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Major Digital Trends in the Sports Industry



With another year behind us, various industries are looking ahead to the future, acknowledging that digital technologies play a big part in driving innovation. The world of sports is no different, as the most important trends in the sector revolve around the tech field and its valuable solutions. In this article we take a look at those that are revolutionizing sports and sports culture currently and will do so for years to come.

Sports Content Flourishes on Social Networks

Nowadays, nearly all sports fans are also social media users, so it makes sense that there is an influx of content being delivered to these channels. Even major leagues like the NFL and NBA are making strong presences on social a priority, sharing stories and news with their fans directly on Instagram and Twitter. This is making it possible for supporters to have easier access to insights and knowledge wherever they are, especially as push notifications pop up instantly on their mobile screen. Regardless of the type of multi-media being shared, from live-tweeting important matchups to Instagram posts that document league announcements, social media is becoming the best at keeping sports aficionados in the loop.

The Rise of Online Sports Betting Platforms

Another trend to keep an eye on is the growing number of sports betting providers online. Particularly in the U.S. market where each state is responsible for passing legislation that legalizes the activity in their region, more and more lawmakers are choosing to regulate wagering to meet the demand. These platforms connect fans with their favorite players and teams, giving them various options for betting on crucial matchups and tournaments all year round. For example, sports betting in Nevada is full of both online and mobile wagering opportunities with platforms that offer generous free bet promotions for new and existing users. As fans continue to tap into the convenience of remote betting, the market is expected to reach more states in the coming years.

OTT Solutions Heighten Viewer Engagement

The way sports enthusiasts consume content online has undoubtedly changed, but so has the way they watch live games. In years past, it was necessary to tune in exactly at the time of kickoff in order to not miss a second of action. However, today OTT (over-the-top) platforms like YouTube TV, fuboTV and Sling TV take fans straight to center stage, regardless of the location they are connecting from. 5G networks are taking this trend to the ultimate next level, ensuring that unexpected lags and delays are kept at a limit and high-definition live sports entertainment flourishes. Sports franchises are also partnering with OTT platforms to provide users with certain packages based on their viewing preferences. For example, some offer season-long deals while others can purchase short-term subscriptions. One thing’s for certain—streaming services give supporters much more freedom to pick and choose the games they want to see on their watch.

Tech Tools Pave Way for Enhanced Player Performance

We have already spoke a lot about fan engagement, but what about when it comes to the actual players down on the field? Well, leagues are implementing valuable tech tools for both practices and games. In professional baseball for example, the MLB is using wearable technology to track pitcher’s pitch speed and accuracy from the mound to the plate. Likewise in the NBA, tech-assisted basketballs are all the rage, helping both teams and coaches develop valuable scoring strategies and plays. Additionally, Virtual Reality is acting as a training aid in various sports, helping athletes hone in on certain techniques. These technologies will become even more widespread as leagues continue to seek them.

So, there you have it! Popular sports all around the world and their following audiences are being transformed and upgraded thanks to digital technology. Only time will tell what new innovations will advance the industry even further.

Source: Glusea