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Marques Brownlee Net Worth 2024



Marques Brownlee net worth

What is Marques Brownlee net worth ?

Net worth$50 million
Date of birthDecember 3, 1993
Full NameMarques Keith Brownlee
OccupationYouTuber and professional ultimate frisbee player
Known for technology-focused videos as well as his podcast Waveform

Marques Brownlee net worth

Marques Brownlee net worth 2024 is estimated at $50 million making him one of the richest and most successful Youtubers in the world. He has been described as the best technology reviewer on the planet right now by Google’s former employee  Vic Gundotra

Marques Keith Brownlee also known professionally as MKBHD, is an American YouTuber and professional ultimate frisbee player, best known for his technology-focused videos and podcast.

He’s worked with brands including Google, Apple, YouTube, Tesla, and Nike.

As of 2024, Marques Brownlee net worth is $50 million.

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Marques Brownlee net worth Profile

Brownlee grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey. He attended Columbia High School and studied at the Howe School at Stevens Institute of Technology, where he majored in business and information technology.

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He joined YouTube on March 21, 2008. He first started uploading technology videos in January 2009, while still in high school, about new products or reviews of products he already owned.

As of December 2019, his channel has gained over 10 million subscribers,making MKBHD one of the most subscribed-to technology-focused YouTube channels, according to Social Blade.

Marques Brownlee net worth

Marques Brownlee Net Worth

Marques net worth $50 million. His main source of income is through his Youtube Channel.

He owned a Tesla Model S P100D, which he occasionally featured in his channel.

Other than producing content, he plays golf and was a professional ultimate frisbee player for the Philadelphia Phoenix  and Garden State Ultimate (2015–2017).

Brownlee previously played for the now-defunct New Jersey Hammerheads, a team belonging to the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL), and the New York Rumble, which was in the now-defunct league Major League Ultimate.

How does MKBHD make money?

Linking to products in the descriptions of his videos, he makes a small percentage of money each time a product is purchased by somebody who used his link. He has two lists on Amazon, for example, that contain the products he recommends and uses himself.

Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) makes $12 Million USD a year in ad revenues and endorsements

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Marques Brownlee is the host of a Tech Podcast with co-host Andrew Manganelli who is a producer for the MKBHD youtube channel. The podcast is called the Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast and is sometimes referred to as “Waveform” and “WVFRM”.

In the prodcast they discuss producing videos for the youtube channel as well as easter eggs within their videos along with many other topics surrounding tech and consumer electronics. 

Is Marques Brownlee A Millionaire?

According to our estimates, Marques Brownlee net worth is $50 million.  He has been building his brand since 2008, and it has definitely paid off because he is now a very wealthy young man.

What ethnicity is Marques Brownlee?

Marques Brownlee is an American

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

Brownlee is the host of a technology podcast with co-host Andrew Manganelli, who is a producer for the MKBHD YouTube channel.

The podcast is called the Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast and is sometimes referred to as Waveform and WVFRM. The podcast is focused on consumer electronics and surrounding topics. The first episode was aired on July 31, 2019.

Brownlee announced the podcast on his YouTube channel on August 13, 2019, in the video titled “Introducing Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast!”.

There have been multiple high-profile guests on the podcast, including iJustine, Mark Zuckerberg, Craig Federighi, and Carl Pei.

The Studio

Brownlee is also the host of another YouTube channel called The Studio, which focuses on behind-the-scenes activity of the MKBHD team.

Marquess Brownlee net worth: Tesla

 He owned a Tesla Model S P100D, which he occasionally featured in his channel until he replaced it in 2020 with the Performance (Raven) Model S, and again in 2021 with the Model S Plaid.

Retro Tech

Retro Tech is an YouTube Original series produced by Vox Media Studios starring MKBHD which aired on December 2, 2019.

 In the series, Brownlee interviews fellow YouTube creators and celebrity guests and discusses iconic pieces of technology from the past which have had a major impact on modern life and culture.

Season 2 of Retro Tech began in April 2021, in which he reviews technology that was believed to be the future but failed to ever reach production or the general public.

Who is marques Brownlee wife?

Marques Brownlee and Nikki Hair have been dating since 2016 and celebrated their five-year anniversary in August of 2021 with a sweet Instagram photo and a comment from Nikki.

Most people think Nikki and Marques met through their shared love of Ultimate Frisbee—but it was actually Marques who convinced Nikki to try his beloved sport in 2019.

From then on, she was hooked.

Nikki posts regularly to her Instagram account to share photos of her Ultimate team and competitions she’s been involved in.

Marques Brownlee age

Marques Brownlee was born on December 3, 1993. He is currently 29 years old

Marques Brownlee income

As of 2024, Marques Brownlee net worth is valued $50 million. It has been reported that Marques makes about $3million annually from his Youtube Channel.

Marques Brownlee height

Marques Brownlee height is 1.7m.

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