxation among those who try them! The drinks, called Happy Place, come in a range of flavors, which means that you can find the perfect ones for your palate.

Can They Replace Alcohol?


Many people will be wondering whether these THC drinks from Vena could be a good alternative to drinking alcohol – and the answer is, yes, they are ideal! Why? Well, there are many reasons why they are perfect for those who want the buzz and effects of alcohol without the downsides.

The drinks are only 40 calories each, and they contain 2mg of THC and CBD, but there is no alcohol at all. So, they are ideal if you are watching your weight, want to avoid alcohol, and are looking for a great-tasting drink that gives you a real buzz. So, let’s look at some of the reasons why Tamra’s THC drinks could be ideal for you:

Feel the Effects Quickly


Many people drink alcohol so they can feel the effects – the buzz, the feeling of relaxation, and the confidence that comes from drinking booze. Well, with these Happy Place drinks, you can feel the effects as quickly as you would with alcohol, so you can still relax, unwind, feel confident, and have fun, but you won’t have to consume alcohol to do it.

No Hangover or Nausea

Because these drinks do not contain any alcohol, one of the major benefits is that you can avoid the dreaded hangover. Many people have to pay the high price of a night of drinking when they wake up with nausea, sickness, and severe headaches the following day, but with these drinks, this won’t be an issue at all.


Delicious and Affordable

As many people know, alcoholic drinks can be very expensive to buy – and they do not even taste all that good much of the time. So, people pay a high price for a drink that tastes questionable just so that they can feel the effects. The Happy Place drinks are both affordable and delicious, so you can keep costs down while enjoying a relaxing beverage that tastes delicious and refreshing.

These are some of the reasons why you could find the new Vena THC drinks are a perfect option for you rather than turning to alcohol in order to relax and have fun.

Source: Glusea