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10 Things Every Man Must Know About Wearing a Suit



Every Man Must Know About Wearing a Suit

How to wear a suit

Any man can wear a suit but it depends on how they wear it. Learn how to wear a suit in this post.

You can wear a suit and end up looking like a f**l or a sharp man that is ready to go for a business meeting in Italy.

All men need to understand that suits are not the normal kind of clothing. It’s different and must be worn right.

How to wear a suit

Here are 10 things every  man must know about wearing a suit;

1. The jacket length should vary depending on your height. 

For instance, if you are 5’9 or shorter, your jacket should be below the hip bones. If you have been blessed with height(taller) the jacket should fall just a bit lower the hip bones.

Image result for right suit jacket length

How to wear a suit

2. The collar of the jacket should rest against your shirt collar. 

When wearing the jacket, its collar should rest against your shirt collar. Avoid having any gaps between the shirt and jacket.

Once you observe your shirt collar is on the jacket collar, that is a sign your jacket is too tight.

Image result for jacket collar suit

3. Learn to unfasten the buttons while sitting down.

This is to avoid your suit from getting dirty, creasing or preventing the buttons from popping. You don’t want to look like you wore a suit smaller than your body size.

Image result for unfasten buttons when sitting down

4. Always button your shirt at the top. 

Doing this always gives the shirt a sharp and smart look. Make sure it’s not choking you though because it will be very uncomfortable.

Image result for button your shirt

How to wear a suit

5. The shoulders of the suit should fit your shoulders.

When it comes to wearing a suit, you need to make sure it’s a perfect fit.

 Every  Man Must Know About Wearing a Suit the shoulders should fit man

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6. Don’t over-accessorize too much. 

Avoid accessorizing your suit because you will look like a confused clown. Your suit is what should attract people.
Image result for don't over accessorize suits
7. Don’t wear belts if you are wearing suspenders. 
It’s shady to wear a belt and suspenders at the same time. Both of them are designed in a way that will keep your trouser intact.
Image result for belt and suspenders approach


8. The last button of the jacket should always stay open. 
This is one of the first rules that every man should have on their fingertips. Closing the last button may look funny especially if it does not fit you well.
Image result for last button should stay open
9. Don’t wear a baggy suit. 
Every suit should always fit.
Always make sure the tailor gets the right measurements.
10. The socks should always cover your legs. 
No girl is ready to see your unoiled legs, so do what’s needed.