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Joe Bastianich Net worth 2023

 Joe Bastianich Net worth 2023: Joseph Bastianich is an American restaurateur, winemaker, author, television personality, and musician. 


Net worth: $15 million 

Full Name: Joe Bastianich 


Date of Birth: September 17, 1968

Nationality: American 

Source of Wealth:  Celebrity Chef


Joe Bastianich Net worth

Joe Bastianich net worth 2023 is $15 million

Joe Bastianich Net worth and biography

Joe Bastianich is a well-known American chef, television personality, writer, musician, winemaker, and winery owner famous for serving as a judge on the American version of “MasterChef” -class Italian immigrant family. He became interested in cooking at an early age, as his parents were restaurant owners. He learned to cook in a restaurant.

 After graduating from high school, he moved to Boston College, where he studied finance. After graduating, he worked on “Wall Street” for a year. He then went on a trip to Italy and was fascinated by the local culture, cuisine and wine


He had already decided to become a restaurateur and soon opened his  restaurant “Becco” in New York City. He went on established more restaurants around the country and around the world and became one of the most popular restaurateurs in New York City. His popularity rose in the 2010s when he began performing regularly in the American version of “MasterChef” and sometimes the Italian version. He was also a bestselling author for the New York Times.

Early Life

Joe Bastianich was born Joseph Bastianich on September 17, 1968 in Queens, New York, to Felice and Lidia Bastianich. His parents were  immigrants from Italy  who immigrated to the United States from Pola (part of modern-day Croatia) after World War II. His parents at first worked as a waiter in New York restaurants. 

He grew up in a middle-class household and inherited his love of cooking from his parents, who opened their own restaurant called ‘Bounavia’ in Queens in 1970. As a child, Joe worked in the restaurant, mainly cleaning the dishes while learning the basics of running a restaurant. His mother was a great cook, and Joe learned the basics of cooking from her. 

When he was growing up, he was also fascinated by everything related to his homeland Italy and its food and culture. His mother often visited Italy and took Joe with her. Eventually he started traveling alone, exploring the country’s food and culture.


Joe Bastianich net worth 2022 is $15 million


He founded his restaurant in collaboration with his mother. He didn’t have enough money to finance Becco. He had saved some money from his Wall Street job, but was still in need of $ 80,000 more to set up his business. He decided to borrow money from his grandmother for it, while working tirelessly to make sure the restaurant became one of the most popular in Queens, New York. 

Joe mainly served Italian food and wine. He soon set up  his own chain of restaurants and presently owns about 30 restaurants in the United States, mostly in Los Angeles and New York City. Joe Bastianich also partnered with an Italian chef named Mario Batali to open a restaurant called Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca. 

The restaurant became very famous with Italians and ended up receiving 3 stars from The New York Times. Joe Bastianich’s Restaurant was the first Italian restaurant in 40 years to receive this honor. In addition, the restaurant has also earned a “Michelin” star. Top 20 Richest Musicians in the world

After their first successful collaboration, they jointly opened several other restaurants in New York, including “Casa Mono”, “Lupa”, “Esca”, “Del Posto” and “Eataly”. “Del Posto” became one of the most successful restaurants after it was rated four stars by the “New York Times”. There are only five restaurants in New York City that have received a four-star rating from the newspaper. 

Both have also gone international, launching restaurants in Hong Kong and Singapore. It took him about two decades to become known as a celebrity chef and restaurant chain owner. In 2007 he was featured in the documentary “Am Tisch mit …” together with his mother Lidia Bastianich. In 2009, he appeared on a single episode of the show entitled “Iron Chef America: The Series”.

Over the years, he has appeared in small/guest roles in other TV series, such as ‘The Dr. Oz Show,’ ‘The Chew,’ and ‘Steve Harvey.’

In 2016, he also appeared as one of the main judges on the show ‘Top Gear Italia.’ It was a huge diversion from his usual TV appearances as a food-show judge. In ‘Top Gear,’ he was seen sharing expert opinions on new cars and their specifications. The series was, however, canceled after six episodes.

In 2020, he appeared as a judge on the show titled ‘Italia’s Got Talent,’ which is a globally famous talent-hunt show.

Over the years, he has appeared in small/guest roles in other TV series, such as ‘The Dr. Oz Show,’ ‘The Chew,’ and ‘Steve Harvey.’

He was accused of racism because he made racist remarks about Chinese men in an episode of “MasterChef Italia”. He later tendered an apology for what he said. He was honored with the “Outstanding Restaurateur Award” of the “James Beard Foundation”. He also received the “America Award” from the “Italy-USA Foundation”.

Joe Bastianich net worth is $15 million

Personal Life 

Joe Bastianich is married to Deanna, his wife. Their marriage is blessed with  three children: Olivia, Ethan, and Miles. Joe and his family currently stay in New York City. 

Joe Bastianich Chain of Restaurants 

  • BABBO Ristorante e Enoteca, New York City
  • Bar Jamon, New York City
  • Becco, New York City
  • Birreria, New York City
  • Casa Mono, New York City
  • Chi Spacca, Los Angeles
  • Del Posto, New York City
  • Eataly NYC, New York City
  • ESCA, New York City
  • Lidia’s, Kansas City, Missouri
  • LUPA, New York City
  • Mozza2Go, Los Angeles, California
  • Orsone, Cividale del Friuli (Frazione Gagliano), Italy
  • Joe’s American BBQ, Milan, Italy
  • Osteria Mozza, Los Angeles, California / Singapore
  • OTTO Enoteca Pizzeria, New York City
  • Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angeles, California / Newport Beach, California
  • Tarry Wine, Port Chester
  • Tarry Lodge, Port Chester / Westport, Connecticut
  • Tarry Lodge, New Haven, Connecticut

Joe Bastianich Net worth 

Joe Bastianich net worth is $15 million. He, along with his mother and business partner Lidia Bastianich, co-owns thirty restaurants in four countries, including Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles,


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