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Beard Styles

In case you’re a fashion forward man and wish to try different sorts of beard then you ought to consider restoring full beard density. If you look at models and advertisements then you can readily observe that handsome men usually wear various beard styles .

If you would like to attain an Alpha male appearance, then it just cannot be achieved by a clean face. Beard enhances the appeal of the total personality. It takes patience to cultivate a full, soft, healthy beard, so you need to be committed. Our goal with this article is to introduce you to some beard styles other enthusiasts and celebs are growing.

beard styles


beard styles


beard styles



Having facial hair of any kind acts as a barrier of protection — especially in cold weather,  it acts as thermal protection as well as physical protection against the elements.”

Beards can add an extra layer of protection from infections. While bacteria naturally exists on the skin, shaving can create openings that bring in the bacteria and lead to infections and ingrown hairs. Not shaving can also reduce acne flare-ups.

A research was conducted in which  1,000 men were asked  about their grooming practices. 67 percent of the men surveyed said they sport facial hair — a beard or a mustache — and over half said they feel more attractive with a beard. 55 percent said they have received compliments about their facial hair, while 41 percent said a beard makes them feel more confident.