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Luis Fonsi Quotes about Life, Music and Success



Luis Fonsi Quotes

Luis Fonsi Quotes Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero popularly known as Luis Fonsi is a Puerto Rican musician who has sang so many songs in the past including the famous song “Despacito” which he featured Daddy Yankee and later Justin Bieber.

The Grammy Award winner has broken six Guinness World Records with the song “Despacito” and he sold over 11 million copies of the song as it has become the most streamed YouTube video of all time with more than 7 billion views. We bring you some motivational quotes of Luis Fonsi about life, music and success. 

Luis Fonsi Quotes about Life, Music and Success 

“Everybody lives their lives differently. They have a different perspective. They’ve been through different things in love. They’ve cried about different things.”-Luis Fonsi

“I’ve always said that inside of me there is a rocker that wants to come out, but I’m a romantic rocker.”-Luis Fonsi

“I’m not a social singer. But if one can take a social message via the romantic, that’s a strong statement.”-Luis Fonsi

Luis Fonsi Quotes “I’ve learned and grown as a songwriter.”-Luis Fonsi

“Part of our job as quote-unquote ‘celebrities’ is that we can gather people around things that are important. I think it should be a requisite – there should be a clause in the contract that you have to give back.”-Luis Fonsi

“You kind of grow up and evolve in everything you do.”-Luis Fonsi

“Performing on Broadway is an honor and a challenge for any artist.”-Luis Fonsi

“It’s always morning for me until 4 in the afternoon.”-Luis Fonsi


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“Everybody has their cliques, and I was very shy. I’m still very shy. Music opened up doors. I would get to my choir class, and I was sort of one of the better kids… I could read music. That’s when I realized how good El Coro de San Juan was. I felt, for once, like, hey, I can fit in.”-Luis Fonsi

“As an artist, you keep learning. You draw out different parts of you.”-Luis Fonsi

Luis Fonsi Quotes “I’ve done songs in other languages. I know how hard it is.”-Luis Fonsi

“I’m still the same guy who gets in front of the mic and just sings.”-Luis Fonsi

“When you’re singing about love stories, which is most of my songs, it’s good to have a lot of information and to have a different point of view.”-Luis Fonsi

“I’m going through a beautiful stage in my life. I’ve learned about love, about life, about everything.”-Luis Fonsi 

“Pushing the envelope, musically speaking, is what needs to be done to rise to the top.”-Luis Fonsi

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