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Most Successful Companies In The Last 10 Years

The time span of ten years was enough to bring society a large number of prosperous companies. While some of these organizations are connected with social media, others can be related to transportation, dating, and more. There is one thing that unites these companies – they were created to simplify and change people’s lives in a better way. Let’s consider the largest companies by the decade in detail.


Role of Companies in Modern Realities

Ten years passed and within this time particular companies gained great success. They learned how to be unique and stand out from other competitors on the market. The activity of these companies was directed to make the routine of society easier.

Despite the global pandemic, companies continue to work and bring benefits to people. Thus, for example, some IT organizations developed helpful applications for users. One of these tools is considered an app for sending and receiving faxes.The faxing process becomes possible withyour smartphone only. You may wonder “can I fax a document from my iPhone” and the answer will make you pleasantly surprised. A special fax app has a built-in scanner with the assistance of which you can make shots of necessary documents and send them.

No matter whether a company is known for creating an app or other inventions, the organizations listed below are associated with innovation and utility for society. Thus, let’s familiarize yourself with the largest companies by decade.


One may probably hear nothing about streaming services a decade ago. But nowadays, they continue to gain popularity, especially in the conditions of the global pandemic. The undisputed leader among streaming services is Netflix.

It creates miracles enabling users to watch favorite movies, TV shows, cartoons, and more with iPhone, Android smartphones, and a number of devices. Netflix stocks are considered the most profitable over the last decade. Netflix can boast 160 million subscribers from all over the world. This streaming service has changed the entertainment industry forever.



If somebody asks you about the top 5 IT companies, Apple will place first place with a high probability. Today, it does matter where you are: at work, home, educational institution, transport, restaurant, etc., you will see a lot of people with Apple products.

Being an IT giant, Apple developed a large number of devices for users over the last decade. From iPhone to iPad, these products are handy for people and assist in daily activities. These extremely popular devices provide us with an explanation of why Apple has climbed to the top of the rating among other IT companies.

Domino’s Pizza

If you think that Domino’s Pizza is an old company, you will be right. However, it underwent a massive turnaround just over the last decade. Just imagine, the price for stocks of this popular pizza brand increased from $10 per share in 2010 to approximately $290 today.

When CEO Patrick Doyle was appointed in 2010, the company started to invest in online ordering, improve the taste of production, and promote the brand. As we see today, these efforts paid off completely. The Domino’s Pizza company controls approximately 30% market share in U.S. pizza deliveries.


Nowadays, almost no one can imagine a life without social networks. While some people utilize them for communication only, other users can use social networks for work. Among a large number of social networks, Instagram is regarded with high popularity.

Instagram was founded by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in 2010. Today, its active users count 500 million daily. There is no doubt that the Instagram company has changed the fabric of a number of industries.



When speaking about business, Amazon is considered a good example of a successful company. This e-commerce empire created by Jeff Bezos has grown in the industries of media entertainment, cloud services, music, and more over the last decade. Amazon’s total stock return is 1,230% over ten years. For example, if you invested $1,000 in Amazon in 2015, today you would have $3,400.

Amazon is a suitable organization with which you can start your portfolio. Revenue from Amazon’s main business of e-commerce has increased sevenfold since 2010. Today, Amazon controls approximately half of the e-commerce market in the United States. Amazon Web Service is considered the third-largest enterprise software business in the globe. It is inferior to only Microsoft and Oracle.


Needless, to say that the success of companies depends on various factors. For example, Apple made huge efforts to be in the top 5 IT companies. The main rule is to not slow down.
All efforts will be paid off obligatorily. We can see this in the example of companies that develop apps for faxing. Such applications are of high popularity and are utilized by numerous users all over the world.

The companies discussed above are aware of how the path to success is complicated. But it is worth it since nowadays these companies are well-known in every corner of the globe and their products and services are used by a large number of people. This brings both revenues and brand awareness to these companies.

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