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Is It Really Possible to Get Big Winnings in A Casino?


Big winnings are very possible in casinos. Never underestimate yourself. Many gamblers have won large amounts without even spending a dime. Continue reading and find amazing opportunities to join these sets of winning bettors.



Betting is a game of probability and luck. Even at that, it doesn’t mean bettors don’t walk out of casinos with big gambling winnings. With luck and a set of skills, any gambler can rise above the house and make big wins.

Currently, the highest recorded payouts happen to be from online casinos. Many online casino services have introduced a new scheme to help their users gamble with a minimum deposit. Now, there are 1 dollar deposit casino platforms to help punters without many funds. Amazing right? You can now gamble from the comfort of your devices with ridiculously low risks and win big.


Some punters are truly lucky, turning little amounts into millions. While some gamblers, without stress, win huge rewards. Anyway, these sets of gamblers find their winnings; it must’ve been a very happy time for them. Here are five players who rose above the game houses and made millions of real money while gambling (both land-based and online casino);


Kerry Packer – $30 million

It was a huge win for Kerry, even though he was a billionaire to start with. It was more than forty million dollars in one of Las Vegas Biggest Casinos, MGM Grand Casino. However, Kerry wagered much more and exhausted so much of his winnings. Being a wealthy person, Kerry Packer had fewer worries about losing money that he threw too much money at the machine.

 Young Engineer – $39.7 million

A 25-year-old fellow who identified himself as Young Engineer hit the jackpot at a slot machine in Las Vegas. By just putting his coin in the hundred-dollar mark on the slot machine, he was rewarded with a huge sum of $39,713,982.25. What a lucky lad! He even decided to break his wins into $1.5 million every year.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi Net Worth

Joe Montana net worth


Anonymous “Peter” – $38 million

The tales of an anonymous Norwegian who hit an amazing jackpot online. He was later discovered to be Peter. He tried his luck in a progressive jackpot one shocking morning and hit a jackpot of 11.7 million Norwegian Krone, also $38 million. Nowadays, these big wins in online casinos are becoming very rampant. So, Peter’s success didn’t really come as a shock to us since online casinos now offer huge lucrative jackpots.

John Tipping – $12 million

At that time, Tipping was a post office worker before he had an encounter with real money. He hit a multimillionaire jackpot of $12 million in Gold Coast Casino, Las Vegas. Unfortunately for him, he spent all of it on pleasure-seeking.

Elmer Shelwin – $25 million

Elmer Shelwin found his way to Mirage Las Vegas. It only opened a few hours while Shelwin tried his luck and won a jackpot of $4.6 million. After some years, he came back to the same casino and won a bigger jackpot worth $21 million. What a lucky man Shelwin is!

These big payout stories will keep happening. Who knows, your next game might be one of the biggest casino winnings of all time. To guide you through the winning process, here are 7 top casino games you can play to increase your earnings today.

●        Live Poker


●        Blackjack

●        Slots


●        French Roulette

●        Scraps

●        Video Poker


●        Baccarat

●        Powerball

●        Bingo

●        Lottery Games

Try your luck with these games and see how well you can gamble with the confidence of winning.


With all these examples, I’m certain we’ve answered your questions. Big winnings in the gaming industry are very much possible. Every player plays because they expect a huge win. But in reality, big payouts are not for everyone. With luck and well-practiced skills, you can also be a part of the biggest casino winners.