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Is Ethereum 2.0 The Upcoming Bitcoin?



Ethereum 2.0

Bitcoin is the mere leading cryptocurrency in the digitalized coinage market at this explicit stance. The second leading cryptocurrency is way behind bitcoin as the market cap of ethereum is not even half of bitcoin. 

Bitcoin was released in the year 2009, whereas ethereum was released in the year 2014. The inventor of bitcoin is named Satoshi Nakamoto. In contrast, the co-founder of ethereum is Vitalik Buterin, who has donated a gigantic buck to the health care industry of India to withstand the second wave of Covid-19. 

Ethereum is claimed to eradicate the market cap and dominance of bitcoin after the release of ethereum 2.0 as per few robust sources but is it true. You can click on the for getting undeniable results in your bitcoin expedition. Beneath mentioned is an utter portion demonstrating that whether ethereum 2.0 is the next bitcoin or not, let’s jump straight to the facts?

Why Is Ethereum Foundation Launching Ethereum 2.0?

Undeniable ethereum is an absolute masterpiece derived from the core notion of bitcoin only. Like bitcoin, ethereum is correspondingly complexed on the proof of work mechanism; all the more, both bitcoin and ethereum are availed by a complicated progression named mining. You might wonder if both are similar to why the foundation of ethereum is launching ethereum 2.0. 

Recently the entire cryptocurrency industry witnessed the technical bumps rendered by the ethereum complex. However, the fact might stun you that a cryptocurrency like ethereum, equipped with an enormous reputation, could not process a million transactions recently as it failed to process more than a million transactions in April 2021 at the very foremost glance. 

The prominent reason behind the fact is technical flaws and stability of the ethereum complex; to embrace the potential of the ethereum complex, the foundation of ethereum is willing to launch the upgraded version.

The Upgraded Version Is Under Construction!

Ethereum 2.0 is already under construction, cryptocurrency watchers acquired a glimpse of the upgraded version last year, and however, the network instantly went offline due to some significant technical bumps. The upgraded version of ethereum is already under construction and is expected to launch by the end of this year. You might be wondering how ethereum complex will mitigate the technical flaws till then.

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Ethereum complex is about to release an ethereum improvement proposal which is meant to mitigate some of the significant technical flaws of the outdated ethereum complex to make it smoother. Here are some of the features of ethereum 2.0 which will make it stand out among cryptocurrencies. 

Proof of stakes 

Proof of stakes is the new flanged complex on which the entire ethereum network will be uploaded. Although, as mentioned, both bitcoin and ethereum are complexed on a similar progression named as proof of work, the core notion of proof of work was introduced by the bitcoin complex at the very instance, and later ethereum was correspondingly inspired by the technology and utilized it in the bitcoin network. 

Proof of work is the mere reason for an exceedingly extent of energy consumption as it forces bitcoin miners to solve a complicated math puzzle in an explicit time span. However, the proof of stakes is much different from the proof of work mechanism as it requires validators to validate the transactions in contrast to miners. 

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However, the extent of validators that will be required by the ethereum complex is just exceeding. In a nutshell, proof of work is a significant and fascinating change in the complexity of ethereum, which will impact the market cap of bitcoin to an exceeding extent. 


Scalability of ethereum subsequent to the upgraded version will be inclined to an exceeding extent. The complex of ethereum at the instance can process merely 30 transactions per second. However, the upgraded version will be able to carry out 10000 transactions in a single second.

Is Ethereum 2.0 The Next Bitcoin?

Undeniably the upgraded version of ethereum is exceeding robust, but as per the robust sources, a user base of bitcoin is pretty much established, and no cryptocurrency is potential enough to take over bitcoin. In a nutshell, regardless of a massive upgradation in ethereum, it cannot take over bitcoin. 

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