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Liz Truss Net Worth 2024, Resignation, UK’s shortest-serving Prime Minister



Liz Truss Net Worth

what is Liz Truss Net Worth 2024?

According to, The former Prime Minister could be set to claim over £115,000 from taxpayers a year following her departure from Number 10, benefitting through a special scheme assisting ex-PMs

Liz Truss Net Worth

Liz Truss Net Worth

Liz Truss is entitled to £115,000 per year following her exit as Prime Minister, it’s been revealed.

The former PM announced her resignation on Thursday 20 October, after only 44 days in office, making her one of the shortest-serving Prime Ministers in history.

Despite Ms Truss’s early departure, she remains eligible to receive over £100,000 in taxpayer’s money every year for the rest of her life, under the Public Duties Cost Allowance (PDCA) scheme, set up in 1991.

The scheme, established after Margaret Thatcher’s resignation, allows ex-PMs to claim back money to assist their activities in public life.

Five former prime ministers have profited in their millions from the scheme since it started, including John Major, Tony Blair and David Cameron — and now, Liz is set to be the sixth, now that she has left her role as government leader.

According to Money Transfers, the former Prime Minister already has a net worth of £8.4million.

This is a huge fortune has been able to accumulate over the years thanks to various jobs in politics.

what are the Liz Truss’ benefits after her Resignation?

Liz may be entitled to as much as up to £700,000 from taxpayers per year, through the PDCA scheme, benefitting considerably well financially, as her predecessors have continued to following their time at Downing Street.

Her resignation was confirmed on Thursday 20 October, after a chaotic week at Westminster which saw major policy switch-around and several angered Conservative MPS weigh in on Ms Truss, following her governing.

Ms Truss gave her speech following the announce of her resignation on Thursday 20 October.

Taking to the podium outside Number 10 Downing Street, Ms Truss said: “I recognise… given the situation I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party.”

The former Prime Minister shared that there will be “leadership election within the next week”, following her resignation.


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