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Long journey ahead? Three ways that tech can help



Long journey ahead? Three ways that tech can help

Long car journeys – you probably either love them or hate them. Then, there’s commuting via train or bus – when you’re eager to get to your destination, time can really drag! That’s why it’s always wise to try to keep yourself occupied while you get from A to B.

Of course, if you’re the one driving, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road. But what if you have a full car of passengers wanting to know if they’re ‘nearly there yet’? In that case, it’s time to turn to technology for help. Here are a few journey-busting tech tips you’ll want to try the next time you’re on the road to nowhere!

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Crank up the tunes

The advent of the iPod and the MP3 revolution around the late 90s changed the way that we listen to music on the move for good. We were no longer lugging around a cumbersome CD or cassette Walkman devices – we could load up the songs that we wanted onto a single device and listen to thousands of albums on the move!

Technology is now more fascinating than ever in this regard. Streaming music platforms such as Deezer and Spotify now let you play millions of songs and albums you may never have heard before. This is all the more interesting for people on the move – provided that you have a working data connection, you should simply be able to log in and listen to your favorites when you’re on the go.

Grab the smartphone for some games

Smartphone gaming is still a huge deal. For the little ones, there’s also tablet gaming, where the whole family can easily get into some puzzles and matching games at little to no expense. Bright, appealing mobile games have long saved parental sanity while on long road trips!

For adults, there’s a huge wave of different games and content out there that you can enjoy while commuting or traveling on public transport. For example, platforms such as YouTube are popular for keeping up to date with your favorite content creators and learning new skills! 

Technology now also allows us to enjoy full games on the go – meaning that there’s even less opportunity for us to get bored.

You may even feel like getting into some wholly online real slots, such as those you’ll find at Resorts Casino. Again, provided that you have a modern smartphone or tablet and data connectivity, you can enjoy a few casino games from the comfort of your train, bus or cab seat.

Catch up on your reading

Again, perfect for car passengers and public transit users – why not tune into an audiobook, a podcast, or read an e-book version of one of your favorite classics?

The Kindle revolution from a few years ago has helped to translate the reading experience to mobile platforms across the board. The best part is that the official Kindle app is free, and there are plenty of classic books you can download at zero cost.

Technology is absolutely saving our sanity on the move – there are fewer and fewer chances to be bored on the go