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Nana Wan Net Worth



Nana wan net worth

What is Nana Wan net worth ?

Nana wan is one of the youngest richest in Ghana. He is is the president of 2Hype Music and CEO of Wiafe Group of Companies

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Nana Wan Biography

Nana Wan is short for his real name Nana Kwame Wiafe.

He grew up as an orphan and is now, one of the youngest and richest business persons in the world. Nana loves music and entertainment, and that is probably why he is the president of 2Hype Music & Clothing. His lavish lifestyle is one of the reasons why he is popular. He lives his life in style and is a motivation for youngsters to work hard and be successful.

Though, there have been rumors’ that he sacrifices his relatives to acquire so much wealth which is something that he was annoyed of.

Looking at his page in the internet, it is full of the various types of car models he owns, his posh houses and the rides he take to various parts of the world.

The cars nana wan owns include, range rover, BMW X6, chrystler, and Lamborghini. Lamborghini Gallardo is one of the most unique models among his cars .It is hard to get, as it is no longer produced. Is designed to be used in city roads, black in color and may contain other features which are not mentioned.

Nana Wan Net Worth

Nana is indeed one of the richest young Ghanaians. He is worth billions of Ghana cedis.

In a report sighted by, Nana is said to have confessed he made Ghc 20 million a week through rituals.

He is said to have eleven range rovers with different colors, features and uses .

The chrystler model is made in the USA, silver in color and capacity of 5 people. It is noted that in all his car he has installed signature plate which gives him recognition among his funs .

However, apart from all this ,he owns a Bentley which is car crafted using human being hands and not a machine, its model is GT which is very eye catching but then rare to acquire, especially due to its price.

When it comes to his houses, he is said to be residing in Trassaco with his family, though there is no much information about his house, but for the people who know him, you can obviously tell that he lives in a posh house with many luxurious features such as swimming pools and many other. 

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