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How to Write a Really Good Research Paper for University in 2021



Good Research Paper

As a university student, you will be required to write several research papers before graduating. Writing a good paper may be a little difficult, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Research requires a sense of commitment, hard work, willingness, and investment in time and resources. With regular practice, writing a research paper can become an essential component of your professional and academic toolkit. Let’s look at some tips on how to write a good paper in 2021.

Identify a topic

Identifying a good research topic should be based on what you like. It is important to develop a clear and concise topic to ensure that your readers don’t get lost along the way.

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Some of the common mistakes in writing a research paper include choosing technical and super analytical topics and failure to conduct background research. Avoid topics because they could make you have a hard time during research. 

Do background research and discuss the idea with your professor before identifying an ideal topic. Your professor is one of the most valuable resources at this point and so you should engage them as much as possible. They could give you a direction regarding the research topic. 

Write a thesis statement

A good research paper should have a thesis statement or question to introduce the topic and present the argument. Figure out whether you want to write an expository, analytical or argumentative paper and come up with a good thesis statement. 

Create an initial statement at an early stage of your writing process after deciding the essay topic. A thesis statement will provide a structure and direction of the essay and enable you to be focused during research. 

Coming up with a question should be the basis of writing a clear thesis statement. Ask yourself what you want to decide or find out about the topic. Based on the question, write an initial answer that will guide the research and writing process. Justify your answer and decide on how to convince your professor to agree with you.

Conduct research

A good university research paper is based on real research which goes beyond quick internet searches. Your professor may suggest the required resources or give you some research guidelines. Research is the most involving part of writing a research paper and so you need to have a proper plan on how to go about it. 

Ask for help with your research paper

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The research should be structured into three sections- the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Include the thesis and the supporting points in the introduction and focus on briefing the reader of what they expect to find in the paper. 

The introduction is aimed at preparing the reader to begin thinking about the question or the argument. 

Use the body paragraphs to prove your points and stick to the length as per the professor’s guidelines. Have enough supporting points to defend, explain and prove your thesis. Come up with a brief conclusion to restate the thesis and summarize the main points. 

Proofread and edit

Proofreading and editing a research paper is an essential part of writing. Think about the organization, structure, length, and wording of the paper and ask yourself if it makes sense. Find out if the paper is appealing to the reader and whether the points are clear or not.

Look for the best ways to make the paper clearer and easier to understand while checking it for completeness. Include any missing information and streamline it to ensure that it is of reasonable length. Using appropriate resources and tools, edit the paper for any grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. Fix all the errors, re-read the paper and submit it.


Writing a good research paper for university in 2021 requires following the above guidelines. With that, you will be assured of a rigorous, accurate, clear, concise, verifiable, and valid paper that can be an example to others. Research papers should not be as difficult as long as you take every step at a time and give yourself enough time. Stay organized, take breaks, and site all the resources you used to research.

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