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Live betting – the Ultimate Thrill!

Live betting

Live sports betting is growing in popularity. There are several reasons for that. With our sports betting guide, we want to illuminate all facets and provide a deeper insight into the matter. Live betting is more complex than normal betting because there are different approaches depending on the sport.


The first reason is the most obvious. The direct entertainment and thrill make the main appeal of placing sports bets live at non GamStop bookmakers. Predicting the next minutes of the game at FC Barcelona or other teams allows fans and sports bettors to become more involved with the game. Live football betting is currently the most popular, but other sports such as tennis and eSports are also on the rise.

Another significant part of this development was the technical advances, which made it possible to place bets on current sporting events without spatial and temporal restrictions thanks to the ever-faster and more comprehensive Internet. There are no official figures, but it is also no secret that live betting now accounts for a good part of the total turnover of many bookmakers not on GamStop.


In addition, online betting is becoming increasingly mobile. Everyone has a smartphone, on which you can install the sports betting app of your choice in minutes. Most payment methods are also available from mobile devices. eWallets such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller in particular benefit from this. Money transfers via Klarna and classic bank transfers can also be carried out almost anywhere thanks to a secure connection and fast internet.


Live Betting – How It Works?

How live bets work doesn’t differ much from classic pre-game bets, which are placed before the start of a sporting event. However, betting is not done before the start or kick-off, but afterwards, when the competition is already underway and you can get an idea of the daily form of the players or teams live on TV or in the stadium. There are a few betting options that aren’t available before the game starts – such as betting on who will score the next goal or whether a goal will be scored in the next x minutes.

Non GamStop bookmakers often have their own interface for live betting. Above all, however, to enable even faster navigation between individual betting markets. Because speed is key in live betting. After all, it can happen that a live bet is no longer possible from one second to the next or that the odds change drastically. In general, the volatility of the odds is probably the biggest difference to

classic bets. Of course, the bookmakers not on GamStop react to live events and constantly adjust their odds.

In some situations which could be followed by significant odds changes, some betting markets may also freeze altogether. For example before taking a penalty.


Live Betting – Advantages

Live betting is very popular and an interesting way to bet for many reasons. An aspect that certainly plays a role for many betting fans is bringing excitement into an event in which you are otherwise only emotionally involved to a limited extent. A football game without the participation of the favourite team, in which not many goals are scored, often does not contain the highest fun and experience factor. This can be changed quickly with live betting and suddenly there is high tension – even if it is only supposed to be a marginal issue.

For example, the injury time in the first half is two minutes, as predicted, or there is a corner kick within the next five minutes. Aside from the excitement that can be created more or less artificially in this way, live betting is also an opportunity for sports fans with good analytical skills. Anyone who can “read a game” and anticipate events, to use a phrase that is not uncommon in football, should be able to benefit from live betting. Of course, even if you have expert knowledge and know that a player who is about to be substituted almost always scores against the current opponent.

Live bets also offer the opportunity to counter wrong or at least potentially wrong bets early on with a counter-bet and thus keep the impending loss within limits. Of course, this type of risk management requires an overview of what is happening and, ultimately, a certain amount of experience.

Live Betting at Non GamStop Bookmakers – Popular Sports

Football Live Betting

Unsurprisingly, king football also dominates the live betting offer at almost all bookmakers. In addition to all games from the top leagues in Europe and international competitions, there are often lower-class games or youth games for live betting to choose from.

Because a soccer game lasts quite a long time with 90 minutes plus stoppage time and there are usually only a few decisive situations such as goals or sending-offs, there is at least in most cases time to think more intensively about live betting. Once you’ve made a decision, you shouldn’t hesitate too long, as a new situation can arise from one moment to the next in a soccer game. Tennis Live Betting


Most bets are placed on tennis matches or tournaments after football matches. Live betting is no exception. For live bets on tennis matches, however, there is often only a short reaction time. Because just a few points can give a tennis match a different direction, significant fluctuations in the odds are not uncommon.

This is associated with high chances of winning, but of course also the risk of following a false intuition several times. Here it is worth having specialist knowledge and having studied the previous tournaments of your favourite athlete. Which tennis series was played? On what surface will the tournament take place? Such questions should be clarified in advance to avoid surprises in tennis betting.


Source: Glusea


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