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15 Linda Ikeji Inspirational Quotes That will Blow Your Mind

Linda Ikeji Inspirational Quotes: Linda Ikeji is no doubt the most  famous and most influential blogger in Nigeria. She is known popularly for her online controversial publications. Aside from blogging, Linda Ikeji is also an entrepreneur and a model.


Obviously, the famous blogger Linda Ikeji has done greatly for herself as her net worth of $40 million shows. She is a native of Nkwere in Imo, Nigeria who was born on September 19,1980 as Linda Ifeoma Ikeji.

Like Linda Ikeji, you also have dreams and aspirations, the 15 inspirational quotes of Linda Ikeji can go a long way in motivating you as you embark on the journey to success.


Linda Ikeji Inspirational Quotes

1 . “Just because you are not where the society said you should be at this point in your life, doesn’t make you late. It makes you ‘YOU’.”

2. “One of the things that prevent us from happiness, is observing others and wishing we were in their shoes.” Linda Ikeji Inspirational Quotes

3. “Sometimes stop what you are doing and smell the flowers. It could help you focus on the significant and truly see what matters the most.” – Linda Ikeji Inspirational Quotes


4. “Giving up is what most people do when it gets tough, if you don’t go through hardship, what story will you tell when you succeed.”

5. “Young people need to know that the beginning is always tough but you need to ride the tide.” – Linda Ikeji quotes

6. “You are way more powerful than you know. So keep fighting, keep believing, keep working. Work until your idols become your rivals.”


7. “When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure you are always blessed in abundance.”

8. “Dear young ladies, please be patient. Please you really can make it through hard work.” – Linda Ikeji quotes 

9. “Your life is more valuable than your life possession. What your have is vanity but that which is worth eternity is your life.”

10.In as much as you value your possession; do not make it dictate how your inner life should become.”


11. “Sometimes it is good to boast over that which we have. Isn’t it what makes us felt good? When you make a boast of what you have, it should be with same people of your class and understanding. It is of such people that would understand the worth of what you are saying.”

12. “When you make your boast with those who are below your class, you belittle yourself and make a mockery of the worth of that which you seems to boast about.”

13. “Actually you shouldn’t be in a haste to send out information. Always have a rethink before you make such information available.”

14. “Though controversy increases and spread your popularity but such has its negative consequences which sometimes might not be in your favor.”

15. “The moment you walked your way out of poverty with the help of God, then that element which might mentally confirm you back to some poverty thoughts, should be expunge from your mindset.”

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