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Mathieu Flamini Net Worth



Mathieu Flamini net worth

Glusea brings to you Mathieu Flamini net worth

Mathieu Flamini net worth 2021:Mathieu Pierre Flamini is a French professional footballer and environmental entrepreneur. A midfielder, he has played for French side Marseille, English sides Arsenal and Crystal Palace, Italian side Milan and Spanish side Getafe. At international level, he has been capped by the France national team on three occasions.


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Flamini is a co-founder of GF Biochemicals, the first company in the world able to mass-produce levulinic acid.


Born in Marseille, Flamini was a youth team player for his local professional club Marseille. He made his debut for the senior team on 20 December 2003 in the 1–0 victory over Toulouse. He impressed the team as a hardworking midfield player and played 14 times for the club. However, it was his performances in Marseille’s UEFA Cup campaign that brought him to the attention of the football world, including the 2–0 semi-final victory over Newcastle United. He then started in the Final in Gothenburg, a match Spanish club Valencia won 2–0. Due to his age, however, Marseille was later unable to offer him a long-term professional contract.

The former Arsenal and AC Milan midfielder, who last played in La Liga with Getafe, has seen his name attached to headlines suggesting that he is one of the richest footballers on the planet.

While he enjoyed a degree of success with the Gunners and Rossoneri, Flamini’s career and talents are in no way comparable to the likes of Messi and Ronaldo, who are superstars of the game.


Mathieu Flamini Net Worth

Mathieu Flamini net worth has been reported to be $30 billion. A figure the former gunners has refuted claiming he is not a billionaire as reported.

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“In fact, [€30 billion] is the total value of the market we want to ‘attack’ with the new technologies we have developed in recent years.


“There was a misunderstanding. It’s as if we had given a single restaurant the value of the entire catering market in France.”

So, if he’s not worth €30 bn, what is he worth?


Information is scarce, but some estimates online put Flamini’s net worth at around the €20 million mark, which seems a tad more realistic.

What sponsorship deals does Mathieu Flamini have?

Flamini has never really been a player on which sponsors hang their hat, as they would other marketable stars, but he appears to have had a boot deal with Puma.

The former France international began wearing footwear manufactured by the German sportswear giant during his second stint at Arsenal and has continued to do so at both Crystal Palace and Getafe.

However, he has also kitted out in Adidas football boots, notably during his time at AC Milan, whose kits at the time were also made by the company.

Mathieu Flamini Businesses

Flamini’s primary business interest is GF Biochemicals, which he established along with his business partner Pasquale Granata in 2008.

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The company worked with experts from the University of Pisa and Polytechnic University of Milan to develop technology to produce sustainable alternatives to oil-based products, such as plastic.


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