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Lamont Marcell Jacobs Net worth 2024



Lamont Marcell Jacobs Net worth

Lamont Marcell Jacobs Net worth 2024 :In the world of athletics, it was believed that after the retirement of speedster and record holder Usain Bolt, no one will rise to that height. Well it looked as if that was true until another record breaking sprinter emerged in the person of Lamont Marcell Jacob. An Italian sprinter and Jumper, Lamont Marcell has  made history after he won the 100m Olympic title, thereby becoming the first Italian to ever do so. 

He was recently crowned the Olympic champion of the 2020 on August 1,2021, after clock 9.8 in the men’s 100m dash thereby breaking the record that was set by Usain Bolt and setting his own record in the process. Read on to find out how much he is worth and how he managed to become this famous, as we present you with is Biography and net worth. 

Early Life

Lamont Marcell Jacobs Jr. Was born in El Pasco, Texas on the 26th day of September, 1994. His father is a US army officer from a mixed race, African- American , while his mother is an Italian by name Vivian a Masini. Father Lamont’s father was deployed to South Korea, his mother had to relocate to Italy where they settled in Desenzano del Garda. 

At the tender age of 10,Lamont Marcell Jacobs had began manifesting his passion for athletics, particularly sprint and long jump. 


Lamont Marcell Jacobs, after preparing himself in long jump and sprint for years, competed at the Italian Athletics Championships in 2016 as a long Jumper where he went on to win that category. At the fall of the indoor season in 2017, he was ranked number 10 on the World Athletics List formerly known as IAAF. In that season he finished with an impressive personal best of 8.07m. 

Lamont Marcell Jacob’s kept training and working hard, and this paid off when he clocked a national record of 8.48m at the 2016 Italian U23 Championships there by becoming the best record ever recorded but an Italian. His performance saw him become the number 150 on the list of athletes who had broken the 10-second barrier in history. 

It would be fair to tag Lamont Marcell Jacob a record breaker as he also went passed the old record  to set is own with a 10.01 seconds  at the Italian Championships that was held on June 26,2021 at Rovereto, in spite of the fact that the wind blowing was at a velocity of 10.0 meters per seconds (m/s). Prior to this Lamont was holding unto four national titles which he had scooped in a row. 

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At the 2020 Olympics which was held in 2021, Lamont Marcell Jacobs, on August 1,2021 broke the previous record set by Usain Bolt by finishing th men’s 100m dash with a record timing of 9.84 seconds, thereby emerging the new fastest athlete in the world and also from a country other than Jamaica and USA. He has also become the first ever Italian athlete to achieve such immense success. 

Personal Life

Lamont Marcell Jacob’s is married to his beautiful wife Nicole. Their union brought forth Anthony and Megan, their two lovely children. Lamont also has another son Jeremy whom he got from his past relationship. 


Lamont Marcell Jacob has two gold medals and two silver medals to his name. One of the gold medals was gotten at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo where he set a new world record of 9.84 seconds thereby becoming the fastest athlete in the world.

Lamont Marcell Jacobs Net worth 

Lamont Marcell Jacob is currently one of the most prominent athletes because of the headlines he made at the ongoing Olympics, held in Tokyo. He currently sits on a net worth of $5 million.